A Heart Of Obedience

Ezekiel 36:26-27

Besides sowing seeds, a heart of obedience is another key factor that can trigger a miraculous harvest in your life.

The whole essence of obedience is blessing. So a heart of obedience; enables you to obey God’s voice and ultimately enjoy the blessing. Obedience or disobedience, is beyond the capacity of man to obey or disobey. There is a spirit behind both disobedience and obedience. No child wants to wake up and disobey God; there is a spirit of disobedience working against them. Now God’s Word through Prophet Ezekiel is an extraordinary blessing for you, if you are born again. God has given you a soft and malleable heart; a heart that is easily yielded to, and influenced by, His Word. You have a soft heart towards God; an obedient heart. May the Lord grant you grace to obey Him completely in Jesus Name. To enter into this realm of obedience, all you need to receive is the divine directive, and immediately you comply with it, you will have your miracle.

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For instance in John 2:1-12, Jesus and His mother were invited to a wedding in Cana of Galilee. At some point, they ran out of wine. His mother came to tell Him of their need, but He simply said it was not yet time for a miracle. Preempting Jesus, maybe based on experience, Mary told the servants present to wait on Him, receive any instruction from Him and carry it out to the letter. Later, the Lord instructed them to fill up some water pots with water. The servants thought of arguing with Him that what was needed at the party was wine and not water, but remembering Mary’s strict instructions to do whatever He asked them to do, they complied. Therefore, Jesus asked them to fetch some of the water and serve the chairman of the wedding feast. Again, they wanted to argue, but recalling what Mary said, they obeyed. They took it to the chairman but, prepared a ready made answer should he taste it and ask why they served him water. However, on their way, the water became wine.  You see, He alone can give you a heart of obedience, with power over sin; power to live for Him and to please Him. Are you willing to obey Him today, the choice is yours.



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