You Must Be A Godly Role Model

You Must Be A Godly Role Model

Proverbs 22:6

Perhaps you want to become a surgeon, an architect, a nurse, a teacher, a pilot, or a preacher in the near future; no matter what you dream of becoming, it’s not going to happen overnight. For example, if you want to become a surgeon, you will have to be instructed over several years on the rudiments and intricacies of the medical field. A role model, is one who influences others to be like him or her. While there are godly role models, there are also ungodly ones who influence their followers to make choices; that will lead them to the pit of hell. This is why, you must be a godly role model in this end time.

Now, becoming effective in spiritual things is no different. In the same way that a teacher trains his students to be proficient in a subject; God wants you to train those you win to Christ and make them competent in living the God life. For instance apostle Paul was so sure of himself and his position in Christ, that he was bold enough to challenge those within his sphere of influence; to imitate him as he himself imitated the Lord Jesus Christ. He was relentless, not only in keeping himself pure; but also in labouring for the harvest of lost souls. For the greatness of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, he forsook all his worldly achievements; and followed after Christ. This attitude mirrors the life of his Master, who left His glory in heaven and take up the image of a servant on earth. He humbled Himself so much, that He even laid down His life for all mankind. So, our anchor scripture  shows that children respond to the behavioral examples; set and reflect on the emotions express by their parents. In other words, children do as their parents in everything.

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Being calm in different situations and responding in love teaches our children to be calm, cool, collected in trying situations, responding in love. As a parent, you teach your children in thoughts, word and deeds and you are accountable to God for what you teach; and how you teach your children. Like Jesus, you must be Godly models to your children. You should teach them about Jesus, and then be like Jesus in your behavior, character and attitude. Do not ever give up on your child. No matter what the devil may be doing in your child’s life, keep praying and believing God for a positive change in his or her life. Therefore you must be a godly role model; in other to impact your generation.

You Are Born For A Divine Purpose

You Are Born For A Divine Purpose

Jeremiah 1:5

One of the most profitable ventures on earth; is to walk in God’s plan for your life. It not only guarantees you a glorious end, but brings you peace, joy and fulfillment in return. That is why, you are born for a divine purpose. Purpose can be defined, as the reason for creating a particular thing. In this case, it is identifying why you were created. The original intent God had when He made you. Purpose relates to the will of God concerning you; and His master blueprint or plan for your life.

The truth is you were not created by accident, nor did you come into existence because your parent made a mistake. Even though you might have been told that before by your earthly parent or someone else, it is untrue concerning you. Now, you are familiar with the story that surrounds the birth of Moses. Every individual’s birth is surrounded with one story or the other, due to circumstances of their birth. Your birth is never a mistake; you were born for a purpose. Heavens have written certain things concerning you; which you must carry out here on earth. The preservation of Moses from the law of death, made by Pharaoh of Egypt was divine. Why? Because, Moses has been chosen before the foundation of the earth to be a deliverer of his people, the Israelites, from Egyptian bondage, hence death could not kill him. Friends, that your pregnancy was not aborted and that your mother gave birth to you as a normal child; all point to the fact that heaven has chosen you to do and carry out specific assignment on earth. Have you discovered this divine mandate; the purpose of your birth? God preserved your life till now, because you are His chosen one.

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Form our anchor scripture, Jeremiah was in line with God’s purpose for his life; and so he ended up as a great prophet. It is not enough to know that God has a purpose, for bringing you into this world. That purpose must be discovered; because the first step in fulfilling your purpose is to discover it. So, an undiscovered purpose is absolutely of no use to anyone, just like an undiscovered natural resources makes no benefit to a nation where it is hidden. When God allowed you to be born into this world, He had His reasons. The abilities and talents you possess were put in you, by God, for a reason. They are to enabled you fulfill the purpose He created you for. So you are born for a divine purpose, to give direction to your glorious destiny.

You Must learn To Expect Good Things

You Must Learn To Expect Good Things

Proverbs 24:13-14

Are you expecting a miracle in your body, finances, or academics? If you are, then I have a very important message from the Lord for you today. Your expectation should be God’s wisdom to help you determine; the level of your success. Your expectation is the honey of life. It is your mental scriptural picture of your desire. Without your expectation, there cannot be any manifestation of what you want. This is why you must learn to expect good things; in every aspect of your life.

Because your expectation is what sets the pace for your possession; it is what sets the pace for your distinction; it sets the pace for your destination. In the journey of life, it is what you expect that you experience. It is your expectation that brings about your position in the world. So your expectation may be tested and delayed, but it will surely come. To strengthen your expectation, keep making declaration. The process is; asking, believing, expecting, declaring and receiving. For instance shortly after i began to seriously study the Bible, i felt an oppressive atmosphere around me. Everything seemed gloomy, as if something bad was going to happen. It wasn’t anything I could explain, just a vague, dreaded sense of something evil or wrong about to happen. So i prayed and asked what is going on? What is this feeling? I had hardly uttered the question when God spoke to me. Evil forebodings i had to meditate on that, for several minutes. I had never heard the phrase before. God had spoken to me, and i stayed quiet before Him so i could hear the answers. So i realized, that my anxieties weren’t real, they were not based on true circumstances or situations. I was having problems as most of us do; but they were not as critical as the devil was making it appear. My acceptance of his lies, even though they were vague, was opening the door for the evil forebodings.

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I eventually realized, that i had lived in the midst of similar gloomy feelings most of my life. I was expecting something bad to happen; instead of aggressively expecting something good. As i continued to meditate on evil forebodings, God broke through and gave me a clear revelation. That expectation is the point of delivery of answers, only the expectation of the righteous shall be granted. What are you expecting now? If you have no expectation before, you must learn to expect good things from today.

The Awesome Power Of Doing Good

The Awesome Power Of Doing Good

Acts 10:38

Being prosperous means a lot more than amassing wealth for yourself; rather, it involves being able to help others. The reason God has blessed you, is so you can serve Him and bless others. Now the awesome power of doing good is that; you will be an asset to your generation. Therefore, almighty God has called all of mankind to a life of doing good. Because, He indeed rewards you when you do good to others.

So you are to be a person of impact, a trailblazer, a pacesetter, a pathfinder, a light bearer for others to see, a problem solver. To be a person of impact; is to be a blessing to others with God given resources, gift, talent and grace. Until you are a positive contributor to the course of humanity, you are merely existing and not living. Life has no meaning, without contribution. Your usefulness to God and humanity, is determined by the way you impact your world. Jesus, goodness to the world is unparalleled. David goodness to his generation, is still being celebrated in Israel as their greatest king; that ever lived. Living without doing good, is living without meaning; because everyone was created and empowered to do good. Therefore, the primary purpose of being blessed is to bless others. That is to impact others and the world with the blessing He has given to you. If you are not impacting your world, you will be frustrating the purpose of your existence. Every time you keep what God gave to you without multiplying it, God gets angry. Therefore i firmly believe that when you have problem, you should not worry, but you also need to continue doing the things you know how to do. For example, if you have commitments, be sure to keep them.

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Quite often when people are encountering personal problems, they withdraw from normal life and spend all their time trying to solve the problem. All this unproductive activity prevents them from doing what they should be doing, which is doing good. So the faithfulness of God, is something you can be thankful for. I have discovered that if I continue my study of God’s Word, continue praying, keep my commitments, and help as many people as I can, I experience breakthrough much faster. Helping others while you are being hurt; is actually a very powerful thing to do. So the awesome power of doing good, is that the Lord will keep increasing His grace on your life, for greater victories and successes.

You Must Not Faint In The Day Of Adversity

You Must Not Faint In The Day Of Adversity

Proverbs 24:10

Christianity is a bed of roses, with tests, trials and challenging times in our journey of faith. So such challenging times are referred to as the evil days or the day of adversity; this is why you must not faint in the day of adversity.

Now our lord Jesus Christ never hid from us the truth, concerning the way we have been called to. In the above verse and in several other passages of Scripture, He did not mince words, informing us of the trials, tribulations and persecutions we will face while walking with Him on the straight and narrow way. Because you are aware of this truth, you should therefore courageously stand firm in the face of trials of your faith in the day of adversity, your strength is small. When you discover, that your strength is small in proportion to the tribulations you are facing you call on God. Some believers dread such periods and specifically pray to God; never to allow them go through trials and challenges. To avoid situations that challenge your faith, is to checkmate your chances of promotion. Therefore, you must certainly be confronted by challenges one way or the other in this life. But your response, to the challenges will determine whether you are a winner or a quitter. For instance Job was terribly battered by the enemy, but he refused to give up despite losing all his children; his health, and possessions. At the end he recovered all he lost; and his fathers who had castigated him came back bowing down to him. Also, the daily harassment of Hannah by Peninah did not stop her from presenting her request for a man child to God. Your ministry may be challenging and frustrating, but don’t give up like Demas. Leadership and responsibility may become deadly like what David faced at Ziklag, but don’t give up. Encourage yourself if there are no encouragers around you. Hold on to your divine dreams and visions like Joseph, and it shall surely come to manifestation.

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Therefore, you should admonish God and rejoice when tests and challenges come at you on all sides. Because, God knows that victory is in your spirit. Having been born again, you are an overcomer and more than a conqueror. Consequently, no situation that you face should overwhelm you. You have what it takes to overcome any trial, temptation or adversity. So you must not cower, give in or faint under any pressure whatsoever. Therefore you must not faint in the day of adversity; because you will triumphed over all the contrary winds that comes your way.

Keys To Massive Success In Business

Keys To Massive Success In Business

Joshua 1:8-9

You are the one, that will determine how successful you will be. Because God has given you the manual for success; but it is what you do with it that will determine, how far you will go in life and business. Now one of the keys to massive success in business, is putting God first. So as a Christian that is involved in business, you are not only to record success as others do, but a massive success. A massive success is your birth right. The word massive means, very large in size, amount, or number.

So, a massive success is an uncommon success, divine success, success that turns failure and frustration to fulfilment. I pray that shall be your portion in business, in Jesus name. So Success is becoming a plus on daily basis; that is succeeding in business. Therefore when God wants to make you a leader in business, He looks out for your capacity, competence, excellence, etc. A man of truth, is characterized as a man of character. Therefore, character and excellence are two inevitable keys if you must maintain success in business. Everywhere in the Bible God wants to take a man to lead, these two keys must be in place. Character is actually, your hidden behavior. It will enable you to be successful, as a person in business and career. If your purpose and vision must be actualized, character must be in place. A noble, stable and strong character makes for lasting success. Everyone’s success is only as safe and secured as his character. When you have what others don’t have, you will stand above them. In the world today, we have many intelligent and skillful people but men of character are very few; so if you have what they don’t have, you will be preferred above them. When you have character, you don’t struggle with people; you succeed above them.

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Men of character, don’t give in to compromise. Character is what you are known for; your name goes with your character. May you not be known for evil in Jesus name. When you have godly character, even when people lie against you, God will not leave you. Another key to a massive success in business, is Vision. Vision is a driving force, that brings growth and success in business. To succeed in any business as a child of God, you must see the future of the business you are doing for sustainability. This is why, you need these keys to massive success in business today.