Operating Under Divine Wisdom

Operating Under Divine Wisdom

Daniel 9:1-3

I discover from scriptures, that exploits answer largely to the operations and manifestations of divine wisdom. Now operating under divine wisdom connotes breaking new grounds, and setting new records. It implies out of this world order of accomplishments and outstanding successes with strange impacts.

Divine wisdom is the wisdom from above. It is superior to all other kinds of wisdom, and it generates mighty and inexplicable works. Divine wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from scriptures. Also, it is walking in the light of God’s Word as revealed from the scriptures. The scripture shows that Daniel, was a great man of wisdom, he interceded for his nation, Israel. In his prayer, he asked God to remember His promise to restore the nation of Israel. He was determined to seek the face of God for mercy, through prayers and supplications with fasting. He mourned for the despicable condition of the Jews who were scattered all over the world and for the ruins of Jerusalem. There are great lessons of life we can profit from when we ponder on this example of Daniel. One of these lessons; was Daniel’s discovery and understanding of what the Lord had said through Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 29:10, concerning the time of His visitation to restore Israel as a nation that motivated him to intercede for his people.

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Recognise the fact that in this period, there was no bible collating all the writings of the prophets in one volume. The writings of the prophets were on different scrolls spread across various locations. Therefore, it must have been a lot of hard work for Daniel to search for the relevant scrolls of the prophets, and then read through them to know what God had said about the situation he was bothered about. Reading, studying and meditating on God’s word is hard work, but the extent to which you know the Bible is the extent to which you will know the mind of God concerning you. When you know the mind of God concerning a situation, it will build your confidence as you approach God at the place of prayer. Therefore when you are operating under divine wisdom, it brings you to the level of exploits after the order of Christ, and ushers you into the realm of unlimited possibilities.

The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out

John 14:6

Our Lord Jesus Christ has many names and titles. The purpose of these names; is to enlighten the eyes of your understanding to the reality of His person, that He is the only way out of every unpleasant situation.

What does the Lord mean when He says He is the Way? If you need to get to a location and you are at a loss on how to get there, the wise thing to do is to ask people at your current location the way out where you are in order to get to where you wish to go. For instance in 2kings 6:5, the Prophet Elisha manifested this kind of supernatural understanding and wisdom back in bible days. One day, he and some other prophets were at Jordan, and as one of them hewed down a tree, his axe head pulled off and sank in the river. The axe had been borrowed, and so he cried out to Elisha for help; In his response, Elisha simply cut off a tree branch and tossed it at the spot where the axe head fell, and instantly, the axe head floated up to the surface. How did Elisha know to do that? By the wisdom of God. He is also the way into the new location of your choice.

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The Bible in 1 Peter 2:24, reveals Jesus as the way out of sickness. Also Peter visited some believers living in Lydda and met Aeneas who had been bedridden for eight years. He simply introduced him to Jesus Christ, and Aeneas followed the Name of Jesus out of sickness into divine healing and health. The Name of Jesus is also the way out of death. The scripture shows that the sick, the lepers and the dead can follow the pathway of Jesus out of their circumstances. Anyone who has an appointment with death can be delivered by following the name of Jesus, because Jesus is the way out of any situation having to do with death. According to Acts 27:12-44, Some 276 sailors, soldiers and prisoners were lost at sea for fourteen days and faced sure death in the hands of a violent hurricane called Euroclydon. For fourteen days, their souls were overwhelmed with the fear of death and they could not eat anything. They all would have died but for the presence of Paul who bore the Name of Jesus amongst them. The Lord sent His angel to Paul to show them the way of escape from the clutches of death. Do you have an early appointment; with death that agents of darkness have fixed for you, do not give in to it, because our Lord Jesus is the only way out of death.

The Benefits Of His Presence

The Benefits Of His Presence

Psalm 16:11

It Is always a great experience to be in God’s presence, because the benefits of his presence, is that the fullness of joy and everlasting pleasures reside there.

In the presence of our Lord Jesus; there is a way out of every unpleasant situation that anyone can ever experience. He is the way out of sorrow, sickness, death and embarrassment. He is Heaven’s approved lifeline to those who are sinking. In any negative situation you find yourself, Jesus Christ will make a way out for you this season. However, the state of your life determines what you derive from God’s presence. Therefore while the righteous receive joy in God’s presence, the enemies of God or those with wicked schemes will melt like wax before the fire of His presence. While the fire of God’s Presence protects His own, It acts as an incinerating agent against the enemies of God’s people. As you live in obedience to God from now on, the fire of God that protects you will destroy your enemies in Jesus name. With this knowledge of the potency of God’s presence, every child of God should desire at all times to be in His presence.

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Now, one place you should long to be often is the presence of God. Every time you access God’s presence, something good comes your way. The more you enter into God’s presence, the more He causes His will in Heaven to prevail over your situation or circumstance on earth. As you enter His presence and stay there, a part of His glory rubs off on you; covering your shame and bringing you joy and laughter. According to 1Chronicles 26:4-8, the presence of God in the house of Obededom turned his children into mighty men of valour. No more did they continue as people who did not matter. God’s presence is the place where you can find all the joy you need. In fact, your joy is made full in His presence. The presence of God therefore strengthens those under it to serve God. If you come under the cover of God’s glory, you will have your strength renewed. In God’s presence is divine strength to serve God. So the benefits of His presence, is that you will not lack the energy to serve Him or the grace to live for Him.

The Right Time To Fight

The Right Time To Fight

2 Timothy 4:7-8

The right time to Fight; means to engage in a struggle against a perceived enemy or enemies either defensively or offensively.

Most human beings, irrespective of who they are, what they know, where they have been, and their level of spiritual maturity, have something they would fight for. We fight for our fundamental human rights, we fight for possessions, we fight for our family, we fight for our job. We are sensitive to criticism and insults, and sometimes we even fight for things we don’t really own. If you check the Scriptures, you will discover that the only fight you are called into is the fight of faith. The Bible calls it a “good” fight, and that’s because you are on the winning side. The Lord Jesus overcame the devil, the world, and its systems. All that’s left for you to do as a Christian is to grasp all that He accomplished in your behalf. In the fight of faith, you believe what the Lord has given you and hold on to it, no matter what your human senses perceive. You stand on God’s Word and refuse to be shaken by contrary winds. It’s not the time to lament about how you feel or what you are going through in your circumstances; rather, it is time to stick with God’s testimony about you.

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The question is, should a true Christian fight for anything? And if you were to write a list of things worth fighting for, what would that list include? In this respect, 1Timothy 6:12 says: “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. Conflicts come in different categories. Though we have the right to self defence, Christian are not called to take up arms against their offensive or aggressive neighbours because our weapon is not physical. However, God is under attack in today’s world because His creative order, His principles and commandments are being maliciously attacked by heretics. Christians do not have any choice in this matter; we do not have the luxury of a personal decision on this one. In reality, the battle of the heretics and false prophets is raging right now and our Commander in Chief, the Lord of hosts, has commanded us to fight, and we must fight. So now is the right time to fight.

Focus On Him Till The End

Focus On Him Till The End

Hebrews 12:1-3

God’s dream is to see you walk in His word and manifest to the world the greatness He placed within you. Fulfilling your God given purpose, dreams and aspirations is like running a race. And if you are going to successfully run that race as a child of God, you have to focus on Him till the end of your life.

From Hebrews 12:1, we understand that a race has been set before us as Christians. We did not initiate the race, but our decision to follow Jesus Christ automatically signed us in as partakers. Moreover, this race is an unusual marathon. If you lack patience, you cannot run the race. If you want to run it like a spirit, you would only be wasting your time, because God will not redesign the race for you; rather, you are the one who needs to adjust to His programme. God desires to have your attention. He knows if He has your attention, He can lead and guide you in the destiny He has planned for you. He knows what is best for you, and what your life should be. There’s therefore nothing for you to worry over, except to live confidently and joyfully in His Word every day. Living in the Word will cause you to walk in the inheritance and destiny He has ordained for you.

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The Christian life, is a process and not a single event. As a process, you are expected to move from one stage to another. You must be like a travellers who goes from one bus stop to another, continuing his journey until he reaches his final destination. In the course of the journey, you may be required to stop over at the bus stop of lack. This is meant to test your faith and ability to trust God for provision. No matter how long you stay there, never turn that bus stop into your destination. God may allow you to stop over at the bus stop of ridicule, to test whether you will continue the race in spite of belittlement. Those with over inflated egos; and those who hold themselves in high esteem may have problems here. You can win your race, by laying aside pride and every other attitude that is not of God, because such things frustrate the grace of God upon your life. So, I encourage you to focus on Him till the end and live for Him.

An Unspeakable Joy

An Unspeakable Joy

Psalm 30:5

An unspeakable Joy; is a positive human condition that wells up from deep inside the soul and usually reflects in human action.

Beloved, to declare a thing by God is to speak it before it comes to pass. When God declares a thing, it is final because He is not a president that has to go through a committee. When God speaks it is a proclamation and an affirmation. God makes utterances, that never returns to Him without accomplishing it’s purpose. When God speaks it is a disclosure, an announcement to you, to put you on notice. The Bible uses joy both as a feeling and an action. Joy as a feeling is called forth by well being, success, or good fortune. A person automatically experiences joy as a result of certain favourable circumstances. This kind of joy cannot be commanded, something must happen to activate the feeling of Joy. For instance in Matthew 18:13, the shepherd had a feeling of joy when he found his lost sheep. The multitude was joyful when Jesus healed a Jewish woman whom Satan had bound for 18 years. Also, the disciples returned to Jerusalem rejoicing after Jesus ascension to Heaven. Furthermore, Paul mentioned his joy in hearing about the obedience of the Roman Christians in Romans 16:19. All these confirm joy as a feeling. Beloved, the things you have been through were intentional for your turnaround, because all things work together for the good of those who love the lord and are called according to His purpose.

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The bible says, in psalms 40:3 And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord. The Jews on exile were unable to entertain their captors with music because of their obvious sadness; their feeling was contrary to joy. You could experience the joy of the Lord regardless of your personal feelings and in whatever circumstance you may find yourself. The coming of joy in the morning is such a powerful concept considering what night and morning stand for. Night symbolizes a period of darkness, evil, insecurity, and uncertainty. Morning signifies a new beginning and renewed hope.    Now i decree; despite what you may be passing through, your hour of darkness will soon pass away, and an unspeakable joy will become your permanent companion today in Jesus name.