Do you know that there are most profitable online business that pays in Nigeria in 2022 you can venture into?

Perhaps, if there was no internet, the numbers of people using mobile phones in Nigeria would be meager.

A lot of Nigerians spend hundreds of thousands to purchase mobile phones of their choice and afterwards, they are fueling it every month or daily with data just to be able to maximize the utility of the device.

when I hear people ask me, hey, you have a mobile phone and even a laptop and both of them can be connected to the internet, then why are you still poor?

While that question seems somehow rhetorical and sarcastic from my friends every time, I discovered one day that it was worthy of a sincere answer.

The only answer I could give myself is that, I am a farmer who bought himself a tractor and a plough but doesn’t know that I have been standing on large hectares of farmland on a platter of gold but have been using the tractors as a mere vehicle to convey me from one point to another idly.

Anyone who has a device that is connectible to the internet and has the set of skills and time needed to carry out online businesses is just like a farmer with the tools walking about idly on acres of farmland but has no clue of who or what he is.

Nowadays according to scientific and psychological facts, people have been spending more time on the internet than they have even been communication physically to themselves and this is a universal fact that cannot be refuted.

It will interest you to know that there are good and legitimate online businesses that pays in Nigeria in 2022 that is profitable.

In this article, we shall examine the most profitable online business that pays in Nigeria in 2022.

Now let us see how you can make money online this New Year since you have a positive mindset!

10 Most Profitable Online Business That Pays In Nigeria In 2022

Here are 10 most profitable online business that pays in Nigeria in 2022

1. Blogs And Vlogs

In Nigeria and beyond any other thing, people, especially youth have an unquenchable thirst to know what is going on around and get all the knowledge they can pertaining to daily living.

I am sure that even if not any other one, we know how popular the Linda Ikeji’s blog is and how much a millionaire she became in a short while as a blog owner.

A blog is just a website that allows people to get information, reflect on it, share their opinions about it by commenting and discuss various other topics.

Some bloggers have gone beyond presenting stories and news and are giving their presentations, downloadable videos and pictures that is what is known as vlogs.

I want to bring to your knowledge that the comedy skits, journalism, trailers and so on are now on vlogs that millions of people browse into every day.

The bloggers or vloggers make money by hosting advertisements on their sites using Google AdSense or other negotiated advertisement from private bodies.

The beauty about blogging or vlogging is that at the beginning, you can start with free applications like Google’s Blogger.

When the site is growing and getting a lot of traffic and viewers, it can then be paid for on hosting about ₦25k or ₦30k per year.

I want you to note that an internet host can give it a more professional customized site name and outlook.

Once your viewers’ increase, Google AdSense can be applied for and even private organizations can contact you when they see that your blog has thousands of viewers so you can help them advertise on your blog/vlog while you get paid smoothly.

Blogs And Vlogs is one of the most profitable online business that pays in Nigeria. This is an awesome way to make good money in 2022.

2. Freelancing

In the USA for instance, do you know that freelancers are about 40% of the workforce and people are making money from home and contributing more than a trillion dollar to the economy yearly?

Unfortunately, people have not been making use of this opportunity in a place like Nigeria except a few smart ones.

Freelancing doesn’t need you to go to a workplace, it is just when you sell your skills (writing especially), to a client that needs it and then you make money.

On LinkedIn and PPwork alone, do you know that freelancers bag about $1.5B per year?

If you are a good writer, graphic designer, language translator, desktop publisher, programmer, video editor, social media marketer etc.

You aren’t making money from your skillset, then you need to go into freelancing in a world where you can meet a lot of people demanding your ability and pay you for it at the accomplishment of tasks.

Search for freelancing work on Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Toptal, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, 99 Designs and many more sites that enable you earn from your ability.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another luxurious online business that pays in Nigeria without investment. Affiliate marketing is about being an agent for a seller.

You are not a producer, you are not concerned with how the product came about but you are like a marketer, an agent or a mere middleman who links the seller to the buyer and that’s it.

You get commission of agreed percentage each time the buyer you connect to the seller purchases any product through you.

Affiliate marketing can be excellent when you are a good marketer and once you can persuade people into going for products and they buy.

Let’s say you recommended a laptop to a person sold for ₦100k on Jumia, Konga or Jiji and the commission on every laptop bought is 20%.

That person buys the laptop and you get ₦20,000 naira just like that.

Imagine if 10 more people bought the laptop and that is ₦20k multiplied by 11, that’s ₦220k commission goes into your account.

You can connect with online markets like Jumia, Amazon, Konga, Commission Junction and so on.

4. Social Media Marketing

In our society today some people spend 100% of their time on internet in the social media platforms, especially those from Meta Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.

YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and so on, are also very popular social media that people cannot do without.

A social media marketer needs to help a business increase their sales by driving the business leads.

A lot of people post a single picture on their status and they get ten thousand likes and comments on it in few hours despite the fact that they are not celebrities.

This number of comments, likes or followers attracts businesses who contact the social media account owner to negotiate on how much to be paid if he or she helps them to market their product(s) for a particular period of time.

This is another way to make good money online by doing what you know how to do best.

You can search on how to become a social media marketer to get all the ideas you need to forge ahead.

5. Teaching Online Courses

Nowadays, people go to universities, take professional courses and graduate online with certificate without seeing the institution they are schooling physically.

In Nigeria for example, people school abroad from Nigeria without having Visa and are formally certified.

If all these can happen, then teaching people through online classes or sessions can give one a lot of money.

I want to bring to your knowledge that people out there are paying seriously to gain knowledge on how to do a lot of things online.

If you have the idea or knowledge about a particular topic, art or subject you can create online courses and sell them to people even outside of Nigeria as long as your course is what is needed in the world.

Check out or and see how people generate a lot of funds from being online tutors.

6. Digital Products

These are products that people can only utilize or consume online. When you create a digital product that sells very fast, you can become a multimillionaire overnight.

You can create stunning logos for a firm, you can create an E-Book that people would love to read.

On the other hand, a theme for an application that people love to use, Application programs or any other downloadable software with your primary skills.

Do you know that Instagram was sold by the original creator for $1B? Do you know that Whatsapp was sold for $19 billion dollar by a group of friends who originally created it?

Have you been checking Flippa recently and see how applications are sold for thousands of dollar every day? People sell their books online as E-book for thousands of dollars.

A graphic designer once proffered a logo for the popular Nigerian Innoson Motors and he sold the logo to them for hundreds of thousands of naira.

An artist, drew a portrait of an American celebrity with pencil and when the Celeb got to view it, he paid hundreds of dollars for it.

Create a spectacular item that can make its round online and money will locate you. This is how to make good money online.

7. Web Design

Websites are the soul of the internet. A website address must be entered in order to be able to surf the internet, isn’t it?

There are uncountable websites in the world today and each one is a door to an entirely new place on the world of internet.

Even the smallest businesses nowadays own websites to be able to function publicly. A website designer helps any organization design its website for an agreed pay of course.

Some websites are simple while others are complex. Front ends and back end codings make up a website with some addition of smart programming.

On the other hand, a website designer makes money every now and then.

8. Online Shops

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jack Ma of AliBaba became multibillionaire with this.

By creating a platform for the buyer and seller to meet and sell your own products as the marketer, wholesaler or retailer makes up an online shop.

Jumia and Konga for example, are online shops where the seller tenders what is for sale and the buyer buys with visible fixed price on each product in the shop.

The shop itself collects percentages on each products bought or sold. You can start small shops online where people can be made to sell what they have on less complex premises.

9. Drop Shipping

This is somehow similar to an online shop but in drop shipping, you are not the producer or middleman. You are just an agent.

Create an online platform and get the products of the supplier that you want to sell.

Display the products by copying their inventory and create a link between your online platform and the supplier’s.

Each time a person visits your online platform to buy the item, the order is sent straight to the suppliers.

Once the goods is shipped, you get your money on the additional amount you add on the product for the buyer.

You can create your drop shipping platform by visiting websites like Woocommerce and Shopify.

10. Mini Web Hosting

A lot of businesses want to be online because everyone is beginning to realize that the world has gone digital.

In our society today many people have realized that in the nearest future, computers and internet will handle everything out there.

Hence, you can host the websites of organizations who wish to make their impressions online.

Many organizations shy away from the website publishing because of the high cost and complexities involved in the applying for hosting.

However, you can facilitate this and attract their patronage by offering easier hosting at cheaper rates.

Even if it is a thousand less than others, you will be patronized as a starter. You only need your computer devices and a server to be able to host a web site. You can read more on how to host a website.


Do want to earn extra income online? The above points are the most profitable online business that pays in Nigeria in 2022.

They say that opportunities are always out there for everyone but some people miss theirs by not taking it at the right time, or not recognizing it or even just merely ignoring it.

The world has gone digital and virtually everything can be carried out through the internet and in the nearest future, everyone will have to be computer literates whether they like it or not.

So, it is expedient you create your own Niche now and make the best use of your opportunity.




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