The Lord Of Host Is Your Defender

The Lord Of Host Is Your Defender

Psalm 3:3

It has been confirmed from the scriptures, that the lord of host is your defender, therefore He is worthy to be praised at every moment of your life. For He is your strength, your rock, your fortress, your shield and high tower.

Now the Bible tells us in proverbs 18:10; that the name of the Lord is a strong tower, that the righteous can always run to at any time and remain secure. The Almighty God, is the security upon which one should base his life. These days when there is no nation that does not have its own share of the global security crises, it is certain that unless the Lord watches over you, you become vulnerable to the evil events flying around. God is the only guarantee and assurance of your faith; hence, you can be confident that you will always be delivered even in extreme circumstances. Sometimes, God will allow you to fall into a great calamity before He comes visiting. He does this, just to reassure you that nothing is over until He says so. He want you to have an evidence; of His deliverance in your life for future purposes.  Furthermore, He is your defence and shield. This is something you have to be conscious of and grateful to the Lord for, because it means that not only is He your defender, He is also your strength. So you should have no fear at all, not of anyone or anything. Now who do you cry to when faced with challenges in life, your biological father, mother, friend or worst of all, a witchdoctor.

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I want to tell you a story, of a man who went to consult a witchdoctor for help. The witchdoctor promised to help this man, and told him to return in seven days, for a charm that would subdue his enemies. When he arrived on the seventh day, he met a lot of people in mourning, and he thought that one of the witchdoctors in patients must have died. To his shock however, when he asked to see the witchdoctor, he was told that the one who promised him victory over his enemies had just given up the ghost. So, deliverance is of the Lord. It is only the Almighty God, that can deliver. There is no pastor or prophet anywhere, who can deliver. It does not matter how defenceless you are, the Lord of host is your defender.

Understanding The Wonders In God’s Word

Understanding The Wonders In God's Word

Isaiah 55:10-11

God’s word is the supernatural activator, of the power behind anointing; so understanding the wonders in God’s word is what makes you outstanding in life.

Now, the word of God is self anointed. Dwelling, on God’s word averts evil. Because, anything your mind focuses on will happen. There is a way you will listen to news; and if you are not mature enough, you will focus on the bad side of the news. When something wants to battle with your mind, stay on the word of God. Because the word of God, brings orderliness in the mist of confusion. So fill your thoughts, with heavenly realities. The realities of the heavenly realm, are realized via the word of God. Never allow the distractions of the world rule your mind, but the word of God. When you focus on the word of God, it builds your faith. Because God’s Word is full of power, and that power is real and available to you. However, the way to make contact with that power, and use it to your
benefit is walking in the Word. Therefore the word has to be spoken, before it becomes effective. The moment, it is spoken it can no longer be erased or recalled; until it has accomplished the purpose for which It is sent. So, understand that God’s word is loaded with Wonders. That’s why other books have information, but the Bible is loaded with Wonders. It is the instructions that Moses was receiving from God, that brought the wonders they experienced. But the missing link for many, is how to make that which God, has given to them; that which He has already done not only available, but a vital experience in their personal lives.

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How can you make contact, with the power He has made available to you. How do you make; His Word effective in the now of your life. The answer is simple; walk in the Word. Accept and trust the Word of God in its simplicity. Know that the word has wonders, and that is why Satan want to denial you access to the word. Now when you hear or study the Word as it pertains to the new creation in Christ, personalize it, because that’s God talking to you. Seize what He has  made available; take a hold of it, and make it personal to you; because understanding the wonders in God’s word is of a great value today.

The Almighty Sets The Captive Free

The Almighty Sets The Captive Free

John 8:36

Until you are able to locate the Word, you won’t locate an escape route. Your depth in knowledge will determine the height you enjoy as far as liberty is concerned; for this reason the almighty sets the captive free.

Now the reason, why many people are so helpless in life today; is because they are in captivity. Friends, you can use God’s Word to sort out anything. Not just the one you have heard, but the one that has been revealed to you. Because many are in the bondage of sin, sickness, poverty, addition, demonic possession and other evil conditions. The resultant effects of captivity include loss of freedom, psychological imbalance, and emotional trauma, loss of contact with loved ones, hopelessness and dejection. So a captive, is a person with a lost identity. Such a person may have been royalty before being captured by the enemy, but he or she has become a slave and must now live at the mercy of his or her new owner. So this is the reason, why some children of God miss their day of visitation, because they don’t take prophetic utterances from God seriously; whether written or spoken. So, when i talk about the truth, i am not talking about intellectualism, nor am i talking about philosophy. I am talking about the revealed Word of God. For this reason, I encourage you to see the words from our anchor scripture today as prophetic, coming to you from your Maker who can never lie. By the word of the Lord, I proclaim to you that this is the day of your freedom. So i want you to understand that, the Lord as the Almighty specifically declares His ability to set the captives free, including lawful captives.

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Beloved, the meaning of this, is that those who willingly got themselves into bondage and are tired of staying there are candidates for God’s deliverance. Some people think that once someone willingly enters into witchcraft, the occult, secret societies, and the like, he or she can never be free again, but going by what the Lord declares in Isaiah 49:24, this is not true. So, If you willingly submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over your life, He will not only set you free, He will also ensure that your freedom is permanent by destroying all your oppressors; because the almighty sets the captive free.

You Have To Use Your Talent Well

You Have To Use Your Talent Well

Matthew 25:14-30

Your talent is the gift that God gave you, when you were coming to the world; therefore you have to use your talent well.

Now as a child of God, there is something unique about you; you are so uniquely graced and gifted by God. Therefore, find the opportunity to use them to advance His righteous cause; and your career. If your talent is to write, then study more on how to write better and keep writing and publishing your write ups any chance you get. If your talent is to play football, then you should practice regularly. Whatever your talent is, don’t let it lie fallow because one day, God will ask you what you used it for. Because God ordained seedtime and harvest not just to mark time, but as a life principle. He also gave varying degrees of talents, to every human being as a form of heavenly investment. Consequently, every legitimate human task, however menial it may seem, is of intrinsic worth and a potential means of glorifying God. You must however, note that education is very important, to help you use your talent better. Many talented people, that did not get education have missed it. They thought their talent will help them become great and rightly so, but they forgot that raw talent is not enough. You need to go to school, get a degree and then you will be better equipped, to use your talent profitably. Also, many use their talents for the devil; the devil has nothing good to offer you. He will entice you with flashy things, and at the end of the day give you emptiness. So don’t hide what you know; don’t hide your abilities; don’t hide your talents.

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Now if you understand the natural farming process, with the scriptural principles on sowing and reaping, entering into your harvest will be a work over, because you will know what to sow, how to sow it and how to water the seed sown; in order to have your desired harvest. In essence, you will know how to profitably use your talent for the progress of God’s kingdom. Your abilities and talents are required in the Kingdom. Become available; let others benefit from the Lord’s investment in you. Because when you use your talent for God, you will have all round peace and joy in your life; this is why you have to use your talent well.

You Are Highly Untouchable

You Are Highly Untouchable

Deuteronomy 28:7

Life is a gift from God to man and if it is a gift, it must be preserved; because you are highly untouchable.

Now, many pursue things without taking care of their lives. The most miserable thing a believer can do, is to be ignorant about protection.  In this last days, wickedness will increase but in the mist of all these evil, God will exempt His own and you are one of them. It is surprising to see professing Christians, fretting and cringing before agents of the devil. Some would not even want to go to their villages, for fear of evil doers. Even when they visit, they literarily lie that all is not well with them in the city because they are afraid that if the villagers realize that they are making it, they may do something to affect them adversely. Ignorance of who you are, will make you a cheap victim of the devil but that will not be your portion in Jesus name. So this is not right at all. For me, it was after i gave my life to Christ, that I finally had the boldness to visit my village. You must understand, your new status as a child of God. At new birth, you received the life of God that makes you untouchable, unkillable, unmollestable and indestructible by the devil and his cohorts. When you know who you are in Christ, satan will not be able to touch you because you have the very life of God in you. With this understanding, you can live a constant victorious life in this wicked world. If you live by the word of God in faith, you become untouchable to the enemy, irrespective of whatever he throws at you.

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However, to activate the power in God’s word, you need to reverence the word. The proof of reverencing, God’s word is obeying what it says. So our anchor scripture, clearly states that if you listen to the voice of the Lord and obey His commandments, only then will you be partakers of His promises. You therefore, become untouchable when you live your life in reverence to God’s word, which is quick, powerful, prevailing and sharper than any two edged sword. The devil cannot destroy you, if you live according to the word of God because; you are highly untouchable.

You Are Destined To Be The Head

You Are Destined To Be The Head

Deuteronomy 28:13-14

Sometimes when I look at my life, there are times when I am up and there are times when I am down. Yet, the Bible says that I will be above only. I don’t understand this. Beloved, when God makes you the head, you will end up on top of your circumstances; this is why you are destined to be the head.

Now for you to walk in the reality of the truth that God has made you the head, you need to understand the significance of being the head. For this reason, we shall be looking at some of the responsibilities of the head in the body, so that we do not disappoint the one who has graciously made us the head. This is because, God has His way and they are the highways of life. A strict and consistent compliance, with His ways on your part will take you to your covenant dream of becoming the head. For instance, our Lord Jesus Christ has been made the head over all things for the benefit of the Church, which means that we derive our right and authority to be head in every area of life from Him. Therefore, if you are disconnected from Him, you can be sure that your attempts to function as head will be an exercise in futility. It would be a great waste, of Christ’s work of grace if you fail to manifest as the head. Because the Kingdom of God describes God’s boundless domain, which Jesus has brought us into, while the kingdom of heaven refers to the lifestyle and authority, Jesus brought to the earth. The kingdom of heaven functions, here in the earth and not in heaven. Functioning in that kingdom is what makes us head over devils, sickness, poverty and every negative circumstance of life.

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Therefore, you are programmed to always be head in this life; you will never be victims, for you function in God’s realm, where the supernatural dominates the natural course of nature. Beloved, when you pray that God should make you head as He promised, do you put into consideration the corresponding responsibilities. For example, it is in the head that we have sight (the eyes). My prayer for every head today and those who are aspiring to be heads is that you will be head indeed; because you are destined to be the head.