Do you know that the advent of internet has made business easier? A lot of modern entrepreneurs hardly move an inch from their homes and comfort zones and yet, they are selling goods worth millions every single day.

The best aspect of the internet is the social media. It is the group of platforms that connects people irrespective of their statuses, distance or relationships with one another together. In these platforms, they communicate with one another at the speed of light usually without interferences from parties that are not invited.

The social media is indeed a public zone that offers every opportunity of privacy. It is therefore a matter of what the user desires. For a business to succeed, recognition is pertinent, and for recognition to be made on a large scale, the public is needed.

Now, the social media offers for business oriented users, a wide variety of ways to offer their products for sale through several platforms to the public, allowing them to maximize the utility of an almost free rate of advertisement.

Albeit, a lot of people are not really aware about how to promote their products on the social media effectively to achieve good sales. They just believe it is a matter of posting the pictures and captioning it with “come and buy” that sells out the product, no! It consists of more than just that.

Now, social media product promotion can be made more understandable if intending businessmen and women can look into the ways of selling their products on social media.

10 Ways To Sell Your Product Through Social Media

Here Are 10 Ways To Sell Your Product Through Social Media

1. Pick The Right Platform

There are so many social media platforms and you have to know which one of them is a good one for your product. Do you think you can sell your products on a dating site where people login with amorous intentions? Imagine wanting to sell your product on smiggle or 2Go and expecting to reach out to people. I want you note, that it won’t work that way.

Sell your products in Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. In fact, I don’t usually support a seller to be too focused on Twitter because this is a platform of short messaging. When it comes to situations where you have to say quite a lot about your product on advertising it, you are limited in the content because Twitter doesn’t allow for lengthy characters. This aspect is important because you can only sell seedlings to farmers and not to doctors. Find the right platform.

2. Post Good Customer Reviews

On social media, research has it that a user online is liable to buy a commodity when he sees two or more good reviews about it. This is a strategy that people use nowadays. In fact, some producers pay some people just to comment something good in the comment panes of their posted products.

However, one should not do such distrustful things. Rather, get good realistic customer reviews of lovers of the product and post as screenshots or with reference to the commenter so that prospective buyers can get a good perusal of the product before spending their money on it.

So, a good customer reviews boosts the image of a product and attracts sales on it. Posting good customer reviews of products for a seller is superbly advantageous. It isn’t just advertising the product alone but also instilling some level of trust into the buyer that he is not about to waste his money on something awful.

On the other hand, some really good products attract very few sellers simply because the sellers do not demand reviews from the users which they could have used to attract more buyers.

3. Convert Your Customers Into Your Promoters

There are a lot of customers online that are also very involved in social media. They post pictures of themselves regularly and show their social personalities. If you have these kind of customers, use them to promote your brand.

A good example is when ASOS Company persuades their customers to post pictures of themselves online while wearing any ASOS products. The act doesn’t come for free because the poster with most likes gets some free ASOS products as gifts or a certain percentage of discount on their next purchase of ASOS product.

Now, if you sell cream for example, encourage your customers to make short videos or picture with them holding your product or talking about it briefly. They become your brand promoters by default and you can even grant them ambassadorship, all on social media.

4. Make Good Use Of Private Messaging

I want you to know that on social media, you may decide to slide into the DMs of social media friends or followers, at least different people per day. Do not be guaranteed that they might answer you instantly. While some would instantly reply and you have the opportunity to continue talking about the product, others will ignore totally until some day, they need such product and would remember that they once came across it on their DMs.

Direct messaging is very effective because it gives the prospective customer the direct link to the producer or marketing team and they will grow more confidence in the product since they will be free to ask any questions or request clarifications about the product as they wish and they could get absolutely instance response.

That is highly satisfying to a prospective buyer and for just being assured that the producer could be reached at any time, they would buy at will.

5. Hop Into Groups With Similar Interests

Most social media platforms are filled with thousands of groups for different purposes. Use the search pane to find the niche and groups for similar products or find markets for the product. Definitely, before anyone can join a social media group on a particular platform, there must be strong interest in that area.

There, one is sure to find the audience who are undoubtedly ferreting for your kind of product. Expect serious competition in this kind of group because there are so many other people in there with the common interest related to your product.

6. Gain More Friends/Followers

As much as you are trying to get more buyers for your products, then strive to gain more friends and followers. This determines how far your product can go. More followers and friends means more audience to showcase your products to. The more the followers, the more the liability of larger sales.

7. Liaise With Big Fishes Online

A lot of social media users in a platform command a lot of friends and followers. People use these guys to promote their products. The reason they have many followers is because they are icons that give the people what they demand. They are social media celebrities.

They may always post stunning photos or showcase one talent of theirs or the other of which people love to see or they could just be celebrities. By this, they have conjured a lot of followers who are just waiting eagerly to see their next posts.

So, wise producers find a way to connect to these social media icons to talk them into helping them promote their products. Some do it really because they want to help while others have actually commercialized their pages and each time anyone wishes to advertise through them, they request for payment.

Either ways, find these icons and make your products publicized through them. Imagine Angelina Jolie posting pictures of herself rocking your fashion hats… her fans want to have that kind of hat! She is a celebrity! That’s a huge market for you all of a sudden!

8. Post Attractive/Appealing Pictures

posting the picture of your products on your page as a seller is very common but some people do this without adding some posh touches to the pictures before uploading them. For instance, if you are trying to sell your brand and you just place it on one rusty background to take a picture with a really poor camera of low quality mega pixel! How would you want it to bring out the beauty of your product? How would you want such post to appeal to the aesthetic sense of a viewer? Make sure to always use nice luxurious backgrounds to take photos of your products, if possible, use the services of photo studios so as to edit the photo into a very attractive imagery. This attracts buyers on social media. Photo adverts are supercool on Instagram as long as you make it count.

9. Be Branded

If you wants to sell honey online. Yes, you know that bees produce honey in the real sense but when you posts to people that you sell honey, and you did not brand it, no graphical identity, and no appealing sight to the viewer. That is whack!

You need to create a brand for yourself with a cool logo or emblem, customized packaging and even a branded page for your product. Your page’s profile should carry only graphics that sell your product, not your own personal photos.

Your background theme should spell out your peculiar colour and everywhere a viewer sees it, they will know that it is your brand, mere seeing the colour even without being told the name. Who doesn’t know that MTN is Yellow? Or who doesn’t know that the theme for the brand of Coca-Cola is black and red? Create a brand and keep it fixed in all your postings.

10. Use Online Adverts

the social media platforms offer some advertisement services. We know that Facebook for example, with just a token can promote your products and business pages for you making them reach large viewers. If you really want to sell, make investment into these services and trust me, they really work. You begin to get calls from people you don’t even expect, asking for details about your products and how they can buy them.


In conclusion, one of the most beautiful things about social media is that it doesn’t just offer you connection to the people outside your own society, community, state or country, it allows you to be connected to every part of the world. The social media offers businessmen and women, partners and business societies the easy access to international trade.

The social media houses a number of businesses online and apart from the user’s involvement in making sure that the purpose of the business is achieved, the social media too, autonomously aids in the creation of a niche and market on its own. The ability to now use this opportunity effectively is what rests in your hands.



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