Matthew 11:29

The life you received in Christ is such that doesn’t require you to struggle for anything. It is a life of rest; a life of peace and prosperity.

There are numerous invitations you receive during the course of your lifetime, but there is an invitation that changes your life permanently and that invitation is only found in Jesus. Sometimes, people can invite you to great occasions where you dine and wine with very important people in the society but that does not put an end to the trouble you are going through as an individual. You dine with them, but upon returning to your house, you carry your problems again. However, when you respond to the invitation of Jesus, He solves all your problems and cause you to live a life of rest. This is why you cannot afford to respond inappropriately to this invitation. With this invitation, you come as you are. The instructions and responsibilities the Lord gives to you are not burdensome at all. The word of God says in 1 John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous. He will never ask you to do something that is beyond your ability. All He asks is that you act on His Word so that you live a life of rest.

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Jesus is available to release Grace and Mercy in the state of your spiritual poverty. Present yourself to Him the way you are and let Him turn your life around. This is why the invitation of Jesus is the greatest of all invitations; it is also unique because He has all the Power and the Resources to turn any situation around. Jesus wants to set you free and deliver you from all your battles both within and without. He wants to remove the yoke that the devil and His agents have put on you. He wants to uproot every plant that He has not planted in your life; and cause you to live a life of rest submit to Him.



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