One universal fact is that when a woman loves you, she loves with all her heart. However, sometimes before a woman will give all her heart to a man she love, he must be a lot of things that she desires and fit into her expectation.

A man has the ability to love and undo such love in a short time but when a woman is in deep love with a man, even if the love has to be broken, it takes a long time for the woman to forget it.

You must have heard shocking revelations about women who, despite facing challenges in their relationships, still hold on to the guy.

Some cases even get worse as battery and each time the girl is battered by the guy and he apologize, the girl goes back into his arms as against people’s advice to stay away from him.

Some women goes through a lot of suffering and difficulties with a guy and will not leave despite his financial imbalances and inadequacy.

The guy, even though he is not able to make his woman financially comfortable, does a lot of things for her that she loves and values beyond material things.

So, she wouldn’t mind living with him forever, after all, she believes he has all she needs since she is not interested in material wealth.

What things can a man do to make his girl love him forever and never look out? In this article we shall revel things you must do to make your girl love you forever.

10 Things To Do To Make Your Girl Love You Forever

Here are the 10 things to do to make your girl love you forever

1. Treat Her Like A Queen

It will interest you to know that some guys take this to be easy but it really isn’t. They believe that flattery and deception is all it takes to make a woman feel like a queen.

Telling her she is the most beautiful girl in the world or saying that she is the only woman that has your heart is old school.

In fact, just mere verbal proclamations towards them make women feel that they are being scammed. They literally tell you that you are deceiving them if all you do is to praise them.

To make a woman feel like a queen, you have to really show it in all ramifications especially in action. When you take her out, you have to open door for her to enter first.

In this case, some guys get in and don’t want to know if she is behind struggling with the door or not.

Sometimes, help her put on her footwear, prepare some breakfast, carry her bag for her in public, stretch forth your hand towards her in an attempt to take her across the road.

Treating a girl like a queen should not be acted in the real sense, it is a matter of treating her like a real queen.

A woman gets over excited sometimes when she is made to believe that she is in power or control, yes! Let her feel it. That is the point.

You should be an attendant to her and get her to feel that you are always there and no man can treat her like trash because you value everything about her. She will be yours forever.

2. Let Her Be Your Equal

Most men love to exhibit masculinity in their relationships. They have this motive of, “make her know where she belongs”.

They always want to be dominant over the woman they love and make her know that in that relationship, she is the woman and he is the man.

In as much as women loves a man to act as a man, they don’t want a man to act it on them. You need to respect her, make her know that you are equal.

Don’t crave respect from a woman, she will naturally respect you when you give her the one she deserves. She will really see no one better than you to love and be with forever in the whole world.

3. Listen To Her

Women love to be involved in every business and want to be attended to. When your woman gives her opinions, sensible or not, never ignore them.

Let her know that hers is better than yours and that she is very welcome to take over the situation. Let her know she is your better half a 50 percent of yourself.

Listen to her suggestions, stories, complaints, gossips and narrations. Don’t just listen, show that you are totally getting the whole point.

Don’t explore your phone while she talks, set it aside to listen to the president. She loves this and want to love the only man that gives her a hundred percent attention.

4. Study As She Wants To Be Loved

Women want to be loved in different ways. Every woman has a particular way she wants to be loved. You have to study your girl and know what excites her as you do them.

Study her like a university course and come out of the examinations in flying colours. Then keep practicing all that has been learnt on her that makes her feel loved.

She will love you again and again and even want you for another life, if that really exists. So, it is important to study your girl wants to be loved.

5. Be Sexually Committed

There are women who end up in other men’s arms because of the failure of their former man to satisfy them sexually.

Sex may not just be a form of procreation to a woman, it is a form of recreation and delight.

Some women are restless and don’t behave normal when they desire sexual satisfaction. They also feel uneasy when they get it but not fully satisfied.

You must understand the sexual requirements of your woman and please her entirely with it. Mood swings, tantrums and unnecessary agitations can be as a result of a man not sexually satisfying a woman.

You must learn to press the right buttons when it comes to giving her the best satisfaction her body craves for.

When your woman gets all the pleasure she wants from you, where else can she go? She will stay with you forever.

6. Spoil Her With Gifts

When a woman is in the public with her man sometimes, she wants to be treated like a queen, treat her as such.

But when she in closed doors, she wants to be treated like a baby. You should not see her like she is trying to be childish when she displays characters like that of a teenager.

She is only exercising her dependency on you who she trusts to be capable of doing virtually anything for her sake.

Spoil her with gifts, no matter how insignificant you feel they might be. If is maize season and you know she loves maize a lot, why not buy enough and package it nicely.

That seems awkward but it would mean a lot to her. Don’t go visiting her without getting her something no matter how intangible, even if they are pieces of candies.

A lady might not necessarily need expensive gifts before you make her love you, she just needs consistency in being spoilt with different gifts.

7. Be Her Praise Box

In our society today a lot of things happen in relationships and it only begins to happen at the long run.

Now, some men begin to show signs of disgust because there are some physiological changes making her look different from before.

When a woman give’s birth to a child for example and she lost her figure eight shape and has a bulgy tummy. Don’t use it to insult her, either jokingly or seriously.

Remember what she used to be before and honour her by it. No matter what her physical  appearance look like, continue to praise her.

Let her know that she is beautiful and better than some younger ladies out there. Change is inevitable but the woman’s own is prominent especially after conception.

You must not let her feel that you now appreciate her less no matter how she looks, Keep rating her a hundred percent even with wrinkles and stretched marks all over.

A woman who is made to know that she is still the best and not loved less in any way, will want to be with who she is getting that assurance from forever.

8. Don’t Change From What She Loves About You

Women are of different individuality. Some love a man because he is macho and builds his body, some love the way he speaks, some love his generosity, some love the way he dresses.

Whatever it is that she loves about you or often gives you compliment for should be continued.

If she always commends your dressing, then it is one of the reasons she is crazy about you, keep dressing good and do not change in that aspect.

If she loves the way you talk calmly at her and she says so, then keep doing it. So, don’t take for granted the things she loves about you.

9. Keep Reassuring Her

sometimes, women read meanings into the slightest thing you do. You won’t know that they have picked it and internalized them.

You may say something that she reads meaning in your discussion. So, she already has a million thoughts about it that you are beginning to love her less or trying to avoid her.

You can clear these misconceptions by reassuring her regularly that you love and cannot do without her and no one can ever take her place.

All these will delete any hidden misconceptions and she will want to stay forever because you want her and you’re showing it.

10. Avoid Misunderstandings

I remember the story of a man who told his father that he is ready to get married and the father said he should say sorry the man kept asking his father, “to say sorry for what?”

But his father just kept telling him to say it. When he eventually said it, his father told him that he was then ready to be with a woman.

Misunderstandings are inevitabilities and they happen in relationships. You and your girl must have been in several fights and you end up exchanging hurtful words with each other.

When quarrels are too much, the woman is quickly worn-out and wants to leave. In this case, one must not be fond of fighting regularly with one’s girl.

Sometimes, misunderstandings can be avoided by simply ignore what will cause problems and act like you never noticed it in the first place.

Women are very volatile beings and need’s tolerance from their men. In this light, one must learn to keep off fights by being using magic words “I am sorry” even if she is wrong.

This gives the woman a sense of control and total freedom and she will want to be with whoever gives her freedom and peace of mind.

So, when you say sorry without knowing the reason why you are even saying it, then you are ready to be with a woman


You can see that it takes a little work to keep a woman forever. For a woman to be in love with you forever it means that there are certain things you do that other man can not do.

If they try to do it, not as you do it. Using the above methodologies will definitely keep your girl stuck with you forever as Siamese twins.


  1. This is really a nice piece of writing and a must read for all guys. UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, CONSISTENCY and REASSURANCE has been the magic for me. 👍


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