Armed For Battle

1 Samuel 14:1-1

It was bad enough that king Saul lacked men, but it was even worse that the few men he had were ill equipped. For you to be successful in life, it is expedient that you are armed for battle. 

All blacksmiths in Israel had been deported to the philistines. This has always been the strategy of the enemy in order to cause the children of God to “faint in the day of battle” (Proverbs 24:10). Some of the silent destructive strategies of the enemy include, government taking over mission schools, no religious open air crusades, no prayer at school morning assemblies, sensitive positions in government being manned by particular ethnic groups, postings are no more on merit but on religious quota system etc. Jonathan had discovered that his father, Saul had lost out. He however strongly believes that the nation and his father could be rescued. Faith in God and confidence will not let him sit down. While our fathers (the churches) are yet sitting down under the pomegranate tree, I am seeing the Jonathan’s of our days being in custody of the only other available Armour (faith and Holy Spirit). Beware of sitting under the tree of despondency with a discipler or church leader who seems to have outlived his usefulness in ministry. Quit yourselves like men, move with the new vision the lord is showing you. Be armed with your total reliance on God. You must help to rescue the land. Your “fathers” failure must not plunge the nation (church) into total collapse. Remember that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. Take the name of Jesus with you. Take initiative. Be a burden bearer. Be courageous and stay focused. Stay connected and be fully armed for battle.

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Expect oppositions but victory is yours. God honours faith and faith honours God. Note that you are the last hope of this generation. operate with a humble heart. Your victory is assured. You are God’s battle axe (Jeremiah 51:20). let your prayer be “lord! Shape, Sharpen and arm me for revival in my days.


  1. Nice it is good for one to be fully armed spiritual because our warfare is not carnal but might through God to the pulling down of every strongholds.

  2. Nice one, the biggest issue for our generation is what the Bible said that we fight not against fresh and blood but alot of people lack that spiritual consciousness.


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