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Health Benefits Of Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits worldwide. They contain essential nutrients that have a protective impact on your health. Bananas are not only rich in vitamins and fibre, but are also fat-free and cholesterol-free and virtually sodium-free. Have you ever wondered what goodness is in a banana? Other than being wealthy in vitamin B6, manganese, dietary fibre also bananas are a good supply of vitamin C. So what do these mean for your health?

Eating bananas may help decrease blood strain and will scale back the risk of cancer.

In this article we will examine the health benefits of bananas, similar to enhancing heart health and selling regularity.

Health Benefits of Bananas

  1. ​Bananas are one of the best fruit sources of vitamin B6​

Bananas is one of the best source of vitamin B6. A medium-sized banana can present about a few quarter of your every day nutrition B6 needs and vitamin B6 from bananas is well absorbed via your physique.

Vitamin B6 helps your body:

  • produce red blood cells,
  • metabolise carbohydrates and fats, turning them into energy,
  • metabolise amino acids,
  • remove unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys, and
  • maintain a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin B6 is also good for pregnant women as it helps meet their baby’s development needs.

2. Bananas are respectable sources of vitamin C

A medium-sized banana will present about 10% of your every day nutrition C needs but you might not affilliate bananas with vitamin C

Vitamin C helps:

  • protect your body against cell and tissue damage,
  • your body absorb iron better,
  • your body produce collagen the protein which holds your skin, bones and body together, and
  • support brain health by producing serotonin, a hormone that affects our sleep cycle, moods, experiences of stress and pain.

3. Manganese in bananas is good for your skin

One medium-sized banana provides approximately 13% of your daily manganese needs. Manganese helps your body make collagen and protects your skin and other cells against free radical damage.

4. Potassium in bananas is good for your heart health and blood pressure

A medium-sized banana will present about 320-400 mg of potassium, that satisfies 10% of your every day potassium needs.

Potassium helps your body maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. In addition, bananas are low in sodium. The low sodium and high potassium combination helps to control high blood pressure. Bananas are a good dietary source of potassium and magnesium two nutrients that are essential for heart health.

5. Bananas can aid digestion and help beat gastrointestinal issues

A medium banana will provide about 10-12% of your daily fibre needs. Singapore’s Health Promotion Board recommends a daily dietary fibre intake of 20g for women and 26g for men.

Soluble and insoluble fibres play an essential role in your health. Soluble fibre helps your body control your blood sugar level and get rid of fatty substances such as cholesterol. Insoluble fibre adds weight and softness to stools, making it easier for you to have regular bowel movements. This helps to keep your gut healthy and safe from harmful bacteria.

Bananas, especially newly-ripened ones, contain starch that does not digest (resistant starch) in your small intestine and is able to pass into the large intestine. Such bananas help you manage your weight better as you stay full for longer. Bananas are fairly rich in fiber and resistant starch, which may feed your friendly gut bacteria and safeguard against colon cancer.

That said, bananas can help you beat gastrointestinal issues such as:

  • constipation,
  • stomach ulcers, and
  • heartburn

6. Bananas give you energy minus the fats and cholesterol​

Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose – giving you a fat and cholesterol-free source of energy. As such, bananas are ideal, especially for children and athletes, for breakfast, as a midday snack or before and after sports.

 7. Bananas contain nutrients that moderate blood sugar level

Bananas are rich in pectin, a type of fiber that gives the flesh its spongy structural form.

Unripe bananas comprise resistant starch, which acts like soluble fiber and escapes digestion.

Both resistant starch and pectin might lower blood sugar ranges after meal and scale back urge for food by emptying of your stomach.

Moreover, bananas additionally decrease to medium on glycemic index (GI), that is measured from 0–100 of how quickly meals improve blood sugar levels.

The GI value of unripe bananas is about 30, while ripe bananas rank at about 60. The average value of all bananas is 51.

This means that bananas should not cause major spikes in blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.

However, this may not apply to people with type 2 diabetes, who should probably avoid eating a lot of well-ripened bananas and monitor their blood sugar carefully if they do. Bananas can help control blood sugar ranges after meals and may reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying.

8. Bananas contain powerful antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of dietary antioxidants, and bananas are no exception.

They contain several types of potent antioxidants, including dopamine and catechins.

These antioxidants are attached to many health benefits, such as degenerative illnesses and reduces the risk of heart disease.

However, it is a common misunderstanding that the dopamine from bananas acts as a feel-good chemical in your brain.

In reality, dopamine from bananas does not cross the blood-brain barrier. It simply acts as a strong antioxidant instead of altering hormones or mood. Bananas are high in several antioxidants, which may help reduce damage from free radicals and decrease your risk of some diseases.

9. Bananas may help you feel more full

Resistant starch is a kind of indigestible carb found in different foods which functions as a soluble fiber in your body and unripe bananas.

As a rule of thumb, you can estimate that the greener the banana, the higher its resistant starch content. On the opposite, yellow, ripe bananas comprise total fiber and decrease quantities of resistant starch however proportionally larger amounts of soluble fiber. Both resistant starch and pectin provide urge for food results and improve the sensation of fullness after meals.

Depending on ripeness, bananas harbor high amounts of resistant starch or pectin. Both may reduce appetite and help keep you full.

10. Unripe Bananas May Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance is a major risk factor for many of the world’s most serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes. Several research found revels that 15 to 30 grams of resistant starch every day might enhance insulin sensitivity by means of 33–50% in 4 weeks.

Unripe bananas are a great source of resistant starch. Therefore, they may help improve insulin sensitivity. However, the reason for these effects is not well understood, and not all studies agree on the matter.

More research ought to be conducted on bananas and insulin sensitivity. Unripe bananas are a great source of resistant starch, which may improve insulin sensitivity. However, more research is needed.

11. Bananas may improve kidney health

Potassium is essential for blood pressure control and healthy kidney function.

As a good dietary source of potassium, bananas may be especially beneficial for maintaining healthy kidneys.

One 13-year study in women determined that those who ate bananas 2–3 times per week were 33% less likely to develop kidney disease.

Other studies note that those who eat bananas 4–6 times a week are almost 50% less likely to develop kidney disease than those who don’t eat this fruit. Eating a banana several times a week may reduce your risk of kidney disease by up to 50%.

12.Bananas May Have Benefits for Exercise

Bananas are often referred to as the perfect food for athletes largely due to their mineral content and easily digested carbs.

Eating bananas may help reduce soreness and exercise-related muscle cramps, which affect up to 95% of the general population.

The reason for the cramps is largely unknown, but a popular theory blames a mixture of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

However, research gives mixed findings about bananas and muscle cramps. While some studies find them helpful, others find no effects.

That said, bananas do provide excellent nutrition before, during and after endurance exercise. Bananas may help relieve muscle cramps caused by exercise. They also provide excellent fuel for endurance exercise.

13. Asthma

A 2007 study suggested that eating bananas might help prevent wheezing in children with asthma. One reason for this could be the antioxidant and potassium content of bananas. However, more research is needed to confirm these findings.

14. Cancer

Laboratory investigations have suggested that lectin, a protein that occurs in bananas, may help prevent leukemia cells from growing.

Lectin acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants help the body remove molecules known as free radicals. If too many free radicals build up, cell damage can occur, potentially leading to cancer.

In 2004, researchers noted that children who consumed bananas, orange juice, or both appeared to have a decrease risk of developing leukemia.

The study authors suggested that this could be due to the vitamin C content, as this, too, has antioxidant properties.

15. Bananas may aid weight loss

No study has directly tested the effects of bananas on weight loss. However, bananas do have several attributes that should make them a weight-loss-friendly-food.

For starters, bananas have relatively few calories. An average banana has just over 100 calories — yet it is also very nutritious and filling.

Eating much fiber from fruits and vegetables such as bananas has constantly been linked to weight loss and lower body weight

Moreover, resistant starch are packed with unripe bananas, so that they are typically very filling and will reduce your appetite. Bananas may aid weight loss because they’re low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber.


Bananas are a popular fruit that happens to provide numerous health benefits.

Among other things, they may boost digestive and heart health due to their fiber and antioxidant content.

They may even aid weight loss, as they’re relatively low-calorie and nutrient-dense.

Ripe bananas are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. What’s more, both yellow and green bananas can keep you healthy and feeling full.

How To Fix A Broken Heart In Relationship

How To Fix A Broken Heart In Relationship

Psalms 34:18

A broken heart is in no way easy, however, there are approaches to make it greater bearable. Being heartbroken may be a pain that nobody can understand until they need to experience it for themselves. Moreover, a broken heart in a relationship causes serious pain and also leads to a heart attack. Therefore, figuring out tips on how to repair (fix) a broken heart in a relationship is very important in life.

In This Article, We Shall Examine Reasons Heart Might Break And How To (Fix) A Broken Heart In Relationship

You obviously have, consequently are aware of how fragile your coronary heart is right now. Healing a damaged coronary heart will take time, however, it isn’t always impossible, though it may experience that way on the time. It is never a smooth technique to move through, however with the right prescription for a broken heart, you may be in your way to recuperation and find happiness again. People that have a broken heart in their relationship may have sudden chest pain or think they’re having a heart attack.

Getting over a broken heart in a relationship is by no means easy, especially inside the social networking age, when pix of you and your ex in happier times, feel love and good time continue to be plastered to your friends’ Facebook pages. Worse, recent research shows that people with romantic rejection in a relationship can reason bodily ache in a manner that no other bad emotional trauma not even anger or fear can. But it’s sincerely suitable to go through the insane melancholy and bouts of limitless tears that result from heartbreak. A broken heart is often preceded by an intense physical or emotional event.

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The Reasons Heart Might Break

1. Now, the reasons people break up in a relationship may be the assembly with the mother and father didn’t cross as planned.

2. Maybe one person has expectations the alternative just cannot fill.

3. Or, perhaps one party is beginning to experience anxiety approximately where the relationship is going or the other individual expects it to go.

4. Having unrealistic expectations can also doom a relationship.

5. The death of a loved one

6. Domestic abuse

7. Divorce

Some humans will want sure things, not discover them in an individual, and kind of make the character a ‘fixer-upper’ and try to create those qualities in the individual. Pretty soon, the man or woman resents it as does the person doing the fixing.

Here are things you must do to fix a broken heart in relationship

1. Deal appropriately with negative thoughts

While negative thoughts are jogging endlessly through your thoughts is to get up and do something else. Meditation is a wonderful manner to quiet the thoughts and help cope with the tendency to beat your self up for matters going wrong in your relationship. Take a stroll or call a person who’s having a problem and try to think of them in place of yourself. Feel your emotions without telling yourself a story about them. If you have emotional trauma feel free to talk to people around and don’t go back and start thinking about what led to the breakup in your relationship. Also, you don’t have to feel about your past experience.

2. Seek professional advice

Seeking professional advice will help you love yourself, gather your strength, pick yourself up, and find the happiness you deserve to have. Therefore, make up your mind to consult a professional for advice.

3. Always listen to the radio

Science indicates that tune has a healing effect. Blare a number of your favorite, feel-proper tunes: Listening to them can trigger the release of endorphins, lifting your spirits and preventing stress.

4. Feel some kindness toward your ex.

Now, the maximum step you may take in your personal healing, is to extend kindness, love and good deeds to your ex. Although that seems unreasonable and subsequent to impossible, The manner of extending your coronary heart to a person whom you have no intention to ever love again, can genuinely bring emotional stability and find peace to your internal mind. Your focus has to be on letting go of anger have a good time, find a comfortable place and relax. Remember that irrespective of how badly he handled you, he has the identical longing as you: to be happy and find love again.

5. Show love again

Before you consider entering another relationship, take a step back and ask yourself will I be able to feel love again. Ensure that you are not getting into a brand new relationship on a rebound. Perhaps at no different time than post-breakup do we need love so much. Notwithstanding, in place of desperately searching, show love, to anyone, in any situation. There’s always a chance to love again. That is how you stabilize the sorrow that rage from the heartbreak you are dealing with by showing love to people or individual you are interacting with.

6. Make friends with your heartbreak

You need to make friends with your heartbreak as well as help yourself understand that it is not abnormal to be on your own and that your values come from who you are rather than with whom you are with. Teach your self that there’s extra to lifestyles than romantic relationships by means of spending the best time with people, your pals, and family. It takes a variety of courage to be sad, however, an outstanding life is not one that is gently happy. With grieving comes increased awareness of what’s truly crucial to you; whom you love; who love you. Of course, no one desires to feel that way. Therefore, find out more about whom the other people in your life are and introduce more of yourself to them as well.

7. Know the difference between grief and depression

There is frequently a quality line among the two, and normal heartbreak can sometimes transform into full-blown depression or emotional stress. How to tell the difference? In melancholy, nothing seems to matter, whereas, with sadness, the whole thing does. A signal that depression is placing in which you brainstorm nonstop approximately the breakup, and you can’t stop your thoughts from tormenting you with very painful thoughts in life.

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Remind your self always that love is a splendid feeling and enjoy and should no longer be generalized based totally on your beyond experiences. Do no longer use facts about your ex as a manner to judge new people in your life. Leave your past in the back of you and awareness on moving ahead. Therefore, understanding how to (fix) a broken heart in the relationship is paramount.

Handling Storms Through Prayer

Handling Storms Through Prayer

Psalm 65:7

The life of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth shows that you can have victory by handling storms of life through prayer. You must be careful not to depend on your power as you fight the good fight of faith. Nevertheless, in spite of the devil’s antics, you must not be afraid, because the Stiller of Storms is with you. Therefore, handling storms through prayer is very essential in the journey of life.

In This Article We Shall Define What Is Storm From Scriptural Point Of View and Ways To Handling Storms Through Prayer

What Is Storms

A storm is any situation you are undergoing that unsettles your mind and disturbs your peace. A storm is an revel in that makes you to panic. It is an revel in that makes your veins to be extraordinarily visible. A storm is a situation that makes your countenance to be marred past recognition. Storm make a victim to be unrest. Storms make human beings to fret. Storms are upsetting. Storms make human beings to respond to threats with fear. Storms make human beings to behave as though they have absolutely lost control. Storms flip the lives of the victims upside down. Storms rob their sufferers of their peace. Storms make ladies and men to be shattered and scattered. Storms preserve their victims lean, even when they’re ingesting the nice meals. God answer prayers and He will answer yours in the Name of Jesus.

However, You might not always be prepared, when there is a storm coming your way. I want to let you know that God’s power is able to see you through during storms and from the things that is not pleasant in your life. For instance, When Jesus walked on earth, He demonstrated God’s mighty power over nature. He walked on water and rebuked the fierce tempest, and at His command, the storm stopped and a great calm prevailed.

Moreover, God has not promised us an smooth life. Far from it! He has promised His children that he might be with us via those trials and even when you pass through fire He is there for you. Jesus meets us within the middle of the storm to construct our faith and to train us to worship Him in fact and spirit. Because, within the name of Jesus every knee must bow. Suffering produces a reliance on God in the heart of the faithful. Suffering pushes others further from the Lord when their souls are unfaithful and bitter. But the word of God is there to comfort you day to day in time of trials.

Here are things you must do when going through the storms that get up in your personal life.

1. Know that God will never tell you to do anything dangerous without a way of escape

One day the Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated a great faith against the evil plans of the enemy (Satan). While journeying in a boat with His disciples, having just completed an extended consultation of preaching and counseling for most effective God knows how many hours, there arose a amazing hurricane bellowing towards the boat wherein they were. The disciples woke Him up, accusing Him of being unmindful of their predicament. Jesus was surprised that His disciples may want to ever imagine that the boat wearing the Author of life might capsize! Howbeit, He arose and rebuked the wind in the back of the raging storm, and there was an excellent calm.

In the whole lot you face in life regardless of how super the temptation or apparently insurmountable the matter may also be God always gives how of escape.

2. Trust in God

Take your cue from King David within the Bible. If all people ever needed help in time of trouble, David did. Throughout his life, he faced a lot of hassle and threats of trouble. He needed to combat the lion and the endure that attacked his father’s sheep. He had to single-handedly slay the murderous giant, Goliath. But he may want to do it all with out fear because he had this revelation. Psalm 144:1-2

Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

3. Rely on Psalm 91

We live in a dangerous world, so handling your storms of life through prayer should be done every day. However, begin to take a look at the word of God in Psalm 91. It gives you a photograph of the deliverance that is afforded you as a child of God—in case you rely on it and stand on God’s Word. When weather patterns start to form that promise devastation, you can be like the guy (David) in Psalm 91 who dwells in the secret region of the Most High. Therefore, you have the Name of Jesus and you have the authority of Jesus, and you overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony.

4. You must resist Fear

Fear is a sin before God, so you must resist fear and focus on God’s guarantees of protection till all worry has been eradicated from your heart. Then you’ll be able to say with confidence, “I’m hidden in the secret region of the Most High! He saves me from violent storms. He’s my refuge, my protection and my very present assist in time of trouble.”

5. You must Obey the Holy Spirit

If you want to live secure in God’s refuge, you need to obey Him. You ought to do what He tells you to do in His Word and through the voice of the Holy Spirit inside you. When storms threaten, ask the Holy Spirit what you want to do. Do you need to go away for a shelter, stay at your home and go about your day as usual, what? Only the Holy Spirit can come up with clean direction, but anything He directs you to do, do it!

Over the years, many people have experienced deadly storms however thankfully, don’t be afraid. You can revel in the protection of the Lord while you put these points into practice, and experience knowing that storms cannot have a hold on you, your family or your home!

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Storms make ladies and men to be frightened of their own shadows. Storms make their sufferers to err and take wrong steps. Storm are terrible, and awful. Therefore, handling storms through prayer is very essential in life.

Keys To Victory In Jesus

Keys To Victory In Jesus

Revelation 3:11

Victory begins with being alert. It is the key that unlocks the door of victory. As a child of God, you must live in the world were you face battle every day in life, every week. You have no choice. In fact, Jesus prayed in John 17:15 that God would not take us out of the world, however that we should be protected from the devil while we were in the world. James said it this way. “pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit the needy, helpless, orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Therefore, scripture holds the keys to your victory in Christ Jesus.

Being a Christian is not very easy. This is because you are faced with different kinds of battles in life every day. But the biggest battle is the one that can take you away from God. This type of battle has to be fought and one spiritually. The Bible makes it clear that the race is not to the swift. This means your strength cannot help you win this battle. Only the Lord Jesus can fight your battle for you. Because we live in corrupt and perverse world where the word of God is a very scarce but through faith you win the battle.

Now you might ask this challenging question. How do I keep myself unspotted from the world while living in the world? Although it may seem difficult, it’s not impossible. First, God would never command you to do something in His Word that you could never do. Secondly, God has empowered you and so many people with His grace (His power and ability) to live in the world and not be of it. So, victory is bequeathed to you by the Lord Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection.

According to Cambridge English dictionary keys is defined as a piece of metal that has been cut into a special shape and is used for opening or closing a lock, starting a car engine, etc. Moreover, if you want to experience victory in your carrier, business and in your life don’t be afraid of any problem, regardless of how threatening it seems. Refuse to be intimidated by anything or anyone. Be prepared to stand for God’s Kingdom, no matter what the cost or what other people might say or do. Don’t just know the Word, but put it into action and don’t allow the things of this world bother you. God’s power is superior and is able to deliver you from the hands of the enemy (Satan).

In this article we shall examine the keys to your victory in Jesus that will assist you to remain unspotted so that it won’t be stolen from you.

1. You must not compromise.
As a child of God whom God’s power dwells in, compromising leads to death of your testimony. Because you’re on earth, the eyes of people in the world are continuously upon you. The world is looking for an excuse to label you as a hypocrite. The world will tempt you to compromise your values.  Political correctness and seeker-sensitive churches water down the truth so that it is not recognizable. Compromise blends in with the crowd and appears to be neither black nor white. God is not ruler over the kingdom of gray.

2. You must always walk in love and forgiveness.
As an apple of God’s eyes you must live and let love be your watch word. Because God is love. Love covers a multitude of sins. Your faith in Christ Jesus will not work if love is not present. While the Holy Spirit convicts the world, you must not condemn it. You must forgive those who have wronged you, speak the truth in love, and as a result, your light will shine such that the world will see your good works and glorify the Father in heaven. Without love and forgiveness you are no different than the world. But with love nothing can overpower you.

3. You must know who you are.
You are a spirit filled child of God. You are the light of the world and a child of the King. You are washed with the blood of Jesus and righteous. Therefore no weapon formed against you can prosper and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Unless you know who you are, you are susceptible to the lies of the enemy. Satan will attempt to confuse you and make you think you are weak and powerless. You should know that God have given you power and authority over the evil plans of the enemy (Satan).

4.  Understand that Jesus has already overcome the world.
You can walk through, because Jesus broke through. Because of what He has done, you have been given His power and ability (grace) to do even greater works. If you can believe that Jesus told the truth when He said, “I have overcome the world” (John 16:33), then you should have no problem harvesting the spoils of His victory.

5. You must know what the world is.
As a child of God you should be able to clearly define what is right and wrong. Without this understanding, you might not know where the pitfalls are and you can easily be knocked into one. 2 Corinthians 2:11 says that if we are ignorant of Satan’s devices, he will be able to take advantage of us. You must be able to clearly define what is right and what is wrong.

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The shield of faith and the helmet of salvation is also among the keys you need to be victorious in Jesus. Unbelief and doubt robs you of your victory in Christ, hence the need for faith. I have good news for you; you can never be defeated. But your victory is only guaranteed if you make God your friend today.

Planning Without Your Maker

Planning Without Your Maker

Isaiah 14:24

Many times as human beings, we make plans based on what our friends are saying or what is trending per time. We plan on things as important as business to embark on based on these things, you forget to ask the one who has the blueprint of your life in His hands. Therefore, planning without your maker leads to frustration.

However, God is your creator, He knows everything about you, so it is to your advantage to ask for His will concerning your business, work, estate, the move you are planning to make and your life at all times etc. You were born in response to the determined plan of God, not as an afterthought. Before you took even one breath, every day, every step, every week and every circumstance in your plan was recorded in your maker’s yearbook. Every of God’s plan is a covenant. He unveils His plan and at the same time unveils your own part of the plan to commit Him. If you want to fulfill your destiny and the purpose of God in your life, then you have to follow His plan every minute, every seconds, every day, every week etc. Because, He made you for a purpose and He already has a plan for you.

So, God has an established plan towards you and He bound himself with an oath to fulfill it if only you will do your part in other to commit Him. Planning with your maker puts you in control of the future. The future belongs to you when you plan with your maker. When you plan with your maker, He makes you smile at what others are crying about. Those who plan with their maker can never be caught unawares and are never afraid of the future. Moreover, making plans without your maker’s consent is not correct.

Our God is a meticulous God. He does not do anything without first planning for it. His plans for you are mapped out thousands or millions of years before they are executed. You need to learn from the character of God and apply It’s principles in your life. Before you were created even the day you were born, God knew all the details about you in His yearbook. Because He knew your strength and weakness, He prepared the appropriate plan you would need to succeed, even before you were born. If you can draw very close to God, He will share His foreknowledge with you.

God has a general plan into which His specific plan for your life fits in. The exact details of your life are in God’s hands. You need to know that when God is working in you and through you, it is to accomplish His purpose and not yours, even though He grants you your own desires sometimes. You need to key into His plans for your life. God has a plan for you; your talents, estate, planning, interests and destiny are geared towards your success in that plan. You need to plan with God and walk in His plan, then you will arrive at the glorious destiny that God has reserved for you. Not every one is called to be a pastor, carpenter, architect, artist, doctor, businessman or teacher, you need to find out what you are called to do and give your best to it. Many have gone for their choices instead of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

When you plan without God or your makers consent, you stand the risk of going out of His will on your life and that can be very dangerous. Also, when God is not involved in your plans, He is not under the obligation to ensure it becomes reality. So, if you want Him to help you achieve your goals in life, you need to ask Him for His will from the onset. Your success is not in your choice in the natural but the desires that God has put in your spirit. His plan is the top one and that is where you will shine. Follow God’s plan, and make up your mind to say to the father, Not my will but your will be done. There is no short cut to God’s plan for your life, no selfish ambition but a God given vision; no worldly competition but God’s gracious promotion. Do not use your friend’s opinion or yardstick to measure your success, the bible says it is foolish to compare, God wants you to excel in being you. The easiest way to significance is to discover God’s plan and place for you and do it

For instance, in business the brutal fact is that, if you need to have a profitable makers business, correct merchandise aren’t enough. You also want to work in a completely centered and systematic way. That doesn’t always come effortlessly to innovative people. In fact, even if you love lists and systems, it is able to be difficult to get yourself into healthy work conduct as a maker as a result of chatter about whether all of us will actually purchase your work, whether or not you could charge what you want to, and are virtually successful of jogging a commercial enterprise can all get inside the way. When you do things according to His will, you will find out that they are easier to accomplish because God have gone ahead to make the crooked path straight for you.

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By planning with God you are painting the picture of the future and by those pictures hope is inspired and confidence enhanced. Therefore, planning without your maker is very dangerous.

Let God Take Charge

Let God Take Charge

Psalm 46:1

Is there anything in your life that is out of control? If there is, now is the right time to let God take charge of it. Whether it is a physical challenge, spiritual, financial, business, carrier, or an emotional upset, or a relationship problem, God has the solution to it. This is why, you must let God take charge of it.

Are you battling with a constant thoughts on how to allow God take control over your life. Perhaps you are burdened with too much responsibilities in your business, home or family because you are the one that is in control of it. From now on release your burden and accept that the only means you may be in control is to allow God take charge. Despite the situation, your need for help, healing and personal involvement God will show you the way out and reveal the answers you seek. I’m convinced that understanding how  you should (let) go and let God have His way in your life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Many Christian in the world today run to man made god’s every day for help in time of need. No matter how difficult the situation may be please don’t run to man made god’s for help because man made god’s lack the power and capacity to help you. Therefore i encourage you to put your trust in God for the things you need every day, He will provide it for you. Now, struggling to trust God with your life is usually a big issue, as a Christian. But the good news is that your God is a great God, and has all things under His control. That includes big things like the financial crisis and the little things like how you live your life. You might have heard the word (let) go and let God. Some people think that this is the way we as Christians ought to understand the Christian life we give up ourselves and let God control it all.

One beautiful thing I discovered about God is His ability to be everywhere at the same time. He is in control of everyone and everything, therefore, you can put your trust in Him. There is nothing that God cannot do and there is nothing that has happened, and is happening that God is not aware of. He created the entire universe. He knows you and the thoughts of your heart. He knows the motive for your actions before you even act them out. As a result of this He is in charge of your life, He can make everything beautiful for you. If only you can trust Him with your future, everything will work out for your good today and beyond.

Beloved, God’s infinite wisdom is available to you right now. God’s guidance and direction are at hand this moment to lift you out right where you are. There is no form of doubt, bondage, feelings of loss and anxiety that may stand towards God’s love for you. As you stop taking control over your challenges, remember that it doesn’t imply that you’re withdrawing from the process. Rather, you’re courageously dealing with the challenges with consciousness of God’s presence and God’s power within you and your partnership with God. In other words you have beginning to accept that you can handle whatever confronts you because of God’s spirit within you. I want you to know that you’re not alone, that God’s knowledge is supplementing your understanding and growth, that God’s love is always at work for your good. Allowing God to deal with issues typically means discovering new methods of helping yourself to find peace that you earnestly desire.

However, when you think that the only means you’ll be able to receive assistance is the way you’ve always done. So, be open to new methods of discovering the good that you seek. As a Christian who love God, you are at the verge of unfolding consciousness; due to this fact, you have confident that God is able to change your path and move ahead when you are following His direction and guidance for your life. If you let God take charge, you have make room in your heart for His presence and power to come in and manifest in your life.

God is aware of all you’ve been through from onset and He will help you get the best out of life. Stop taking charge of your problems; rather, declare your glorious life in Christ. Declare how you want things to be, in line with the Word of God. Place your life, yourself, future, body, skin, blood, bone, finances, job, business and academics in God’s care. Give your loved ones to God’s gentleness and compassion. Turn your life over to divine wisdom with complete confidence.

Learning to trust God fully is a lifelong process. you have to choose to trust in Him, much like you have to choose to give up control. You need to learn to let go and stop trying to figure out the whys of life, which is easier to do when you realized that God understands more about your life than you ever could. Christian living is all about changing focus instead of living for the world, utilizing all your strength to accomplish the things you need to accomplish day- to- day so that you use all your strength to achieve the things God wants to achieve. As you renew your mind continuously, what God wants slowly becomes what you want as well. So becoming a Christian means that you no longer use the control you can exert to promote your own agenda, but God’s agenda: praising Him, sharing His gospel and loving both your brothers and your neighbours.

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Are you convinced that allowing God to take charge is the best as a Christian? If so, I challenge you to let God take control. Notwithstanding, this can be hard, especially when life is tough and you are not sure where the road may lead. However, second by second, day to day; if you let go, if you choose to love Him, trust Him, you will find rest, contentment, peace, fulfillment and His love filling you up. You will also stay out of the emotional and spiritual ditch in your relationship with God. Therefore, instead of worrying about anything, let God take charge of your life and watch Him do great and mighty things for you and through you.

Driven By Compassion

Driven By Compassion

Matthew 15:32

The gift of God are demonstrated towards people through compassionate vessels. The more compassionate you are the more you are enabled to demonstrate God’s gifts especially to perform healing and miracles. Therefore, let your actions be driven by compassion today.

Have you ever noticed that some people are more naturally compassionate than others? Maybe it is their personality or upbringing. Nevertheless, in the world today, every believer needs to be driven by compassion. Compassion is the quality of recognising the suffering of another with the desire to alleviate their suffering. It is a compelling motivation to take away the pains of another. As we look at our anchor scripture today, we cannot but be struck by the love and compassion that drove the actions and ministry of Jesus. He presents Himself to us today as a shepherd who truly loves and cares for His sheep. His compassion towards us is inexhaustible. He demonstrated it out of love. His compassion for us motivated Him to action. Compassion is a motivator; it is a quality that compels you to action. That is what distinguishes it from sympathy. Sympathy is when one feels pity but doesn’t act. Don’t just sympathise with people but be moved to produce a change in their situation.

Compassion, like all the other qualities listed in today’s passage, is possible only when we think of others before ourselves. Self centeredness keeps us from seeing the needs and hurts of those around us and acting on their behalf. What we need is a renewed mind. We are born with a selfish, sinful nature, referred to as the old self. But when a person puts his trust in Jesus, he receives a new self created in righteousness by God. As your mind are renewed with His word and you grow in obedience, God’s love and compassion begin to flow through you. Instead of being oblivious to the pain and suffering around you, God will open your eyes and use you to comfort those in need.

However, many people do not have a clear understanding of the responsibilities that God has placed on us in relation to our fellow human beings. We all therefore have an obligation under God to care for one another, whether as leaders, pastors, married couples, parents, siblings, neighbors or simply as human beings. Some are still asking, am i my brother’s keeper If you must know, the answer is yes. God expects you, as Christ’s ambassador in this world, to be your brother’s and sister’s keeper. We have a responsibility to our brethren in the lord and to the world at large, to be the salt of the earth and beacons of light in this world of darkness. Every child of God has the responsibility to represent Jesus Christ in the world, living as channels of compassion, divine mercy and kindness, both within the church and out in the world. You must not close your ears to the cries of those who are poor and needy.

Many are desperately in need of sustenance, some are enduring diverse sicknesses and various forms of poverty, while others are in bondage to sin and are being manipulated by the devil. We must reach out to them with compassion. Let us endeavor to correct, strengthen, and encourage each other in love along the way, making sure not to destroy anyone who falls into error as a result of one weakness or the other. Your light must shine so much that the reflection would brighten the paths of others in darkness and thereby bring glory to God.

Notwithstanding, compassion is achieved not through self effort but through a God focused life. As you draw near to Him through His word and His son, He transforms your focus, thoughts, and feelings. What a relief to know that God has provided everything you need to follow Jesus example of caring. For instance, the miracle of the multiplication of bread that took place here happened out of the care and compassion of Jesus. It was out of a genuine desire to meet people’s needs and solve their problems; same with every other miracle Jesus did in His life time. They were never meant to boost His ego. His miracles resulted from the deep compassion and care He had for the people. You will never be able to truly help people out of their predicaments except you truly love and care for them.

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As you care for the welfare of others, also think of other aspects of their lives, as deeds of kindness can have a deep effect and produce a lasting result. This wonderful balance will make a greater impact. This is why, you must be driven by compassion in the life of people around you today.

Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer is very powerful and important, and we are encouraged to pray without ceasing. Yet, if you are like many Christians who don’t know how to do that, a life of sustained prayer can be a struggle. Therefore, you must pray without ceasing because the days are evil.

You cannot function to full capacity until you are inspired by God. When you are inspired by God, you pray. Man was designed to be inspired by God. However, ingratitude to the Lord does quench the spirit and close us off; to pray unceasingly we must be unendingly aware of our debt to the Lord and his powerful role in our lives. To pray without ceasing means to have your mind always on the things of God, to be in constant communication with him, so that every moment may be as fruitful as possible. We need to pray, but not with vain repetition, with a grateful heart, and intent of love for God. When we have relationship with God, we will always be eager to be in His presence. As communication is one of the evidences of healthy relationship, so praying without ceasing is the evidence of your heart to God.

The world presents many things that you could pray to God about our families, surroundings, neighbors, and communities. Our nation, leaders, public servants and agencies. Our economy, sources of income, and commodities. Beloved, we need to pray. Notwithstanding, when you get prayer from the perspective of religion, then you think that the older the version of communication you use in prayer, the more effective your prayers becomes. This is not true. The devil and his agents don’t sleep. In fact, they target the times when men are asleep to sow tares. By sleep, I mean spiritual sleep. That period when you are relaxed and ignoring the need to pray is the time that the devil has been waiting for to attack. That is why you must pray without ceasing.

Praying without ceasing is not what you choose to do but what you must do, not what you like to do but what you are  mandated to do. If you are not praying you will be fainting and loosing breathe. One of the good things that you can do for yourself is to renew your prayer altar and talk to God often. All great men in scripture were prayerful. There is no alternative to prayer no matter how colourful such appears to be. Prayer is the believer’s spiritual respiratory organ. A day without prayer is a risky day. If you are not praying, you will be choking, panting, fainting and failing. When you pray always you enjoy ventilation. The devil is actively destroying people in this generation, and that is because this generation is asleep. You need to wake up and pray. Prayer should be your lifestyle. Before you embark on any assignment, pray, and when you are done, you should pray. Before you make any decision, pray. Just make it a point of duty to always pray.

Praying without ceasing is for God lovers, not for selfish people looking for God to meet their vain needs. When someone is in love, they miss the presence of the person they love. They can’t have too much of the presence of the person they love. When you have been hanging out with God, you will come out seeing things differently, because you are seeing life from the perspective of God. The basis of praying without ceasing is relationship. Prayer is not a monologue, it is a dialogue. Getting into prayer, doing all the talking and running away, does not cut it. Leverage whatever your situation and circumstances is to deepen your relationship with God.

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Nothing dissolves crises in the life of a child of God like prayer.  Satan will do everything possible in other to stop you from being what God has designed you to be but you will stop him by renewing your commitment to prayer. Because we are tempted and attacked always, we must pray always. That is the only guarantee for our victory always. However, we cannot always be on our knees praying. With the daily demands on our busy lives, we are fortunate to kneel in prayer even a few minutes each day. But our heart attitude can still be praying without ceasing. Therefore, you must pray without ceasing because it is vital in our walk with God.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of God

Don't Underestimate The Power Of God

Mark 6:45-56

In the world at present many individuals has at all times underestimated the ability of God. We underestimate the ability of God’s mighty power because our hearts are hardened He reveals Himself in a new way to make our belief run true. Therefore, don’t underestimate the ability of God’s power He can do greater than you think.

Now, God thought about you before you thought about Him. The almighty God says that He decided on how He will make use of you for His glory earlier than you come into the world. To underestimate is to guess that something is worth less or is smaller than it really is. God is all powerful, all knowing, all capable. There are no limits restricting God. Yet regardless of this, individuals tend to underestimate God’s limitless power by erroneous thinking and lack of faith. You cannot underestimate God’s energy to work out His functions in your life. Some people see God as severe, stern and cold, sitting on His throne, waiting for us to mess up so that He can rap our knuckles with a trial or tribulation. This isn’t the God of the bible. Notwithstanding, scripture unveils a powerful God who loves uprightness, also overflows with compassion, grace and love. God’s status is usually based on tradition and heresy, not the reality found in His word.

If you come to know God through scripture and have a relationship with Him like David, Paul and Martha, you begin to see that He is so much more than you understood, or were taught by assuming unbelievers. When you underestimate the ability of God’s power, your expectations and love for Him are too low. When you begin to see His true greatness, hope replaces resignation and rises. The enemy (Satan) is not more powerful than God, no matter how bad issues can appear at times. There is a battle raging for the souls of mankind, but God already has the declared victory. You should no longer be tricked that the enemy, who is formed by all powerful God, will outsmart God, even for a seconds in time. God’s side is the safe side. He empowers His people and helps them, no matter how desperate things may appear. You might know that God is able and powerful, however might query if He will select to make use of His mighty power in your behalf. I need to encourage you that the power of God is more superior, He is greatly involved in your life and He is always by your side.

Sometimes you underestimate His plans and direction for your life. God didn’t create you, then sit down in Heaven, ready to see what you’ll make out of life. God has given you intelligence and choices, but He will also help you with decisions when you ask. His plans for you are good. He wants you to live rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 says, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Because of Christ, each of us has purpose, destiny and hope of abundant life.

We underestimate Jesus desire to be with us. Some of us are so busy dutifully serving God that we don’t realize that He wants to be with us because of who we are more than for what we do. God is a spirit who wishes to disclose Himself, His secrets and techniques to those that serve Him. You shouldn’t settle to be servant when God wants to bring you into His inner circle. Be assured that God is reachable any time, as a result of this He neither sleep nor slumber. He always wants to be with you. He actually seeks to draw you to Himself because the power of God is incomparable.

We underestimate His creativity. When you are in a hard situation and don’t see a way out, you can become seriously discouraged and hopeless. The excellent news is that God isn’t bound by time and is all knowing, so He has your state of affairs discovered earlier than you notice you’re in it. Your prayers brings God to come into your state of affairs and to perform miracles in your life. His orchestration of situations and answers to your prayers can blow you away. It is wonderful that the God of creativity, originality, wisdom and ultimate power is the same God that beloved you adequate to come down to be with you on earth. Can God who longs to call you His friend be the same God that you struggle to believe, trust and worship.

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God wants to walk with you, talk with you and encourage you the same way He walk with Peter, Martha, Paul, John, David and the Lord Jesus etc. He loves you. He will always leave you in awe at His love and goodness. Expect great things from our great God. Therefore, don’t underestimate God’s mighty power due to His unconditional love towards you.

Think Carefully Before You Act

Think Carefully Before You Act

Ephesians 5:15

It is important to think through one’s courses of actions before acting. If you don’t think before you act, you may realize that you did not really want to do what you did. You ought to at all times think earlier than you act to stop unwanted consequences. Therefore, you must think carefully earlier you act so that you don’t become a victim of the devil.

The phrase careful describes the behaviour, data of a person, or someone who ensures that she or he makes sure to keep away from mishap, harm; cautious, potential danger and also that of somebody who pays close attention no matter what she or he is about to do or doing. However, being spontaneous can be fun sometimes, but there is a difference between spontaneity and impulsiveness. When you act without even considering the consequences, the potential danger or how it may affect or be perceived by others, you are being socially reckless. So, before you act, or before you speak words take time to analyze it properly so that you won’t hurt people around you. Impulsive acts, on the other hand, often lead to regrets, as the consequences catch the actor off guard.

For instance, consider a sudden invitation to attend a party at a friend’s house. I could impulsively decide to attend this party without asking any questions, such as who are the other guests? Will I be safe? What kind of drinks or food will be on offer? On the other hand, a careful deliberation of the invitation could help me to understand whether I really would like to attend this party or not. Thinking via this invitation helps me with the data I need so as to make an informed choice that I won’t regret later. You should think of the possible consequences of any move you are about to make. Also, you must avoid speaking words that is not good and make sure you always speak words that is correct to people around you.

Now, if you want to gist or see a movie when you should be studying your books or doing business, think about the failure that action will result in. When a boy is asking you to be his lover, think about the result of such relationship and how it can affect your future negatively, then make the decision to say no. Think carefully before you act or visit that dirty website in your phone. Think rigorously so that you simply don’t turn out to be a victim of Satan. Notwithstanding, as thinking human beings, It is much better to make way through the world as purposefully as possible. You will do less damage, to yourself and others, if you do. Because, not thinking earlier than you act might land you into trouble. You can, for example, be sued for negligence if you do not exercise reasonable caution when doing things. therefore, before you act think about the harm it will cause to people around you.

Let’s say you throw a large rock out of the window from fifth floor of your apartment. You did it without thinking of hurting anyone, but it hit someone and hurt them badly. You could be sued for negligence or charged with the crime of reckless endangerment. Even if you don’t end up in trouble, you’ll be able to wreck relationships by acting with out thinking.

For example, what if you believe something mean about a friend and say it to them without thinking? You could easily destroy your relationship with them simply because you did not think before you spoke. Have you ever done or said something before thinking about it? You can in all probability think about a dozen situations whenever you want you’d have thought concerning the penalties before taking action. It usually doesn’t end well to act first and think later. Moreover, before you speak think carefully so that you don’t harm people with your words.

As a child of God, you have the Holy Spirit to show you the difference between right and wrong. However, many of us often act before asking whether what we are about to do could have positive or negative effects. Considering the outcome of your actions can stop you from doing something you will later regret. God has given you everything you need to make wise choices. But it’s up to you to pause long enough to consider if what you are doing is right or wrong.

For example, many times we see Peter behaving in a manner that seemed to be impetuous. He was human and he made mistakes, often because of his impetuous nature. But he was also committed. He was prepared to jump in boots and to give everything of himself to whatever the matter or cause was that he was involved in. Here came a mob of people to arrest Jesus and take Him away to be tried and put to death. Peter was having none of that and even though the mob included soldiers and officers of the chief priests, all armed with weapons, Peter stood up to defend his teacher, Lord and friend, Jesus. Peter got hold of sword, brought it out and used it to harm those that would harm Jesus.

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He forgot the fact that they were outnumbered, outgunned in the weapons department and some of these were trained soldiers. He just struck out to defend his friend and hang the consequences. He was impetuous and committed. Therefore, failing to think twice carefully earlier than you act can hurt you in some ways. Additionally it is important to check your actions before you act and make it your lifestyle by speaking good words and always think carefully before you speak.