Be A Faithful Ambassador Of Christ

2 Corinthians 5:20

An ambassador is a legal representative of his country; in a foreign nation. He is an official or diplomatic agent accredited to a foreign government, but sovereign as the resident representative of his own government. Also, he provides a link between his host and the nation or organisation he represents. Apart from the wonderful privileges of being independent of host nation, as he relies solely on his home government, his major goal is carrying out all the tasks of his diplomatic assignment. This is why, you must be a faithful ambassador of Christ in this end time.

Furthermore, as Christ ambassador you must see yourself as a stranger; living in a foreign land called earth. Unless you live your life as a pilgrim with temporary stay on earth, you cannot be Christ’s ambassador indeed. Because the government you represent, ensures an exceeding supply of all your needs; and requirements to function in the host nation. So no matter what happens around you, you are unperturbed because you are fully catered for by your home government. So beloved, to be Christ’s ambassador indeed requires learning of Him. Therefore as an ambassador you must represent the message of your leader, who is not present directly. Also you must be an embodiment; of the character of your leader. For instance the early apostles are great examples, of how to live your life as Christ’s ambassador. Although most of them were ignorant and illiterate men, they were also something else, which supersede every other thing, they were clones of the Lord Jesus Christ; reflecting His life and principles. It is therefore not surprising that they did the same feats the Lord did while in the flesh, thus fulfilling the prophecy Jesus made that we would do the works He did; and even greater works than He did. Even the Jewish leaders who persecuted the disciples; admitted that they resembled their Master. Do you see yourself as Christ’s ambassador in all that you do?

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The disciples of old lived their lives as Christ’s ambassadors; and did not regret it. In fact, Jesus promised them a hundredfold return on their commitment, and this promise is yours also. This means you have been officially appointed, as God’s legal representative on earth today. Therefore, as a heavenly ambassador of Christ, you are open to enjoy all the wonderful privileges; of your heavenly kingdom here on earth. What you need to function effectively on earth are no longer your responsibility, but Christ’s; and He had made them abundantly available to you. Therefore, be a faithful ambassador of Christ today.



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