Psalm 65:11

Despondency is a tool the devil uses to steal people’s vision. He injects this evil poison into a man’s heart through the experience of loss and suffering. That today is bad and the future looks bleak does not mean that your tomorrow will be terrible. As long as you are in Christ, you can be rest assured that your tomorrow will be alright. God’s desire is to make you experience His goodness all year round with sound mind, good health, progress, peace, prosperity, and divine protection and longevity. Therefore, the Almighty God will crown your year with His goodness because every good and perfect gift is from above.

However, goodness is the quality or state of being good. It is a true commitment to choosing right over wrong, good or evil. In other words, our good works point directly to our father in heaven. We are good because it glorifies our Creator. God’s goodness is essential in the journey of every man. The truth is that God has made all beautiful and good things available for you to enjoy. Because we are objects of His love and the heirs of His kingdom. So, the goodness of God is one of the attributes of God, as well as a description of His person. Therefore, as a child of God you are entitled to the goodness of God. With God’s goodness and mercy at work in your life, life will be fruitful and fulfilling for you. All things will work together for good in all areas of your life and it will always be well with you. If the enemy rages against you, God will turn the tide against him and make what he plans for evil against you to turn out for your good. So, Don’t give up on your vision! Even if the devil stole a particular blessing from you, don’t give him your vision. Dry up your tears because you need clear eyes to see new opportunities that God is giving to you. In fact, the avenue to your recovery can be around you as we speak, but as long as your eyes are flooded with tears, you will only see the situation and not His goodness. The economic experts may have painted a gloomy picture for the year, but as far as God is concerned, He has crowned your year with His goodness and abundance.

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Therefore, God’s supply and provision are never affected by world events, so in good times or bad times, expect every month, every week and every remaining part of this year to be surrounded by God’s goodness. The Almighty God will crown your year with His goodness because you are destined to see the God’s goodness in the land of the living.



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