You Are Chosen For Divine Favour

You Are Chosen For Divine Favour

Ecclesiastes 9:4

Favour is part of life. Man was created to enjoy favour and not to endure, this is why you are chosen for divine favour. Favour is that currency by which you do little and obtain great results; it is that factor by which what others are struggling and sweating to accomplish, gets done by you almost effortlessly.

Divine favour is God’s countenance shining upon someone. That will be your testimony from today.  No matter the crowd, God’s favour will single you out in the name of Jesus. The favour of God, will distinguish you wherever you go from today in Jesus name. It is favour that causes someone to be singled out of a multitude; for special and pleasant treatment. Divine favour makes you someone, that others would be willing to sacrifice their convenience to make comfortable. Divine favour is above human favour because; whatever is from above is above all. The moment a man has divine favour, it promotes the favour of men. For instance bible says in Psalm 44:3; For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them. You are the next in line for divine favour. The above scripture will find express manifestation in your life. The favour of God will locate you today, and you will not struggle anymore in the name of Jesus. Favour puts you ahead and positions you for the glorious life like it did for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Isaac sowed in a time of famine, and yet reaped a hundredfold harvest in the same year because of the favour of God on his life.

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Therefore God is committed to giving His people favour; and you are privileged to be His people by redemption. Hence, you are entitled to divine favour. Also, during the sojourn of the Israelites, described as the Church in the wilderness, for forty years, they experienced the tangibility of favour. It was a highly favoured and struggle free church. So favour was the identity of the first church. That means the church of Christ is ordained to swim in favour; remember that you are the church of Christ so you are chosen for divine favour today.

You Are Destined For Long Life With Prosperity

You Are Destined For Long Life With Prosperity

Deuteronomy 7:12-14

The gospel truth is that the Christian lifestyle is so powerful, and yet deceptively simple and easy. God’s thought for you is prosperity; for you to thrive and to experience favourable circumstances. Your reaction against poverty; will decide your progress and prosperity in your life. What you do not react against will remain, because you are destined for long life with prosperity.

I want you to know that, God speaks according to His size. He speaks according to His ability, capability and nature. He speaks, according to His power to deliver. He speaks, according to His wisdom to create solution. He speaks, according to His unlimited resources to make anything happen the way He says it. When God says, I will bless you, He will do it and no devil or economic circumstance can reverse it. If you want God to work in your favour, you must believe that what He says He will surely do. This may seem very simple and easy, but unknown to many, great power is operating behind those words. This is the Word of God and anyone that will obey, these words can expect to live a long life in prosperity. If you are obedient to these words, not only should you expect to live long as a child of God, you can also expect to be fruitful and prosperous. For instance bible says in Isaiah 1:19; If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: Therefore fruitfulness is a covenant benefit of God’s children.

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our anchor scripture,  reveals that God expects you to be fruitful by the fruit of your body, in your business and livestock. This implies that, because you are blessed by God, everything associated with you will carry a mark of that blessing. This is why you should have great expectations regarding fruitfulness. Are you struggling with barrenness? In the name of Jesus Christ, there shall be no more barrenness in your life, in your body and in your business. From now on, you shall be fruitful spiritually, mentally, financially, materially, and in your body. So you can expect supernatural abundance from the Lord. Remember, expectations should go ahead of you before the blessings are delivered. If you expect nothing, do not be surprised when you get nothing. Those without expectations demonstrate that they do not know what they want. When you read about God’s powerful promises, believe that you are destined for long life with prosperity.

Understanding The Secret Of Fruitfulness

Understanding The Secret Of Fruitfulness

John 15:1-8

We recognize from our anchor scripture that by redemption, every child of God is ordained as a fruitful vine. However, understanding the secret of fruitfulness will let you know that fruitfulness is not limited to the fruit of the womb; it covers every aspect of our lives.

Now, one of the utmost desires of every human being is to be fruitful. We derive our drive, for fruitfulness from the command that God gave to our spirit after creation. To be fruitful, means to have outstanding results in one’s assignment or chosen career. Fruitfulness is having excellent results, where others are failing. It is to be highly favoured where others are struggling, and making progress where others remains stagnant. I want you to also understand that though fruitfulness is your heritage in Christ, it is only accessible by revelation. This means that fruitfulness in all aspects of life and endeavour, is the right of every seed of Abraham who cares to put the Word of God to work. My prayer is that the Lord will reveal to you the secrets of fruitfulness in Jesus name. God want you to live, where you are constantly increasing in relevance, fruitful and productive in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Your fruitful and productive life glorify God. It is one of the evidences of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. He brings in that grace that affects your life and causes things to grow, increase, and expand.

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One of the secrets of fruitfulness is absolute dependence on the one, who infused our spirit with the drive to be fruitful; which is God. God plays, a prominent role in the fruitfulness of His children. This is why you need to settle it in your mind; that there is nothing you can achieve without the help of the Almighty God. Those who understand this secret, never attempt to run ahead of God. No amount of human labour would, suffice if God is not involved. This is why you need to run your endeavours; in partnership with Jesus. If you partner with Jesus, you can never suffer loss because He is committed to giving you what money cannot buy. So understanding the secret of fruitfulness, helps you to live a struggle free life.

Understanding The Secret Of True Success

Understanding The Secret Of True Success

Genesis 13:14-15

There is always a trade secret behind, every notable breakthrough in life. There is nothing great in this world, that is not backed by secret. There are secrets, but there is the secret of God. So understanding the secret of true success, gives you access to the treasures they carry.

When you access the secret of God, it brings out the star in you. If you are going to be successful in life, you must begin working towards it now, not when you are old. There is a programming required for success, and it should begin when you are young. You must understand that being successful in a particular vocation or field; doesn’t necessarily make you a successful person. There are athletes who set incredible records in sports history, yet they didn’t live lives worth emulating. That is not true success. Genuine success is about fulfilling your God given purpose, and being able to help others fulfill their dreams in life. That means you are a success when you’re able to make other people successful. Schooling is very important, yet schools aren’t designed to give you all the necessary information and ingredients you require for total success. That is why am using the opportunity of this article today; to show you the secret for true success, and inject into you the divine tonic that will stir you in the direction of God’s plan and purpose for you.

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For instance In Genesis 26:12-14, Isaac recorded a true success by obeying the voice of God. This man was so blessed that even the king of the Philistines envied him. Isaac obeyed the voice of God, stayed where God asked him to stay and he became prosperous with true success. True success is not far, from those who determine to obey God all the way. Also God revealed the secret of true success, to Joshua which every child of God must pay attention to. God told Joshua that for Him to have true success, the book of the law should not just be in his mouth, he was to meditate therein constantly in order to observe to do according to its contents. As you learn, imbibe, and practise the principles contained in God’s Word, you will experience the blessings they produce, therefore remember that understanding the secret of true success puts you ahead in life.

You Are Designed To Walk In The Supernatural

You Designed To Walk In The Supernatural

2 Corinthians 4:18

God created the world to be controlled physically by some natural laws and principles, and spiritually by supernatural laws and principles. He then made man in His own image as lord, king and master, to have dominion and rule over everything He created, so you are designed to walk in the supernatural realm.

The Supernatural means, that which exists above or beyond natural laws. It is attributed to being above or superior to the natural; and it comes from the unseen realm. The natural is visible but the supernatural is invisible. The natural is inferior while the supernatural is superior. The natural is temporal and the supernatural is eternal. The supernatural is not seen but it is real and permanent.  After Satan successfully deceived Eve, Adam and Eve sinned against God, and their sin attracted judgement from God. The major implication of the judgement pronounced upon them; was spiritual death which is the loss of supernatural life. Hence, the dominion and authority of man became limited to the physical world which is controlled by natural laws and principles. Bible says in Hebrews 11:3; Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. The visible earth is a proof that there is an invisible heaven. The word of God is invisible and able to supernaturally frame the world into existence. If God framed the world by His word, then you must frame your world by His word. Whatever you want, you must frame it with the invisible word of God. The invisible is more real, superior and rules over the visible.

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Every evil occurrence gets its source from the manipulator, Satan but once the word of God is put into action by a believer, it neutralizes the effectiveness of the negative supernatural thereby putting a halt to such satanic occurrence. Many Christians today live in poverty, sickness, bondage, fear, debt, sorrow, and failure because they are operating at the natural level. I pray that you will break loose from the natural level and begin to operate in the supernatural from today in Jesus name. So, do not be controlled by any other thing but by the word of God, because you are designed to walk in the supernatural.

You Must Be Desperate For Encounter

You Must Be Desperate For Encounter

Luke 19:1-10

While on earth, Jesus demonstrated the nature and character of God to man. There was no one who came in contact with Him that did not testify of His Goodness; this is why you must be desperate for encounter.

Why was this always the case? It is because Jesus knew the purpose of His coming to earth. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Because Jesus knew why He was here, He never wasted any opportunity. He was so committed to the business of seeking the lost that He even became the guest of sinners. From our anchor scripture, Zacchaeus  was desperate for encounter, he was ready to pay a price. For every rise, there is a price. Rising requires application of relevant forces. You don’t succeed by accident. Many think, success is just having an over night wealth. If you are rich over night but cannot maintain it, you are not a success. Success is becoming a plus on daily basis. You don’t wait for encounter; you accept responsibility to have an encounter. Refusing to accept responsibility is to remain a liability in life. It is only those who are willing to pay the price that will ever win the prize. The moment you change, you take charge and if you refuse to change, you remain in chains. So there is no one, who have an encounter with Jesus, that Is useless. Before He came into their lives, they might have been ordinary men, but after they became citizens of His kingdom, they became valuable instruments in the hands of God.

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Anyone could be lost, irrespective of their position, titles or academic achievement. Even if you are a renowned professor, as long as you do not have Jesus in your heart, you are lost. There is no one who Jesus cannot receive. He is waiting earnestly for everyone to come to Him. All you need to do is make straight your crooked ways. Even if you have backslidden, He Is waiting to accept you back by His love. To be lost in sin is a terrible thing. Sin has wages, and the wages of sin is death. It is sin that produces sickness, affliction, bondage and distress; but the moment you are found by the lord through salvation, you begin to enjoy good health, abundant life and the peace of God, and live a holy life that counts to His glory. Therefore, you must be desperate for encounter today.