True love to be sincere is not what you can find on a platter of gold. Especially in this contemporary societies of ours that are filled with the vicinities of moral decadence and carnal dispositions.

Do you know that a lot of relationships out there are not borne out of true love? In our society today, so many people are in a relationship just to stay away from loneliness or eventual celibacy.

There are men and women who are married out of reasons other than true love. Some people got into marriages only because of family pressures, some did it because they want to have a sense of belonging to the society and not to be left out of their peers who are already married. On the other hand, some men see it as best ways to make their woman happy.

Some are in marriages because of lust for beauty or other attractive characteristics of their spouses which they had thought was love. Some are in marriages because they just had to do it because they believed that time was going and they had to hurry. Some are even married for spiritual reasons while others do it only because of riches or properties possession of the spouse.

Prominent in our society today is the sight of young girls marrying their father’s mates as fourth or fifth wives while same goes inversely for young boys. You must have been seeing young boys getting into marriage with moribund white women who are older than their grandmothers just to be able to attain citizenship of other countries.

Some girls don’t mind being the wives or baby mamas to yahoo boys, fraudsters and even money ritualists despite being aware of these facts but go ahead because of love for money and material wealth.

Some have been betrothed to another since childhood and have no choice than marrying the one whom they have been pledged to. A lot of people are married because their culture demands things which they cannot on their own will, evade. However, the truth remains that a lot of people are walking around freely, single and searching without being bounded by any of these obligations.

It is pertinent to note that finding true love in marriage is a feat faced by both men and women. Men have become objects of ostentation to women and there is the stigmatization nowadays especially in the African peninsula that women should behold the men they have meticulously because once a man slides from your hands, it becomes difficult to get another worthy one. This is very true though but the whole thing is being overstated and over emphasized.

Due to high level of indecency in our societies, finding true love has become a similitude of passing the thread through the needle’s eyes. Some who are single are so unfaithful to themselves in relationships. Some have been into several relationships and are out as many times and are still counting. Some have lost substantial romantic emotions due to the numerous bad experiences they have had in countless relationships.

10 Tips On How To Find True Love For Marriage

The following are 10 Tips On How To Find True Love For Marriage

1. Do Not Be In a Haste Or Desperate To Find Love

A saying says that love finds you. That doesn’t mean that one can’s set out to ferret a partner that one can fall in love with but being desperate or hurried about it becomes dangerous because that is tantamount to giving room for the wrong person to set in. let one’s mind be pure and optimistic.

2. Be In The Right Place

A lot of single ladies and guys are club riders. They are mostly found in the zones of immorality and shamelessness. If you were to find one who claims to love you in a nudity club, how can that be beheld as real love? You don’t expect to find true love at places where you know that the kind of people who are in such zones are mostly up to no good.

3. Be Clean And Attractive

It can’t be denied that a particular characteristic that is an origin of true love is the principle of attraction. People don’t just fall in love with one another just like that.

One of the major things that bring about true love is appeal at a first sight. When cleanliness, beauty and smartness are perceived in a person, it is the base of attraction and catalyst for the existence of true love. Ever heard of love at first sight? Yes, it has a lot to do with attraction.

4. Do Not Flaunt Yourself

A lot of guys and ladies prefer to flaunt their qualities. Some guys want to make everyone know that they are rich, tall, and handsome while some ladies prefer to show everyone that they are beautiful, have good shape and facial resplendence.

While trying to look good is important, you must be careful not to flaunt and show off because it will not attract true love, rather it attracts lustful partners who are seeing those qualities in you as points of attraction rather than to love you for who you are. Humility is the quality that can attract a sincere lover.

5. You Must Be Careful!

This point has to be exclaimed because not being careful could lead one into the hands of sexual savages, gigolos, playboys and runs girls (as Nigerians put it). If one doesn’t really take time, one can misconstrue lust or pretense for real love.

The person who professes true love for you must have been initially carefully studied and confirmed positive before taking their love proposals as viable. A lot of hit and run are out there and are looking for only who to use and dump.

6. Be Decent And Good Mannered

I want you to note that these qualities, decency and good manners are also points of attraction of true love to single people. Some people find true love just because of their decent appearances without knowing that a prospective life partner has been studying them for a long time.

Some also find true love by being nice and well behaved to others. A potential spouse could see these and fall totally in love with such person just for showing such qualities.

7. Be Hardworking And Independent

I want you to know that in our society today no body wishes to be in love with a liability. Asking for everything or most things from a person who seems to love you can be irritating. It can destroy what is left of love for you in them.

So, when you show qualities of hard work and independence, it breeds true love in a potential partner’s heart seeing that this person is worthy of loving without problems.

8. Eschew All Bad Habits

Bad habits, especially the one that are projected publicly should be stopped. Some people are used to some bad habits that they find it hard to stop and unconsciously it paints them bad in the sight of a prospective lover. The journey of true love which has barely begun might end abrupt. Keep off the bad habits.

9. Leave An Area Of Bad Past

Now, many people have lived a rough life in the past which may affect their future. But, have turned new leaves, leaving the past behind and focusing on what the future holds.

So, if you still reside in the area where you lived a bad life in the past, it might come back to haunt you. In other to find true love, you must relocate from that area and move to a new place where nobody knows you so as not to ruin your reputations.

10. Do Not Be Too Choosy

The fact remains that a lot of people have become celibate for life due to the fact that they had chased away every single person who approached them for a serious relationship. They desire some characteristics in the person they expect to come unfortunately, those who have been coming around do not have the quality they want and end up, marrying anybody they see because time is not on their side.

Change is the only constant thing in the world. Conditions can change for anyone. Hence, true love may not come in the way you expect it. So, you must be ready to look beyond physical projections but the sincerity of the heart.

You can be carried along and transformed to what you desire. If someone were to approach you but has no qualities you want in them but you find out that the person is sincere with his or her intentions and are genuine, then it is better to bring the change you want in the person instead of turning them away. Because you may not see that kind of person anymore.


One of the powerful ingredient to find true love is to pray to the Maker to make you better in personality and perfect all in your life. You must learn to constantly pray to God to endow you with persons that have true love for you and not opportunists. Prayer is the most important key to find true love.




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