Planning Without Your Maker

Planning Without Your Maker

Isaiah 14:24

Many times as human beings, we make plans based on what our friends are saying or what is trending per time. We plan on things as important as business to embark on based on these things, you forget to ask the one who has the blueprint of your life in His hands. Therefore, planning without your maker leads to frustration.

However, God is your creator, He knows everything about you, so it is to your advantage to ask for His will concerning your life at all times. You were born in response to the determined plan of God, not as an afterthought. Before you took even one breath, every day, every step and every circumstance in your plan was recorded. Every of God’s plan is a covenant. He unveils His plan and at the same time unveils your own part of the plan to commit Him. If you want to fulfill your destiny and the purpose of God in your life, then you have to follow His plan. Because, He made you for a purpose and He already has a plan for you. So, God has an established plan towards you and He bound himself with an oath to fulfil it if only you will do your part in other to commit Him. Planning with your maker puts you in control of the future. The future belongs to you when you plan with your maker. When you plan with your maker, He makes you smile at what others are crying about. Those who plan with their maker can never be caught unawares and are never afraid of the future.

Our God is a meticulous God. He does not do anything without first planning for it. His plans for you are mapped out thousands or millions of years before they are executed. You need to learn from the character of God and apply It’s principles in your life. Before you were created, God knew all the details about you. because He knew your strength and weakness, He prepared the appropriate plan you would need to succeed, even before you were born. If you can draw very close to God, He will share His foreknowledge with you. God has a general plan into which His specific plan for your life fits in. The exact details of your life are in God’s hands. You need to know that when God is working in you and through you, it is to accomplish His purpose and not yours, even though He grants you your own desires sometimes. You need to key into His plans for your life. God has a plan for you; your talents, interests and destiny are geared towards your success in that plan. You need to plan with God and walk in His plan, then you will arrive at the glorious destiny that God has reserved for you. Not every one is called to be a pastor, carpenter, architect, artist, doctor, businessman or teacher, you need to find out what you are called to do and give your best to it. Many have gone for their choices instead of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

When you plan without God, you stand the risk of going out of His will for your life and that can be very dangerous. Also, when God is not involved in your plans, He is not under the obligation to ensure it becomes reality. So, if you want Him to help you achieve your goals in life, you need to ask Him for His will from the onset. Your success is not in your choice in the natural but the desires that God has put in your spirit. His plan is the top one and that is where you will shine. Follow God’s plan, and make up your mind to say to the father, Not my will but your will be done. There is no short cut to God’s plan for your life, no selfish ambition but a God given vision; no worldly competition but God’s gracious promotion. Do not use your friend’s opinion or yardstick to measure your success, the bible says it is foolish to compare, God wants you to excel in being you. The easiest way to significance is to discover God’s plan and place for you and do it.

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When you do things according to His will, you will find out that they are easier to accomplish because God have gone ahead to make the crooked path straight for you. By planning with God you are painting the picture of the future and by those pictures hope is inspired and confidence enhanced. Therefore, planning without your maker is very dangerous.

Let God Take Charge

Let God Take Charge

Psalm 46:1

Is there anything in your life that is out of control? If there is, now is the right time to let God take charge of it. Whether it is a physical challenge, spiritual, financial, business, carrier, or an emotional upset, or a relationship problem, God has the solution to it. This is why, you must let God take charge of it.

Perhaps you are burdened with too much responsibilities in your business, home or family because you are the one that takes charge of it. From now on release your burden and accept that the only way to be in charge is to allow God take charge. Regardless of the situation, your personal involvement, need for help, healing, God will reveal the answers and show you the way out. One beautiful thing I discovered about God is His ability to be everywhere at the same time. He is in control of everyone and everything, therefore, you can put your trust in Him. There is nothing that God cannot do and there is nothing that has happened, and is happening that God is not aware of. He created the entire universe. He knows you and the thoughts of your heart. He knows the motive for your actions before you even act them out. This is because He is in control of your life, He can make everything beautiful for you. If only you can trust Him with your future, everything will work out for your good today and beyond.

Beloved, God’s infinite wisdom is available to you right now. God’s guidance and direction are at hand this moment to lift you out right where you are. There is no form of anxiety, bondage, feelings of loss and doubt that can stand against God’s love for you. As you stop taking charge over your challenges, remember that it does not mean that you are shirking your part in the process. Rather, you are courageously facing challenges with a new awareness of your partnership with God and God’s presence and power within you. In other words you have beginning to accept that you can handle whatever confronts you because of God’s spirit within you. I want you to know that you are not alone, that God’s wisdom is supplementing your growth and understanding, that God’s love is continually at work for your good. Allowing God to handle things sometimes means finding new ways of helping yourself to find peace that you earnestly desire.

However, when you think that the only way you can receive help is the way you have always done. I want you to be open to new ways of discovering the good that you seek. As a child of God, you are in a state of unfolding consciousness; therefore, you have confident that God is able to change your direction and move forward when you are following His direction and guidance for your life. If you let God take charge, you are making room in your heart for His presence and power to come in and manifest in your life. God knows all you have experienced from the beginning and longs to help you receive the best. Stop taking charge of your problems; rather, declare your glorious life in Christ. Declare how you want things to be, in line with the Word of God. Place your life, yourself, future, body, skin, blood, bone, finances, job, business and academics in God’s care. Give your loved ones to God’s gentleness and compassion. Turn your life over to divine wisdom with complete confidence.

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Are you convinced that allowing God to take charge is the best? If so, I challenge you to let God take control. Notwithstanding, this can be hard, especially when life is tough and you are not sure where the road may lead. However, moment by moment, if you choose to trust Him; if you let go, you will find peace, rest, contentment, communication and love filling you up. You will also stay out of the emotional and spiritual ditch in your relationship with God. Therefore, instead of worrying about anything, let God take charge of your life and watch Him do great and mighty things for you and through you.

Driven By Compassion

Driven By Compassion

Matthew 15:32

The gift of God are demonstrated towards people through compassionate vessels. The more compassionate you are the more you are enabled to demonstrate God’s gifts especially to perform healing and miracles. Therefore, let your actions be driven by compassion today.

Have you ever noticed that some people are more naturally compassionate than others? Maybe it is their personality or upbringing. Nevertheless, in the world today, every believer needs to be driven by compassion. Compassion is the quality of recognising the suffering of another with the desire to alleviate their suffering. It is a compelling motivation to take away the pains of another. As we look at our anchor scripture today, we cannot but be struck by the love and compassion that drove the actions and ministry of Jesus. He presents Himself to us today as a shepherd who truly loves and cares for His sheep. His compassion towards us is inexhaustible. He demonstrated it out of love. His compassion for us motivated Him to action. Compassion is a motivator; it is a quality that compels you to action. That is what distinguishes it from sympathy. Sympathy is when one feels pity but doesn’t act. Don’t just sympathise with people but be moved to produce a change in their situation.

Compassion, like all the other qualities listed in today’s passage, is possible only when we think of others before ourselves. Self centeredness keeps us from seeing the needs and hurts of those around us and acting on their behalf. What we need is a renewed mind. We are born with a selfish, sinful nature, referred to as the old self. But when a person puts his trust in Jesus, he receives a new self created in righteousness by God. As your mind are renewed with His word and you grow in obedience, God’s love and compassion begin to flow through you. Instead of being oblivious to the pain and suffering around you, God will open your eyes and use you to comfort those in need.

However, many people do not have a clear understanding of the responsibilities that God has placed on us in relation to our fellow human beings. We all therefore have an obligation under God to care for one another, whether as leaders, pastors, married couples, parents, siblings, neighbors or simply as human beings. Some are still asking, am i my brother’s keeper If you must know, the answer is yes. God expects you, as Christ’s ambassador in this world, to be your brother’s and sister’s keeper. We have a responsibility to our brethren in the lord and to the world at large, to be the salt of the earth and beacons of light in this world of darkness. Every child of God has the responsibility to represent Jesus Christ in the world, living as channels of compassion, divine mercy and kindness, both within the church and out in the world. You must not close your ears to the cries of those who are poor and needy.

Many are desperately in need of sustenance, some are enduring diverse sicknesses and various forms of poverty, while others are in bondage to sin and are being manipulated by the devil. We must reach out to them with compassion. Let us endeavor to correct, strengthen, and encourage each other in love along the way, making sure not to destroy anyone who falls into error as a result of one weakness or the other. Your light must shine so much that the reflection would brighten the paths of others in darkness and thereby bring glory to God.

Notwithstanding, compassion is achieved not through self effort but through a God focused life. As you draw near to Him through His word and His son, He transforms your focus, thoughts, and feelings. What a relief to know that God has provided everything you need to follow Jesus example of caring. For instance, the miracle of the multiplication of bread that took place here happened out of the care and compassion of Jesus. It was out of a genuine desire to meet people’s needs and solve their problems; same with every other miracle Jesus did in His life time. They were never meant to boost His ego. His miracles resulted from the deep compassion and care He had for the people. You will never be able to truly help people out of their predicaments except you truly love and care for them.

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As you care for the welfare of others, also think of other aspects of their lives, as deeds of kindness can have a deep effect and produce a lasting result. This wonderful balance will make a greater impact. This is why, you must be driven by compassion in the life of people around you today.

Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer is very powerful and important, and we are encouraged to pray without ceasing. Yet, if you are like many Christians who don’t know how to do that, a life of sustained prayer can be a struggle. Therefore, you must pray without ceasing because the days are evil.

You cannot function to full capacity until you are inspired by God. When you are inspired by God, you pray. Man was designed to be inspired by God. However, ingratitude to the Lord does quench the spirit and close us off; to pray unceasingly we must be unendingly aware of our debt to the Lord and his powerful role in our lives. To pray without ceasing means to have your mind always on the things of God, to be in constant communication with him, so that every moment may be as fruitful as possible. We need to pray, but not with vain repetition, with a grateful heart, and intent of love for God. When we have relationship with God, we will always be eager to be in His presence. As communication is one of the evidences of healthy relationship, so praying without ceasing is the evidence of your heart to God.

The world presents many things that you could pray to God about our families, surroundings, neighbors, and communities. Our nation, leaders, public servants and agencies. Our economy, sources of income, and commodities. Beloved, we need to pray. Notwithstanding, when you get prayer from the perspective of religion, then you think that the older the version of communication you use in prayer, the more effective your prayers becomes. This is not true. The devil and his agents don’t sleep. In fact, they target the times when men are asleep to sow tares. By sleep, I mean spiritual sleep. That period when you are relaxed and ignoring the need to pray is the time that the devil has been waiting for to attack. That is why you must pray without ceasing.

Praying without ceasing is not what you choose to do but what you must do, not what you like to do but what you are  mandated to do. If you are not praying you will be fainting and loosing breathe. One of the good things that you can do for yourself is to renew your prayer altar and talk to God often. All great men in scripture were prayerful. There is no alternative to prayer no matter how colourful such appears to be. Prayer is the believer’s spiritual respiratory organ. A day without prayer is a risky day. If you are not praying, you will be choking, panting, fainting and failing. When you pray always you enjoy ventilation. The devil is actively destroying people in this generation, and that is because this generation is asleep. You need to wake up and pray. Prayer should be your lifestyle. Before you embark on any assignment, pray, and when you are done, you should pray. Before you make any decision, pray. Just make it a point of duty to always pray.

Praying without ceasing is for God lovers, not for selfish people looking for God to meet their vain needs. When someone is in love, they miss the presence of the person they love. They can’t have too much of the presence of the person they love. When you have been hanging out with God, you will come out seeing things differently, because you are seeing life from the perspective of God. The basis of praying without ceasing is relationship. Prayer is not a monologue, it is a dialogue. Getting into prayer, doing all the talking and running away, does not cut it. Leverage whatever your situation and circumstances is to deepen your relationship with God.

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Nothing dissolves crises in the life of a child of God like prayer.  Satan will do everything possible in other to stop you from being what God has designed you to be but you will stop him by renewing your commitment to prayer. Because we are tempted and attacked always, we must pray always. That is the only guarantee for our victory always. However, we cannot always be on our knees praying. With the daily demands on our busy lives, we are fortunate to kneel in prayer even a few minutes each day. But our heart attitude can still be praying without ceasing. Therefore, you must pray without ceasing because it is vital in our walk with God.