The Awesome Power Of Taking Decision

The Awesome Power Of Taking Decision

Exodus 32:26

Decision is the act of being resolute irrespective of circumstances seeking to prevail over your affairs. It is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions. Making decisions is a routine process that is of vital importance in all human endeavours. An individual’s level of success and achievements are usually the product of past decisions and choices. Therefore, the awesome power of taking decision is that it helps you stand your ground against all odds.

Now, human beings make decisions everyday and personal choices concerning food to eat, where to go, what clothes to wear and who to relate with, which college to attend, what programme to enroll in. You also make decisions based on your personal preferences in the area of religion, carrier, vocation, fashion and marriage. However, life often leads you to a point of decision where the choices before you have the potential of changing the course of your life permanently for good or bad. How you handle such turning point decisions goes a long way in determining the fulfillment of your destiny in life. Because, your decision is what will make heaven to either back you or leave you. Accept responsibility and give your life a meaning. Good message don’t make good people; it is decision backed up with action that produce good result. Where you are located does not determine your success; your success is determined by how you think. You have to come out from the way your people think; think according to the word of God. Every result around you is a function of what goes on inside you. If you want to change your result; change what goes on in your mind. Therefore, understand that you don’t have to make mistakes or learn from someone’s mistake before you get things right. When you are led by the Spirit of God, He will guide you in the right path and help you make the right decisions every time. So, taking decision is not a one time approach that will fix everything. Instead, it is a long lasting approach.

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However, as a child of God, you are privileged to have insight into God’s truth, as recorded in scriptures or received through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. You must therefore be careful not to resist God’s will or rebel against His commandments in making decision. So, the awesome power of taking decision is that it elevates you above other people in your field.

Almighty God Will Crown Your Year With His Goodness

Almighty God Will Crown Your Year With His Goodness

Psalm 65:11

Despondency is a tool the devil uses to steal people’s vision. He injects this evil poison into a man’s heart through the experience of loss and suffering. That today is bad and the future looks bleak does not mean that your tomorrow will be terrible. As long as you are in Christ, you can be rest assured that your tomorrow will be alright. God’s desire is to make you experience His goodness all year round with sound mind, good health, progress, peace, prosperity, and divine protection and longevity. Therefore, the Almighty God will crown your year with His goodness because every good and perfect gift is from above.

However, goodness is the quality or state of being good. It is a true commitment to choosing right over wrong, good or evil. In other words, our good works point directly to our father in heaven. We are good because it glorifies our Creator. God’s goodness is essential in the journey of every man. The truth is that God has made all beautiful and good things available for you to enjoy. Because we are objects of His love and the heirs of His kingdom. So, the goodness of God is one of the attributes of God, as well as a description of His person. Therefore, as a child of God you are entitled to the goodness of God. With God’s goodness and mercy at work in your life, life will be fruitful and fulfilling for you. All things will work together for good in all areas of your life and it will always be well with you. If the enemy rages against you, God will turn the tide against him and make what he plans for evil against you to turn out for your good. So, Don’t give up on your vision! Even if the devil stole a particular blessing from you, don’t give him your vision. Dry up your tears because you need clear eyes to see new opportunities that God is giving to you. In fact, the avenue to your recovery can be around you as we speak, but as long as your eyes are flooded with tears, you will only see the situation and not His goodness. The economic experts may have painted a gloomy picture for the year, but as far as God is concerned, He has crowned your year with His goodness and abundance.

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Therefore, God’s supply and provision are never affected by world events, so in good times or bad times, expect every month, every week and every remaining part of this year to be surrounded by God’s goodness. The Almighty God will crown your year with His goodness because you are destined to see the God’s goodness in the land of the living.

You Are Lifted Into His Glory

You Are Lifted Into His Glory

Isaiah 43:7

We serve a glorious God, and everyone that is born of God has a glorious destiny which cannot be tampered with, corrupted or changed. If you are made in the image and likeness of God, the glory that is obtainable in God should be practically manifested and evident on you. You are not created for shame but to show forth the glory and  praise of God on the earth. Therefore, you are lifted into His glory because You’ve been called into the life of glory. It is important for you as a child of God to have this knowledge and constantly live by it. Knowledge brings change, and it is what makes a difference in life. It is what you know that you will stand for. When the light of the true knowledge of God’s word is done on you, you will never remain the same again.

Now, glory is the very nature of God, God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. Glory is brightness, shining, radiance. It is used to denote the manifestation of God’s  presence in a Christian’s life. The word glory is used to express importance; honor, and majesty. In another sense, glory can be seen as wealth and importance, yet again, glory signifies reputation and God in whose image and likeness we are created, He is the author of all good things. Because God’s great design in all His works is the manifestation of His own glory. Any aim less than this would be unworthy of Himself. This means you are going to be clothed with God’s glory morning, afternoon and night in the name of Jesus! When God’s glory is upon a man, labour stops; labour continues where His glory is absent. Labour cannot be equated with His glory. Israel labored for 430 years; so hard work does not equal God’s glory. That you are working hard does not mean that you must be successful. It is hard work plus glory that eliminates hard life. However, when God’s glory is at work in your life, you cannot be killed; because the glory of God preserves you from death and destruction. 

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Therefore, divine glory is an important motif throughout Christian belief, where God is regarded as the Most glorious being. Since man was created in the image of God, human being can share or participate in divine glory as image bearers. Like a mirror, the human person reflects God’s glory. It is God that gives glory and beautifies your destiny not man. God can only use men to achieve his purpose yet the glory goes back to him as the Almighty God. Beloved, don’t waste any further time, it is time to show forth the  praises of God in your life because you are lifted into His glory.

You Are Destined To Live A Life Of Distinction

You Are Destined To Live A Life Of Distinction

Jeremiah 29:11

In life, until you dare to be different, you cannot make any difference; if you must make a difference you must do things differently. One of the basic attributes of living a life of distinction is foresight. Foresight gives you the right perspective in any situation and thus you are enabled to make the right decisions now. A life of distinction is gradually becoming a lost art in our world today. This particular lifestyle of a commitment to being the best does not show up by a mere wish but an actual pursuit. Genuine distinction comes only to those who have worked hard to achieve it. This is why, you are destined to live a life of distinction.

When you are marked for distinction, it means you are someone who is going to do well in life. You will set yourself apart from others. Distinction means being set apart, often by excellence. Distinction is a science, in the sense that it can be imitated and systematically reproduced; however it is also an art because it takes a lot of grace and patience to produce and perfect it. It will be mastered by all those who choose to pursue it with all of their heart. A life of distinction are actually the core values by which you may live your life in order to be successful in every sphere of life. To assume that you will be truly successful in your future without the pursuit of distinction is a mere wish that cannot truly hold water. However, distinction can be secured if you choose to establish certain values in your life. Because core values identifies who you are, they are the unspoken internal rules that guides your life and leads you in the path towards distinguishing your life and living in distinction. Core values are your anti-histamine, your defence system against external corruption of your person. Core values are the stabilising force that keeps you standing tall during periods and season of conflict. Your core values are your internal signals to remind you of the right and the wrong choices of life. So, distinction increases your capacity for influence thereby enhancing your capacity for leadership. Doing your work with distinction will change your status and rank; it will change the calibre of people you’ll have the opportunity to serve.

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Therefore, life of distinction are the compasses that help you to know what direction you may sail so that you can arrive at the purpose of God for you. It is a rock upon which your life must be built for you to make a success of your future.

Understanding The Power Of Hope

The Awesome Power Of Hope

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Most people hope for a long life, lasting relationships, good health, and happiness. Yet you know that in a matter of minutes life can be turned upside down and inside out, and it can feel like your hope are dashed. But the good news is that God’s eyes is on you, His love towards you never fails, He is your helper and shield. God paints a positive picture of your future. In case you are brought down, there is hope. Though the problem might look like an age long problem, God is saying there is hope for you. Therefore, understanding the power of hope helps you to live a successful life.

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. Also is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. It is the confident expectation of what God has promised and it’s strength is in His faithfulness. However, when your hope and trust are firmly connected to an unchangeable God, you know deep in your heart  that God’s love will sustain you through this life and into eternity. This means that even if your struggles return, your hope in God remains. This kind of hope is contagious. If you will ever achieve anything tangible in life, you need faith that hinges on God and that believes in possibilities. If our God could frame the universe through His word, then there is no situation or circumstances beyond His control. There is no situation in your life that He cannot reverse. He can bring hope to your life irrespective of the long standing problems in it. Irrespective of the many years of rejection you have suffered, the Almighty God is attending to your situation right now in Jesus name. No matter how hopeless that situation is, as long as God’s word is in place, that case cannot be written off. Every time you have a setback, God wants to give you a testimony. There are some people in business who are already planning to close down their offices and outlets because of the situation of things. I want you to know that your moment of refreshing is on the way. Every time God wants to change a man’s story, He puts him through a situation which will birth a testimony.

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Therefore, you must keep your eyes fixed on God, the source of hope for this life and forever. There is no outcome that God will not help you handle. So, understanding the power of hope helps you bounce back again.

You Need Boldness And Courage To Excel

You Need Boldness And Courage To Excel

Joshua 1:6-7

Boldness and courage is the principal requirement for one to excel in life. It must have been what Caleb possessed that enabled him to give a positive report on the promised land even though the giants were still there, when the others gave evil report that they were not able to possess the land. God has appointed you for greatness, but it does not come on the platter of gold; you need to step out with courage and possess it. If you must be a conqueror you have an inevitable need for boldness and courage. Therefore, you need boldness and courage to excel in life because men of courage are men of conquest.

Boldness and courage is an untiring and undefeatable attitude born out of determination. It is the ability to take steps in the face of imminent opposition, obstacles, hardships and difficulties. It is the ability to retain your language when circumstances want to force you to change it. It is the strength to stand against the odds of life with a determination to attain your goal in life. Now, God has given you the ability to excel; created you to excel but the size of your heart will determine your size on the earth. You cannot possess a lion’s heart and live like a chicken on earth. A feeble heart produces weak hands and weary knees. Many have lost their heritage in Christ through fear and lack of boldness and courage. They have failed to realize there is a place of comfort, joy and fulfilment awaiting them; but only boldness and courage can take them there. Courage is what you need to actualize your dreams. However, only a person with strength of character can display courage in the face of trouble, while boldness is required to speak the truth in all circumstances, especially in the face of opposition and in hostile environments. More importantly, the virtues of boldness and courage have spiritual significance because they are necessary for entering the presence of God and for dealing with the forces of darkness. You cannot excel in your carrier, and business without boldness. You need boldness to correctly apply God’s word to life situations. Indeed, it takes courage to follow and obey God. Anyone who lacks courage will be full of fear.

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Courage truly is an indispensable quality to possess in life. God had to tell Joshua over and over again to be strong and courageous if he was to succeed in fulfilling his assignment. Therefore, you need boldness and courage to excel and to be a pacesetter in your generation.

The Powerful Gift Of Friendship

The Powerful Gift Of Friendship

Ecclesiastes 4:10

You will not know the fullness of a gift until you have learned to live without it. You will not understand what God is up to in your life until you look back and His goodness shines through what you thought was your darkest hour. Just as you cannot understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, you cannot understand the mystery at work in all that God does. Therefore, the powerful gift of friendship is beneficial to human life. Unfortunately, it is commonly said that true friends are very scarce. The reality of this statement is a fact we live with everyday.

Now, gift is something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present. It is something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without it being earned. However, a friend goes the extra mile to make his friends happy because he shares in their happiness. As a follower of Jesus Christ, though the world may practice a supernatural form of friendship characterized by denial, betrayal and backstabbing, you must be different. As a light of the world, you must teach the world what true friendship means. It is true that friendship attracts a high premium and can be demanding. This is why you must choose the number of friends you can effectively and faithfully manage. Because, only in a true friendship and a true love do you find a genuine basis for peace. So, only God can break down the national and racial barrier that divide men today. Therefore, many people mistake mere acquaintance for friendship; this is wrong. An acquaintance cannot pay the price that friendship demands. This is why many people feel disappointed when their expectation from a casual associate at work or brother in church is not met. The fact that someone is a Christian brother does not mean he is a friend. Although a brother or sister in Christ should not be taken as an enemy, nevertheless, do not expect much from such person. Because, a true friend loves at all times.

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Regardless of what you do, what happens, or where life takes you, a true friend loves you at all time. Love and support is not ignoring the words you need to hear. True friendship makes you better. Even when you have fallen, in trouble or in pain a true friend always stand by you. Beloved, the good news for you today is that Jesus can be that perfect friend you desire. Make Him your friend today, and He will never disappoint you. So, the powerful gift of friendship is non negotiable.

You Are Rising From Grass To Grace

You Are Rising From Grass To Grace

Psalm 40:2

Life is for enjoyment not for enduring. God did not create you to endure things; He created you to enjoy life. God’s intention, plan and program for His children as revealed by the scriptures is to enjoy life and not to struggle. However, without Grace, there is a limit you can enjoy life. Just like the jack a mechanical tools used to lift and provide support for heavy objects. Because every kingdom giant is made by grace. When you operate under grace, people don’t see efforts; they only see results. You don’t struggle, yet you succeed. Therefore, you are rising from grass to grace because you were designed to be a blessing to others.

For all the endowment that God gave you are too much to be expended at only you. Your assignment on this planet is tied to your capacity to meet needs to other people’s lives. You were designed to add value to others, solve problems for others and meet needs in the lives of other people. So, God designed you to govern, rule over, control and be in charge of the world; in other words, you are created to rise from grass to grace. Dominion is man’s destiny; which is why when man is not in a position of dominion, his emotions go haywire, frustration sets in and illnesses develop. Dominion for man, however, is conditioned upon his alignment to God’s image; the more like God man is, the more dominion he can exercise. God dominates because it is in His nature to, and because you are made in His image and likeness, you have the natural tendency to dominate. Therefore, ignorance of God’s word is the most undoing of many Christians because the unawareness of your rights allows you to be trampled upon by the enemy. Another reason is self help. You are grace made not self made. Trying to achieve results by your strength and willpower will drain you and leave you with no result. So, life of grace is the distinguishing force that makes the difference from one believer to another. Therefore, bank on God’s grace and you will know no limitations in life. Because, grace causes nature to respond to you and there are levels of grace at which different Christians function. It should be your desire to function at the highest level of grace.

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However, grace brings you favour. Good is turned towards the man with grace and forgiveness always knocks at his door. Even when he seems to have made great mistakes, the grace of God speaks for him. To walk in grace means to walk in and with divine influence. So, you are rising from grass to grace today.

The Awesome Journey Of Accomplishment

The Awesome Journey Of Accomplishment

Joshua 1:7-9

Reflections enable a person appreciate the journey he has been on towards a life of meaning and significance. Because one of the most important and significant things you can do to transform your life is to value intangible resources above tangible resources. Therefore, the awesome journey of accomplishment is a non negotiable factor in life and destiny.

Now, accomplishment is a journey not a destination. It means that what matters is not necessarily where you are at the end, but what you accomplish while you are trying along the way. It means that no matter what, as long as you try, you can never fail. So, valuing intangible resources enables you to become more creative and gives you dominion over life challenges. While Jesus was on earth, His teachings regularly emphasised the importance of intangible resources. This suggests that God is the ultimate source of strength and resources required for the realisation of an individuals life goals. However, Some people seem to spend their whole lives dissatisfied, in search of a purpose. But all of us have everything we need for a meaningful existence. I want you to realise that you can be successful. God takes delight in you accomplishing your purpose in life. No matter how much failure you have recorded in the past, you can still accomplish your life assignment. God has not created anyone to be a permanent failure. Every sinner you see today has a future, and every saint you see has a past. The Lord is able to change your name from failure to a success. So, ministers of the gospel, businessmen and women, politicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs, students, government officials and people from all spheres of life pray to accomplish their mission. So, God plays a prominent role in what you have been able to accomplish in life. There is no amount of human labour that will suffice if God is not involved. This is why you need to put your total strength in Him. Never run ahead of Him. Follow his promises steadfastly and you will have a reason to rejoice at the end of the day. There are many people who are waiting for God to take them to the river and to also put water in their mouth.

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God has not designed you to be useless; therefore, you have a role to play in determining the degree of things that you want to accomplish. Determination on your own part cannot be separated from your accomplishments. It is determination that will keep you on the right track. So, the awesome journey of accomplishment is what separates leaders from followers, the rich from the poor and successful people from failures.

You Are Destined For Limitless Possibilities

You Are Destined For Limitless Possibilities

Isaiah 43:19

Many people have made frantic efforts to move forward in their lives and change levels in their respective businesses, careers, pursuits and endeavours. But nothing has worked for them. Such people might think that it is very difficult for one to enjoy limitless opportunities and rise to the top. Others might also think that there is nothing like enjoying a world of no limits in their affair. But the truth is, the Christian life is one of limitless possibilities. Nothing is too difficult or unattainable for you, if your faith and confidence is in the Word of God. Therefore, you are destined for limitless possibilities because; you have access to the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant.

Now, when something is limitless, there is an unending amount or supply of it. If you truly believe there are limitless possibilities in life, you see no limit to what people can achieve.  So, you must possess a mentality possibility in other to create a new beginning for yourself. Because the moment you believe that you can achieve a thing, an unusual ability is injected into you. For instance, Abraham was in a humanly impossible situation but because of his mentality, they were converted to supernatural possibilities. Abraham was addicted to what God told him despite the prevailing negative circumstances in his life. However, to walk in the fullness of the blessings of Abraham which is the blessing of greatness, you must understand that there is no limit to what you can achieve in life. Because, there is a supernatural part of God that cannot be ignored, a part that no man can handle. Therefore, when you need to do something for yourself, you are the only one who knows what you need in your life. Because you are the author of your life and the content that is written in your life book is determined by your actions, so know that life is full of possibilities. But often, your struggles make it hard for you to see the price ahead. Due to circumstances that you cannot control, you give up on your dreams or simply ride along the waves. You think that just because you missed an opportunity you can’t get to where you want to be.

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Therefore, you can do whatsoever you want to do; you can get to wherever height you want in life; you can have whatsoever you want to have in life and you can be whosoever you want to be in life only if you believe it and not doubt. So, you are destined for limitless possibilities because you are chosen to be great.

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