You Are Destined For Limitless Possibilities

You Are Destined For Limitless Possibilities

Isaiah 43:19

Many people have made frantic efforts to move forward in their lives and change levels in their respective businesses, careers, pursuits and endeavours. But nothing has worked for them. Such people might think that it is very difficult for one to enjoy limitless opportunities and rise to the top. Others might also think that there is nothing like enjoying a world of no limits in their affair. But the truth is, the Christian life is one of limitless possibilities. Nothing is too difficult or unattainable for you, if your faith and confidence is in the Word of God. Therefore, you are destined for limitless possibilities because; you have access to the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant.

Now, when something is limitless, there is an unending amount or supply of it. If you truly believe there are limitless possibilities in life, you see no limit to what people can achieve.  So, you must possess a mentality possibility in other to create a new beginning for yourself. Because the moment you believe that you can achieve a thing, an unusual ability is injected into you. For instance, Abraham was in a humanly impossible situation but because of his mentality, they were converted to supernatural possibilities. Abraham was addicted to what God told him despite the prevailing negative circumstances in his life. However, to walk in the fullness of the blessings of Abraham which is the blessing of greatness, you must understand that there is no limit to what you can achieve in life. Because, there is a supernatural part of God that cannot be ignored, a part that no man can handle. Therefore, when you need to do something for yourself, you are the only one who knows what you need in your life. Because you are the author of your life and the content that is written in your life book is determined by your actions, so know that life is full of possibilities. But often, your struggles make it hard for you to see the price ahead. Due to circumstances that you cannot control, you give up on your dreams or simply ride along the waves. You think that just because you missed an opportunity you can’t get to where you want to be.

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Therefore, you can do whatsoever you want to do; you can get to wherever height you want in life; you can have whatsoever you want to have in life and you can be whosoever you want to be in life only if you believe it and not doubt. So, you are destined for limitless possibilities because you are chosen to be great.

Your Abilities And Potentials Can Not Be Limited

Your Abilities And Potentials Can Not Be Limited

2 Peter 1:3

God in His infinite wisdom created every human being with the potentials and abilities that they need to fulfil His purpose for their lives. Unfortunately, some pass through life without realising this potential; some others who do, fail to fully exploit it. The truth is, there is nothing you are looking for that God has not given to you; including the money you need to start that business but the challenge is the ability for you to identify what God has given to you. Therefore, when you are filled with God’s presence, you will discover that your abilities and potentials can not be Limited.

Now, potential is an hidden ability that exist in every human beings. Also it is having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future. So, there is an hidden treasure in every human being that needs to be unleash to the outside world. Come to think of it, there are some people who are extra ordinary in what they do and you will want to wonder how come they are doing it so well than others. The answer is not far fetched, it is because they have discovered that their abilities and potentials can not be limited. It bothers my heart when I see young people wake up in the morning and not knowing what to do; is that not funny and unheard of? But lots of this young people live with such thoughts everyday. So, recognising your potential starts from knowing the Lord Jesus and discovering your purpose in life. Knowing your purpose in life is tied to a relationship with the Creator of the heavens and earth. Because  to know the full capacity of any product, you need to look for the product’s manufacturer. God is our manufacturer. Therefore, He alone knows what He had in mind when creating you. He created you for a purpose, that purpose is a seed placed inside of you known as ability and potential. However, the reason many people are frustrated is because they don’t know what to do. If you know what to do with what you have, your abilities and potentials can never be Limited.

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So, God will always use what you have to create what you want. Your future success is in the present thing that is available right now; not in what is not available. Because your ability to identify your hidden potential is what makes you great and takes you to your next phase. Therefore, your abilities and potentials can not be limited because your future depends on it.

Renewing Your Marital Relationship

Renewing Your Marital Relationship

1 Peter 3:7

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It requires thoughtful planning. Take time out to review your plans for your family’s future. Couples need to take time out to enjoy each other’s company. Make this a regular or twice a month, fixed night every month. Make sure this date is unmovable and is a priority above all else. Now, in many homes, the level of love between a couple few years after marriage is not usually at the same level it was few months after the wedding. In most families, it is always on the decrease. Therefore, the first step towards renewing your marital relationship is an unconditional love.

Now, unconditional love is an obligation a husband must perform towards his wife. This kind of love will make the man give his entire being to his wife without expecting anything in return. But Some men, unfortunately, do not know what it means to be married. Marriage could be regarded as giving of one’s self to one’s spouse. The truth about renewing marital relationship is that a man is under obligation to cater for his wife and to have an unreserved commitment to the joy and well-being of his wife. Some so-called Christians are so careless about their marriage that they neglect the divine mandates of caring for the family. As a result, the wife becomes disillusioned about the faith and the children vow never to follow their father to worship God. At the end of the day, the failure of the family eventually affects their Christian walk and ministry. Love must be experiential and substantial, men must show their love practically, and their spouses will not be in doubt as to whether or not they are loved. For your marriage to work, another obligation on the part of the man towards his wife is leaving your parents and cleaving to your wife. Because some men never leave their parents, particularly their mother. They are mummy’s boys and after marriage they still eat from their mother’s pot on regular basis. This habit destroys a marriage relationship fast. Another step towards renewing your marital relationship is that your expectation must be in place.

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Your expectations as a couple go a long way in seeing your home a blissful one. Because every man sets a stage for his miracle. It is your expectation that gets fulfilled. One key factor for the miraculous is expectation. Your expectations which are the desires of your heart must also be in line with the words of your mouth. This means that both the desire of your heart and the words of your month equals your expectation. Therefore renewing your marital relationship, you must discuss your positive expectations and I guarantee that things will work out more smoothly in your home.

You Need Strategic planning To Maximize Your Destiny

You Need Strategic Planning To Maximize Your Destiny

Psalm 90:12

One of the effective tools to winning and effective living in life is planning. It is essential to plan everything you do in life because it determines the outcome of your life. It is one of the major characteristics of successful people in the world. Planning is one of the forces in the school of success that engender greatness. If you embrace it, it will please you. Just as breathing is living, so also planning is to winning. It is planning that gives value to purpose. Because purpose is impotent without a plan. Therefore, you need strategic planning to maximize your destiny. Because whenever planning is solid, the future is guarantee.

Now, it is no longer news that if you don’t plan to succeed you have automatically plan to fail. This is the secret, planning secures destiny and buy the future. If you refuse to plan today you will not have a place tomorrow. So, you can’t afford to live just like everybody. You need to think far and think deep. Because, planning is the secret that birth rest and confidence. Planning is living in the future and expecting the reality of your believe. Therefore, If you don’t have good plan for your day it will surely be useless. If you don’t have good plan for the month it will surely not be profitable. If you don’t have good plans for your economy you will surely end poor. If you don’t have good plan for your marriage you will surely divorce. If you don’t have good plan for your career you will surely end in lack. Results make the heart merry, but the key to result is planning. Just like a building requires a plan, every business that must succeed requires a plan as well. A business that will be big tomorrow is seen today by the structural plan that is engaged. Most businesses today are victims of lack of planning or poor planning. So, you need strategic planning to maximize your business endeavors. For instance, it is a good planning that guarantees good results. Any farming endeavor that is not properly planned is bound to fail notwithstanding the quality of the seed being planted. The quality of management is what determines the quality of results produced. Therefore, management skill is key to determining the level of results that any organization will ever command.

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Therefore, planning is the step by steps physical arrangement that God demands from a man in other to see the reality of his vision. You can only plan for what you can see, because what you cannot see doesn’t exist in your world. Vision without planning is like skeleton that has life but lacks flesh. So, you need strategic planning to maximize your destiny because in the absence of planning there is confusion and distress.

How You Think Matters A Lot

How You Think Matters A lot

Luke 24:38

Thinking is the process of dreaming and using the imagination. Great works are the products of deep thinking. You can never rise beyond the power of your thoughts. Because to have mastery in this physical world, you must have mastery over intangible resources. When God created the world, He used words to speak what He saw in His mind into existence. Words come from the thoughts we think. Now, how you think matters a lot; because your capacity for dominion has been tied to visuals, pictures or images of yourself.

Therefore, many hardly take the time to review their own thinking process; how their minds work. A mind that is not renewed with the Word will often come up with some of the weirdest thoughts. Such minds are filled with negativism. Because the basic ingredient for creating anything in this world is thought. You make contact with the spiritual world through your thoughts. You cannot relate to God through the physical senses. Since your five senses lack the capacity to relate to God, deep thinking takes you to God’s frequency. Once you are tuned in to His frequency, you can see, hear and relate to Him. In the realm of thoughts, you access God’s resources and receive the power to dominate the physical world until you produce the results that you want. However, when a definite strong idea is held consistently in the imagination, it can actually change the biochemistry of the brain so that it is no longer programmed for failure or defeat but programmed for success. So, when the brain is engaged in thinking and imagination, it can achieve unprecedented things. For instance, there are people who always think that when a law or new policy is introduced, it is to their disadvantage; they see themselves as victims all the time. Therefore, they carry the burden of mistrusting everybody, because that’s the way their minds work. Until you change your way of thinking, your life and circumstances won’t change. You’ve got to choose the character of your thoughts. Because, your location does not determine your success; your success is determined by how you think. Do not think the way people around you are thinking; think according to the Word of God.

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Therefore, get inspiration from what you hear, see it from the Word of God and influence your mind positively. Because no matter the field of your endeavour, when you think with the law of faith and the free use of your imagination, you will exceed more than everyone’s expectations, even yours, and the world will change into success for you. However, how you think matters a lot because it keeps you going on in life.

You Must Build Your Future With Ideas

You Must Build Your Future With Ideas

Proverbs 21:5

 You don’t set a goal and just sit back, waiting for it to simply materialize. It doesn’t work that way. You must plan, and be diligent to take the necessary steps that should lead you to your desired destination. Because before creation, the whole world and the people in it were just an impression on God’s mind. Everything was sleeping quietly in an idea. A great future awaits you, however this future is waiting for the idea that God wants to transfer into your mind. Because your future is sleeping quietly inside these ideas. So, you must build your future with ideas; because your future is bright and full of glory.

Now, ideas are simply thoughts, plans, or mental impressions on the mind. They are more powerful than you may understand. It may also be encouraging for you to know that God did not finish creation, but only started it. He did not turn into physical reality all of the things that were real in His mind. He gave man the privilege to help Him translate it into physical reality. The rest of creation is waiting for you. God want you to be a co-creator with him. That means you must state the target and set your sail. As you diligently move in the direction of your goal, God will ensure that all the right circumstances align themselves in your favour always. Now creation begins with an idea. Since you are built in God’s own image. He made you with the ability to produce ideas and the capacity to turn them into physical reality. Ideas are more powerful than the brains that produce them because they usually outlive those brains. Everything visible today, for example, cars, clothes, buildings, computers, etc, first of all existed in the form of an idea in someone’s mind. So, the poor person is the one who does not have ideas because ideas are the seeds that guarantee a future harvest. If you can get ideas, God says you will get the material equivalent of those ideas. I have found out that money flows in the direction of ideas. Whatever stops you from getting an idea has already stopped you from getting money.

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Therefore, it is important to take your life in your hand and tell yourself that you are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life. Because you can never rise above the level of your idea. The quality of idea that flows through your mind determines the quality of your life. Every technological breakthrough is built on the foundation of ideas. The moment you catch an idea your future success is guaranteed; because people with seeds have a harvest waiting for them in the future.

The Days Of Captivity Are Over

The Days Of Captivity Is Over

2 Kings 7:1-9

Captivity is a situation in which an individual is surrounded by a stronger physical or spiritual power, for the purpose of capturing or tormenting him or her. Now, Christianity has not promised a life without difficulties or problems though our God is loving and gracious, plenteous in mercy – challenges are bound to come our way. But it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome social challenges and break free from the captivity posed by the devil. Therefore the days of captivity are over, because God has placed the devil where he belongs.

However, all around you, you may see many whose stories depict frustration and despair, pain and poverty; they are broken, displaced, and helpless. Some people see this terrible picture of the needy and ask, Isn’t there a God? Couldn’t He have done something? Yes, there is a God; and He has already done something. For instance on several occasions, the children of Israel, due to their stubborn attitude towards God experienced sieges in varying intensity and severity. Whenever they are free from captivity, the people who were its victim rejoice because it is not a pleasant experience at all. The Lord is saying to someone reading this article that the days of captivity are over in your life. Now our anchor scripture, records the  great deliverance of the children of Israel from a terrible captivity. This situation was so severe that women began to eat their own children. However, when God lifted the children of Israel out of captivity through the words of His prophet, scarcity turned into plenty. Therefore, the first thing you will notice in a person’s life after he is free from captivity is a turnaround from lack to prosperity. An economic captivity causes parents to send their children into forced labour for survival instead of being in school. The Lord will deliver you today if you are in this type of situation. Because God knows the difficulties you are passing through, and He knows your various challenges. God uses those things to prepare you for greater testimonies of a life of ease and glory.

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Therefore, it doesn’t matter what your case is; in Christ you have hope. In Christ you have been delivered; you have victory, glory, and life eternal. It makes no difference where you are in life, if have receive Christ, He will usher you into the transcendent life. One more thing that happens when captivity is lifted is that wealth changes hands. The Syrians abandoned all they brought at the gate of Samaria, and the people of Samaria became rich overnight, having food, clothing, silver, gold, horses and much more. I announce to you today, the days of captivity are over in Jesus name.

You Are A Carrier Of God’s Blessing

You Are A Carrier Of God's Blessing

Genesis 12:1-3

One of the most powerful virtues that are in heaven and in the earth is the virtue or force of the blessing. That was all God gave you in the beginning. He didn’t give you more than the blessing because He knew it was all you needed to be all that He intended for you to be. From our anchor scripture, you see that man didn’t start life with a bank account, a house or a car; he started with the blessing, and that’s all that is required to start life with. So, you are a carrier of God’s blessing because God wants you to prosper and be a blessing to your generation.

Because life doesn’t answer to natural things; it only answers to the blessing. It is the blessing of the lord that makes rich and He adds no sorrow to it. Therefore, understanding that you are a carrier of God’s blessing helps you to maximize the benefit thereof. So, if you don’t understand that you are a carrier of God’s blessing, there is the tendency for you not to be committed to what makes people to prosper. You may therefore not be able to commit yourself to covenant demands of prosperity. If by any form of mercy, you see something that looks like prosperity, you may abuse it. So, it is essential that you know why and how God blesses His children. You never get blessed anymore than you are committed to be a blessing. Abraham was not only blessed, all the generations after him were blessed. He had not just prosperity but prosperity with posterity. Now, you are not blessed to be an accumulator you are blessed to be a distributor. You are not blessed to be a collector rather to be a channel of blessing. So, it is important that you are conscious of who you are and what you have. Therefore, understanding that you carry the blessings of God in your life; will free you from living at the mercy of people. It will free you from the fear of man, which is a snare.

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Because there are people who are living their lives as slaves to certain individuals, whom they have supposed as holders of their destinies, and that their favour is their saving grace. There is nothing farther from the truth than this erroneous belief. So, you don’t need anyone who thinks he or she is important to succeed in life. All you need to know is that you carry God’s blessings, and that’s all you have in Christ. Beloved, you are a carrier of God’s blessing and that’s what you need to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.

Turning Ugly Situations Around For Good

Turning Ugly Situations Around For Good

Isaiah 61:1-3

There is no hopelessness for a child of God. It doesn’t matter what you have faced or are facing in your life; the challenges aren’t for your destruction. Because period of trials can be very discouraging, you need to handle such times correctly; it is therefore very important that you see such seasons from God’s perspective. Our Lord Jesus also acknowledged that trials are a reality of life but He encouraged you to be of good cheer because He has overcome on your behalf. So, you don’t have to be permanently enslaved to Satan, because i see God turning that ugly situations around for good.

Now ugly situations are confrontations you meet on your way to success that opposes, protests against, disagrees, disputes with, resists and even questions your right to breakthrough in life. So, ugly situations will come but overcoming them is what makes your life meaningful. Therefore based on this fact, as you pass through ugly situation, rather than focusing on your current situation, constantly remind yourself of the finished work of Christ on the cross. Because, the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy. So, don’t have confidence in your ability to succeed on your own; rather, always ask God for wisdom and strength to go through any challenge. For when you pass through trials, your faith is being tested and the ultimate goal is not to harm you; but to ensure that you come out better and stronger. Because God specialises in turning ugly situations into beautiful ones. So, He has the capability to correct whatever has gone wrong. He has the power and the wisdom to renew, recharge, rewire, renovate, restore and re fit you. Always remember that the temptation or trial is only for a season, a period of time. Therefore, hang in there and do not give up.

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Therefore, i want you to know that God is planning to sort out what appears to be a mess in your life and will bring awesome message out of that ugly situations. So relax and trust God because for every disappointment, you will encounter appointment for destiny. As you realise that God can never be shaken, then you will become more like Him even as you pass through ugly situations. And the more you are like Him; the less you will be shaken by circumstances that comes your way. Therefore God is turning ugly situations around for good, and you will never be ashamed anymore.

You Must Know How To Flourish In Life

You Must Know How To Flourish In Life

Isaiah 1:19

Many people in this dispensation depends on government or society for a better life, but the Scripture doesn’t say you shall eat the good provided by the government. So, it makes no difference which government is in office or the economic status of your country; there is good for you in the land where you are; there is so much for you to enjoy. Because God owns the land, and He is telling you there is good in the land. All you have to do is live by His Word. Therefore, you must know how to flourish in life because God is going to make you a showpiece on earth; and cause you to flourish in every aspect of life; such as industry, education, Commerce, and manufacturing.

However, when you flourish in life it speaks louder than words. It commands greater attention than the greatest oration any man can make. It is self inviting and attractive. Flourishing has a compelling force around it, drawing everyone to itself, whether consciously or unconsciously. So, if you will flourish in life, one thing you need is simple obedience. When Jesus told a dejected fisherman, who had toiled all night but caught nothing to once more launch into the deep and let down his net for a great catch, he simply obeyed. And the result of his simple obedience was a net breaking and boat sinking haul of fish, which had the capacity to transform his life forever. Beloved, God knows more than you do. Therefore, if God instructs you to do something, please don’t argue with Him, because compared to Him, you don’t know anything. Again if God says this is the way and it looks like a bush to you, i would advise you to simply go through that bush and don’t try to rationalize what God has said. When God asks you to do something and you don’t understand it because it doesn’t make sense to you, just remember that simple obedience is the key to flourishing.

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Furthermore, you are born in due season to flourish! Not because you are smarter than your past generation, but because in God’s agenda, He has planned that you will flourish in this end time and through you He will bring many into the city of refuge. Therefore, When God decides to help you, He will give you instructions, and your flourishing will be determined by how well you obey these instructions. So, you must know how to flourish in life because; God is taking you to a supernatural heights in life.