Always Do It In God's Way

Isaiah 55:8

We understand from scriptures, that God is committed and ever ready to offer direction; to as many as are willing to be led. However, it does not come cheaply; it requires diligence and a business like approach. This is why you have to consciously programme yourself, to always do it in God’s way. Just as you need to be tuned to a particular frequency in order to pick radio signals, you need to be correctly tuned to heaven’s frequency to hear God’s voice of direction; and this requires a definite determination on your part.

For instance, moses as a child, enjoyed both the loving tender care of his biological mother; and the special privileges of being a prince. Nevertheless, these privileges of a royal upbringing did not cut Moses off his roots. However, when Moses became conscious of his responsibility, he went about it in a wrong way. Moses failed to wait for God’s instructions, instead he acted in anger and took the laws into his hand by killing an Egyptian. Have you been given any assignment or responsibility secular, spiritual or general? Are you doing it or trying to do it in your own way or wisdom? It may backfire because; it is always good to do things in God’s own way. God’s way, is always the best and secured. It took Moses 40 years in the wilderness, to learn to wait for God’s directions. It is a thing of joy to know, that God does not abandon His own. God used this period, to prepare Moses for His service. Friends, God rewards obedience. He does not reward education, skills, strength and anything that is outside His will or done contrary to His instructions. When He told Noah to build an ark, He gave specifications. The Bible confirms, that Noah built according to God’s specification. Similarly, the tabernacle Moses built in the wilderness, as well as the temple Solomon built and dedicated to God were built as God specified.

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This implies that you should come away, from all those things keeping you on the ground. A separation is needed to hear from God or to receive instruction; either from His Word or voice. So what is actually required is a separation unto God, in which you create a conducive environment for your spirit man to be able to communicate with God. So whatever you have to do in line with destiny fulfilment, go to God and inquire how He would like you to do it. Then make your obedience unquestioning, prompt and complete. Therefore whatever you do business, career, ministry, always do it in God’s way. Because, it is a safe way to enjoy God’s blessing and reward for your effort.



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