Top 10 Tips On How To Make A Sexless Relationship Work

Top 10 Tips On How To Make A Sexless Relationship Work

I want to start by asking this question are you in a sexless relationship? Do you think that sex is not important or healthy? I want to bring to your knowledge that sex is one of the major factors that bring intimacy in a relationship. So, a good union is the uniting of best friends, parents, and two lovers.

Now, after each of you says I do and walk hand in hand to start a new life, you must be ready to take your sex life to another level.

In our society today, several factors come into play if you want to make a sexless marriage work. So, you need to ask yourself this question how do I deal with marital intimacy? What has your partner’s experience is like?

All over the world, love is spoiled by the fact that sexual intercourse is surrounded by fears, false belief, shame, selfishness, and ignorance. I want you to note that God created the act of sex. Now, one of the reasons for sex is to provide couples with a unique way of expressing their love for each other in a marriage.

On the other hand, God created the act of sex for the continuation of the human race. So, sex is more than a physical act; it is holding hands, kissing, and hugging. Therefore, it is about demonstrating love.

Now, having too much sex is based on your upbringing. But people that are raised in a conservative home can feel shame because they were told that sex is dirty. So, they find it difficult to respond to sexually.

Top 10 Tips On How To Make A Sexless Relationship Work

Here are the top 10 tips on how to make a sexless relationship to work

1. Ensure No Communication Gap

Now, communication is one of the greatest keys that make a sexless relationship to work. So, you need to talk about your expectations, fears, desires, concerns, and fantasies.

Now, some people say that a real man doesn’t need to communicate with his wife. But, the truth is that a man will begin to enjoy the marriage when he talks freely with his wife. So, discussing sex together with your partner is necessary for health and to satisfy your bed.

So, the husband and wife need to communicate with each other to make their sexless relationships to work. I want you to note that when you bring out time and discuss with your spouse you will find the joy of romantic friendship and exciting sex.

I want to bring to your knowledge that a marriage can’t be based on sex alone because the passion will decrease. So, do not expect the honeymoon time of your relationship to last longer than it should. When you communicate about each other wants and desires, you will see that quality is far better than quantity.

Now, in real life, a healthy and mutually fulfilling sexual relationship is not what you see in the movie or in the magazines. So, it is a bond between a man and a woman that will grow deeper over the years. So, in other to make a sexless relationship to work communication is paramount.

So, your marriage will be romantic when you communicate with each other about sex and love one another unselfishly. So, open your heart and allow your partner to see and know your feelings.

2. Utilize Every Opportunity To Bond

Now, if partners are far from each other, it makes their sex life to be inactive. So, married couples are expected to have sex on a regular basis at the first stage of their relationship in other to know each other. Therefore, it allows each partner to go deeper into their marriage so as to bond.

So, a sexual bond can be seen as a unique connection that each couple can share. On the other hand, it provides understanding, safety, support, and love. Now, a vital point to remember as a married couple is that you are created by God on purpose. So, you are not an afterthought of God’s creative agenda. Therefore, there was a sexual need in the life of your partner that each of you needs to meet so as to bond.

So, I want you to note that sex can be an opportunity for you to bond with your partner.

3. Learn To Seduce Your Partner

Now, if you must have a great and healthy sex life, show your partner something to look forward to when he or she gets home. There are some clothes that you cannot wear outside, but you can wear them for your spouse at home.

So, you must learn to seduce your partner, because you have to do that; so as to make a sexless marriage to work.  

So, I want to bring to your knowledge that you need to make yourself attractive and compelling to your partner. So, leave your spouse with a picture of how sexy, attractive, neat, and desirable you are.

So, a married couple needs to make effort to trim so as to make a sexless relationship to work.

4. Maintain Sex Hygiene

Sex hygiene can be seen as a health-focused behavior that people should do before, after, and during sex. On the other hand, as a married couple, you can engage in the best sexual health by having your bath before bedtime.

Now, having a blissful time maritally will be a mere fantasy if sex hygiene is pushed to a corner. So, it can be the difference between having a good relationship and having little or no sex at all.

So, I want you to note that it can be difficult for couples to express their reservation about their partner’s poor hygiene without hurting their feelings and so they avoid sex.

So, when you maintain good personal hygiene it can be a turn-on, so don’t deprive yourself of great sex and memorable time with your partner.

Now, if you want your partner to come back for more take your bath before sex.

Here are things you can do to maintain sex hygiene:

  • Have your bath before sex
  • Brush and floss your mouth twice a day
  • Shave your armpit and pubic hairs
  • Use perfumes and deodorants
  • Trim your nails

5. Have A Sex Date or Schedule

Now, I want you to know that having a sex date or schedule is good for healthy relationships as couples. So, it brings each of you closer than waiting to be in the mood.

So, if you don’t have a sex date or schedule as a married couple it will affect your relationships. On the other hand, a sex date or schedule can be seen as a way of showing you and your partner that you value your sex life.

So, a sex date is vital for relationships, but some people let it fall by the wayside. But, it is a way in which couples keep their intimacy and sexual satisfaction alive.

So, I want to bring to your knowledge that having a sex date or schedule helps your sex life. Now, when you plan it as couples it will give each of you time to show love to each other.

Now, it is good for couples to sit down and choose a time that works for each of them. So, it can be daily, once a day, twice a week.

So, it is important for you to write down your sex date or schedule, such as an appointment day.

6. Ignite The Passion In Your Partner

Now, one of the major factors that can make a sexless relationship to work is to ignite the passion in your partner.

Now, couples want to know what to do when passion fades in their marriage. So, I want you to note that some spouses can lose the passion that gives them a desire for affection and sexual satisfaction.

So, I want to bring to your knowledge that for you to ignite the passion you have to work at sex with your partner so as to keep the love aglow.

So, I want you to know that sexless relationships don’t fade because of a lack of love, they die due to a lack of passion.

So, instead of saying how do I make a sexless relationship to work, you have to ignite the lost passion in your partner.

7. Win Each Other Admiration

Now, you can win your partner’s day by giving them admiration such as, am so glad I met you, I love you, I feel lucky to be with you.

So, you need to appreciate and celebrate your spouse so as to make a sexless relationship to work.

Now, I want you to note that people want to hear words such as I admire the way you dress, your time, I love the way you care for our kids, and your kindness. On the other hand, admiration can be seen as respect that you feel for another person.

So, I want to bring to your knowledge that if you do not receive admiration you will feel hurt. Therefore, in private and in public, look for an opportunity to praise your spouse so as to increase your sex life.

Now, it is good to win your partner’s admiration so as to keep your relationships alive, strong, and vibrant. So, when you tell your spouse why you admire him or her it opens a door for a blissful marriage.

8. Hold each Other’s Hand Always

Now, in a sexless relationship holding each other hand, kissing, and, hugging all the time puts each of you in the mode to have sex.

So, when you hold your partner’s hand it strengthens your relationship which creates an atmosphere of love and trust. On the other hand, great sex starts with little touches so as to improve your sexual satisfaction.

So, I want you to know that improving a sexless relationship is not all roses, but when you spend time rubbing and touching each other’s body you will find great satisfaction in sex.

Now, when you hold each other’s hands, talk and flirts all day, send text or email helps your sex life. On the other hand, if you are attentive and compliments your spouse all the time sets you in the mood before you get to the bedroom.

So, to improve sex and intimacy in your relationship is not a difficult task. But, with little tweaks and praise, you will have sexual satisfaction.

9. Don’t Refuse Your Spouse’s Approach For Sex 

Now, one of the greatest ways to keep your sex life thriving is when you don’t refuse your spouse’s approach for sex.

So, for you to make a sexless relationship to work you have to give in to your spouse’s approach for sex.

Now, I want to bring to your knowledge that God wants both the husband and the wife to find great pleasure in sex. So, each partner should not refuse to give each other sexual satisfaction.

So, as a married couple, your duty is to satisfy each other’s needs for sex. So, you must satisfy those needs not only when you feel to do it, but when you don’t want to.

So, you have the responsibility of satisfying your spouse’s needs for love and sex. It is your duty.

Now, I want you to listen carefully to what am saying your partner should not go day after day feeling hungry for sex. So, you must give each other sexual satisfaction.

So, if you want to make a sexless relationship to work when your spouse asks for sex you should say yes. Therefore, do not refuse to satisfy each other.

10. Make Love Like Newlyweds

Now, if you want to enjoy having sex and want satisfaction, you must make love like newlyweds. So, you must find new positions to make your sex life to be fun, get lively in new places, turn on some music so as to spend time enjoying sex.

Now, as a married couple, you need to respect each other’s boundaries. So, it will help each of you to keep your sex life new, fresh, and exciting.

Now, I want you to note that marriage is forever, and you can’t expect to have the same kind of sex for the rest of your lives. So, you will get bored in the bedroom and that can lead to a sexless union.

So, for you to make a sexless relationship to work you must make your room a place you want to have sex.


Now, every relationship is different you need to work together as a couple so as to figure out what works for you. So, apart from sex, it is good to explore other ways to build intimacy in your union.

So, for you to make a sexless relationship to work you need to make effort to renew your love and rekindle the spark you have initially.

Now, as a married couple, I want you to take time and build your communication. So, when you do it your sexless relationship will come back to life with a good romance and sexual joy.

10 Proven Ways Substance Abuse Affects Families And Society

10 Proven Ways Substance Abuse Affects Families And Society

Now, the rate of substance abuse in our society and families today is alarming. I want you to note that alcohol and drug addiction affects the abusers. In Nigeria today, people from all walks of life can have problems with drug use, despite the age, tribe, background. So, It deteriorates a person’s physical health, impairs his or her mental reasoning and behavior.

I want you to note that in Nigeria substance abuse costs the government over 15,000 USD every year. So, it affects society at large and leads to an economic meltdown.

Now, substance abuse can be seen as taking drugs that are not legal. On the other hand, it can be seen as taking too much alcohol, prescription medicine, and other illicit drugs in the wrong way. So, it doesn’t affect the user only. It can have an effect on family coupled with society at large.

Now, in our society, some people abuse drugs out of curiosity, in other to have a good time, they do it because friends are doing it, or to ease problems like depression, stress, and anxiety. On the other hand, taking illegal drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, can lead to addiction.

Study shows that aggressive behavior and crime are linked to substance abuse. For instance, when addicts are trying to obtain money in other to buy drugs if they didn’t succeed he or she can be violent. Now, the families of those that abuse drug goes through a lot.

So, substance abuse has effects on the abuser as well as the family and society at large. On the other hand, couples in which a partner, children, parents that are struggling with addiction experience social, and emotional damage.

10 Proven Ways Substance Abuse Affects Families And Society

Here are 10 Proven Ways In Which Substance Abuse Affects Families and Society

1. Negative Impact On Children

Do you know that 1 out of every 5 children lives in a home with parents that are into substance abuse? Parents who engage themselves in drug use don’t know that their actions do not only affect them but also their children. Because they are already addicts it prevents them from taking care of their family.

Now, parents that raise their children in a home where addiction is seen as a normal thing can end up harming their kids. So, lack of care towards those that depend on them has a negative impact on their children.

I want you to note that children look up to their parents for guidance, but when both parents are affected by alcohol or drug abuse, it hinders the child’s development in all stages of life. So if it is not properly handled substance abuse leads to aggression, mental health as well as destroys families and society at large.     

2. Loss Of Trust

Now, substance abuse affects every area of life, both the person’s relationship with the loved ones, friends, and society at large. On the other hand, drug addicts don’t keep to their promises that is why people lose trust in them. So, they find it difficult to maintain trust, respect, and communication.

Married couples that are addicted to the drug cannot dedicate their time to relationships due to substance use that makes them unable to. This can make them forget the promises they made to their children. If this continues, the child will find it difficult to relate with other people’s reasons being that they don’t know how to trust. So, loss of trust if not properly handled can lead to divorce.

The studies show that loss of trust leads to broken marriages and causes the children to malnourished. So, addiction makes it hard to trust people and neglecting the responsibilities or the needs of their loved ones.

3. It Causes Domestic Violence

Now, domestic violence can be seen as behavior or the purpose of which to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, or family and society at large. On the other hand, it can lead to various types of abuse such as physical, sexual, emotional, and child abuse.

In our society, more than 80 percent of domestic violence is linked to drug abuse. Studies show that some of the violence at home is caused by substance abuse. I want you to note that some household abusers have addiction issues or reliance on substances.

Despite the social and government efforts to reduce substance abuse, it is still a major problem. So, addiction is one of the main causes of domestic violence at home and society at large.

Now, a person who is into substance abuse is eager to display a behavior that leads to domestic violence. So, abusive conditions are hard to cope with; the victim finds it difficult to adapt and turns to drug use in other to clam down.

So, if domestic violence is not properly handled it can lead to substance abuse and affects family and society at large.

4. It Creates Blame and Shame

Now, blame and shame are linked with drug use in our society at large but an understanding of the link with shame is limited.

Blame can be seen as a feeling that someone is responsible for a fault or wrong. On the other hand, shame is an act of isolating, debilitating emotion that causes us feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

I want you to note that when it comes to substance abuse, family, and society are quick to put the blame on addicts or their parents. So, it causes many parents who have a child with an addiction to feel shame. These attitudes cause the addict to live in isolation and can reduce a person’s willingness to be open and seek help.

Now, society tends to lay the blame on the family for a child’s addiction, a parent’s efforts and successes sometimes can not be noticed.

If you are into substance abuse, feelings of shame can be so unbearable. So, the feeling of unworthiness and inferiority makes you blame yourself and believe that you are not worthy of love, respect, and happiness. You become ashamed of who you are which leads to depression, and hopelessness.

I want you to note that blame and shame are a barrier to self-help, as you feel that you don’t deserve help or attention. And it can cause you to go into addiction, it can as well keep you in the midst of addiction.

In many ways, drug abuse can have a negative impact on the addict and who they become in the future. So, if it is not properly handled it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and disgust.

5. It Creates fear And Confusion

In the families and society at large fear and confusion can develop as a result of substance abuse. Now, chemicals in opioids, alcohol, amphetamine, and other substances can cause anxiety, constant worry, and nervousness. So, it affects millions of people all over the world.

I want you to note that fear and confusion leads to worry, dread, or stress, one of the major problems with substance abuse is that the affected person is negatively impacted. So, in order to manage these symptoms, they attempt to use drugs and alcohol to calm down. On the other hand, when it can not be controlled the only coping mechanism is substance abuse, an addiction can develop.

Why do people who are into substance abuse or addiction to drugs fear and confused? Now, in the moment of panic, the need to escape the feelings and fear the person turns to the thing that they believe will give them instant relief.

Now, when a person takes, too much drug it becomes a problem, the behavior while under the influence due to substance abuse can be affected. So, if it is not properly handled it causes the user to take a large amount in order to be relieved from fear and confusion.

6. It Leads To Financial hardship

I want you to note that anyone who is into substance use knows that addiction leads to financial hardship. Now, money problems come up in ways they did not expect when they start using addictive drugs.

On the other hand, addiction leads to career setbacks, which lead an addict to borrow money in other to get the desired effect. So, it creates poverty if you are a substance abuser, you can spend half of your monthly earning on drugs.

Now, addiction imposes a financial hardship that can cause families to lose their homes, or find it difficult to provide the basic needs of their children. People that have money issues abuse substances in order to avoid the problems they are facing in their lives. So, if you are living paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet, drugs can provide the instant gratification that is absent in all other areas of your life.

So, If you are into substance addiction, paying for it can be expensive, regardless of the substance. I want you to know that drugs can empty your bank account when you need to use more in other to get the desired effect.

Now, the study shows that 14.3 million people in Nigeria use drugs outside prescription, addiction cost on society is high. So, if substance abuse is not properly handled it leads to financial hardship.

7. It Causes Loss Of Intimacy

I want you to know that drug abuse affects not only those that are addicted to it, but their families, friends, and it causes loss of intimacy as well. It can affect strangers and society at large.

Now, one of the major problems of addiction is the lack of intimacy between spouses. So, It can lead to the breakdown of relationships between a parent and child and, if not properly handled can lead to marriage failure.

I want you to note that addicts find it difficult to keep a good relationship with anyone when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, when addiction takes over a person’s life, it can ruin the relationships with people around them, and intimacy can be affected.

Now, if substance abuse turns into addiction, it makes a person not to have an interest in sex. So, drug use causes people to become selfish and cause them not to have emotions in an intimate relationship. On the other hand, the partner of an addict can lose interest in sex because each of them has lost trust in their addicted spouse.

8. It Causes Stress

I want you to note that one of the major reasons why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol is stress. Now, in our family and society at large, we experience stress as a result of substance abuse, in our day to day lives, and how we deal with it is important. So, for some people, in other to cope with the problem it leads them to drug use or alcohol.

On the other hand, stress can be seen as a feeling of emotional or physical tension. So, It can result from an event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

In our society, today addiction appears to be a solution to deal with stress in a way that doesn’t work out for the people. On the other hand, you can get relief from stress through the substance use that you become addicted to, it is temporary, so you need more doses in order to cope with stress.

Now, it is clear that some people are vulnerable to addictions due to stress. So, if it is not properly handled it leads one to addictive behavior which affects the family of the addict and becomes a problem to the society at large.

9. It Leads To Child Abuse And Neglect

Now, the rate of child abuse and neglect in Nigeria is quite alarming. I want you to note that millions of children suffer from child abuse and neglect every year due to drug use.

On the other hand, child abuse or child maltreatment can be seen as a physical, sexual, emotional, or neglect of a child or children, by a parent or a caregiver.

Now, substance abuse and addiction have a negative impact on the welfare of a child. So, drug use is linked to child abuse and neglect and it affects family and society at large.

Children in Nigeria are exposed to child labor, sexual exploitation, trafficking, conflict, and marriage. Now, physical abuse is one of the major forms of child abuse. It can subject a child to be kicked, bitten, slapped, or beaten up.

Children of parents with a substance use problem are at risk of sexual abuse and neglect. So, if you are sexually abused as a child there is a tendency to engage in drug abuse in the future.

So, it is clear that substance abuse can make a parent, the caregiver failed to provide for a child’s needs which lead to abuse and neglect.

10. It Causes Conflict

Now, substance abuse can affect a family and society at large in so many ways. So, it is clear that drug use can cause conflict in families and has a negative influence on day to day communication. 

I want you to note that drugs and alcohol can act on the brain that leads addicts to engage in aggressive and violent behavior to the family members. On the other hand, people who are addicted to heroin or cocaine can commit crimes in order to get money to buy 1kg of drugs.

Now, when addicts spend time together it can lead to anger and resentment which causes family members to shout at each other. So, it is clear that substance abuse leads to complaints, criticism, and quarrels which ends up in conflict.


Now, substance abuse is one of the major problems that affect families and society at large. So, these issues create challenges for people who are into drug use.

So, families are expected to look after and provide adequate care for their children. And for those who are already addicted to drugs, the affected people should help show them love and help them to recover.

25 Reasons Why Marriages Fail In Nigeria

25 Reasons Why Marriages Fail In Nigeria

The reasons, why marriages fail in Nigeria, is a question that has been asked over the years. Marriage has the potential to enrich the couple’s lives and add to the gratification of life. However, I want you to note that marriages in Nigeria also run into trouble waters, cause distress, put a strain on partners, and sometimes even cause harm. Reports from customary courts across the country feature that the rate in which couples divorce is alarming. Even in Christian settings, many denominations in Nigeria have been battling divorce request cases from uncountable couples that run in geometric progression.

Being in love, especially when it is reciprocated, may avert marriage failure, there are times love stories turn bitter, and individuals who were once in love become enemies and sometimes wish they had never met. And, it should be noted that not all marital crises lead to divorce; sometimes, the love they once shared just get cold. It is imperative to state that before a crisis erupts in marriage, there must have been certain personal and/or self-oriented interest(s) from one of the partner or both, which was not attended to, and the lack of attention to such resulted to the overbearing issues which enhance marital challenge(s) that leads to divorce.

In issues related to a romantic relationship, no doubt that there could never be an end to surprises, regardless of whether the couple is or not. However, it has become difficult in our present society for marriages with no solid foundation to survive the increasing explosion in immorality directly linked to the selfishness that has overwhelmed our society.

It is common to read about married couples going their separate ways due to lack of premarital education, unsettled differences but reports show that those differences didn’t arise from anywhere; they are issues that can be managed before getting out of control.

25 Reasons Why Marriages Fail In Nigeria

However, you may ask why do marriages fail? Here are the 25 awesome reasons why marriages fail in Nigeria

1. Infidelity or Extra-marital Affairs

Infidelity or extramarital affairs are some of the reasons for divorce in Nigeria. In our society today couples do not have to prove that the other partner has done anything wrong to file for divorce, infidelity or extra-marital affairs is a major cause for the breakdown of most marriages that end in divorce. Couples can file for divorce because of the irreconcilable differences which, means that the couple is unable to resolve their differences in other to save their marriage.

Therefore, infidelity or extra-marital affairs is a serious contributing factor to falling apart relationship couples need to avoid it.

2. Lack of Commitment

Marriage is good but it also needs a high level of commitment, love, and patience which is the reason why after getting married, people start to feel burdened by the responsibility and prefer to be on their own to focus on their personal goals. As you noted above, the reason people give for why their marriage fail is a lack of commitment to one or both couple’s parts.

Many couples take the issue of commitment lightly, but it is a serious factor that individuals should pay attention to. There are a number of discoveries people make after a marriage that would not be in consonance with their expectations from that person or what they are used to from that person. For instance, it could be that the man or woman carries all the burden at home. So, as simple as it may sound lack of commitment if not properly handled might lead to a breakdown in the marriage.

3. Financial Challenge

It is a common belief that issues associated with money are the cause of problems among couples and it is one of the major factors that has led to the collapse of many marriages in Nigeria. However, a problem might come up in marriage due to financial challenges, which can lead to misunderstanding, quarrel, fighting, and more conflict.

For instance, this happens in several ways when you lie to your partner about how much money you make every month or unable to fulfill your financial obligations, hiding income or accounts, including opening credit cards or bank accounts without the other partner’s knowledge. Therefore, couples need to pay attention to these because it is among the major reasons for divorce.

4. Sexual Dissatisfaction

Sexual dissatisfaction can be seen as the inability of any of the partners to fully enjoy sexual intercourse. It is a serious problem in most marriages and some partners find it very difficult to discuss it openly. Lack of sex or sexual dissatisfaction in marriage becomes an issue if the wife or husband is not happy with the situation and hunger for intimacy and a sexual connection with a partner.

Moreover, sexual dissatisfaction usually rises from one partner’s inability to satisfy the other during sex, which is the commonest reason for divorce and this might be because of non-cooperation during the act or maybe one partner has higher sex libido than the other therefore might not be getting enough from each other.

5. Lack of Understanding

Understanding is a basic ingredient for a blissful marriage, but it is unfortunate that it is lacking among couples in our society. So many couples in Nigeria today rush into marriage without understanding each other, which may eventually lead to a failed marriage. So, a lack of understanding in marriage brings about the unrest of mind, emotional pain, unhappiness, and lack of trust. I want you to note that understanding your partner helps in building a blissful marriage.

6. Substance Abuse

It is common that substance abuse constitutes one of the major problems that couples face. For instance, marriage is built on trust. It is impossible to have a good relationship without trust. Couples who engage in drug abuse will often lie about their addiction. They will lie about where they are going and who they are hanging out with. When their partner finds out that they are lying, they will be hurt.

The problem with substance abuse is that when a husband or wife is addicted, their whole life centers on when they are going to get their next high. That is why they will begin to neglect their responsibilities at home. This can put a great deal of stress on the other partner which can lead to divorce.

7. Poor Communication

Communication may be said to be the lifeblood of a marriage. The ability to speak and listen to one another is the two most profound gifts of God to humanity. Communication can be seen as the process of sharing information with another person in such a way that the receiver digest what is being passed. Poor communication can wreak havoc in any marriage irrespective of who is involved. Any time there is a gap in communication couples build individual walls around them. Poor communication in marriage cripples the smooth running of the marital relationship. It can also lead to a more severe problem, physical separation, or divorce and makes partners lose interest in the union.

Effective communication skill in marriage is vital for the easy and smooth resolution of marital issues and in passing one’s feelings instead of argument and confrontation. Paul Tournier said, no one can develop freely in the world and find full life without being understood by at least one person. If no one understands you in this world, your partner should be able to understand you.

8. Religious Differences

In Nigeria today, the rate in which couples get divorce and re-marriage because of religious differences is quite alarming. Many families are seriously at war with themselves because of their failure to arrest, manage, or resolve religious differences. Many couples in Nigeria are going through a lot of stress and hardships as a result of religious differences. Marriage should be an exciting and beautiful adventure and the relationship between husband and wife is intended to get better every day. I want you to understand that religious differences can wreak havoc in a relationship if not properly handled.

So, no matter the reasons for divorce, it can be a difficult and emotional time. If once a happy and lovely home suddenly becomes tension-filled and impossible to maintain because of religious differences, it may lead to divorce.

9. Lack of Forgiveness

I want you to note that forgiveness is a strength because it shows that you have goodwill towards your partner. If you are unable to forgive your partner it brings about grudges, resentment, anger, hatred, bitterness, and confrontation becomes the order of the day. So, forgiving your wife or husband is one way of letting go so that you can heal and move on with your spouse.

10. Telling Lies and Keeping Secrets

A lie can be seen as making a false statement to another person with the intention of having them believe that it is true. On the other hand, a secret can be seen as something done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of other people. So, when people are involved in secrets, they often engage in lying in other to maintain the secrecy. Telling lies and keeping secrets is one of the major things that can destroy any trust built up in a relationship. The problem with lying is that it usually does not stop with just one lie. People will have to tell multiple lies in order to keep covering their tracks. So, lying and keeping secrets to your spouse makes intimacy, and trust impossible.

11. Early Marriage

Early marriage is a major factor that contributes to problems in marriage. It is a significant factor that results in marital instability. Note that marriage is based on knowing each other better and being able to start a family and fully participate in each other’s life. So, people who get married when still young do not have enough knowledge about preparations for the companionship of marriage which may lead to divorce. Young people are encouraged to explore their identity, work, and love before getting married and individuals who fail to look into these may be disappointed.

So, I want you to note that marriage at a young age increases the likelihood of divorce, especially in the early years of the marriage.

12. Lack of Premarital Education

I want you to note that lack of premarital education is one of the major reasons for instability in marriages. Now, the premarital period is one of the critical points for the prevention of serious relationship problems. When couples prepare well before they get married, they stand in a better position to succeed. So, the effectiveness of a premarital counselor will depend on the quality, stability, and success of their own marriage. It helps couples not to rush into marriage without spending time to discuss their future together. On the other hand, the participants should understand the things to avoid and the things that God expects in every marriage. I believe it should serve as a prevention effort to help healthy and happy couples stay together.

13. Loss of Attraction

One of the things I hear couples saying is, my partner is no longer attractive to me anymore. It is always heartbreaking to wake up and realize that you’re no longer attracted to your spouse. I want you to realize that it is common for couples to lose attraction for each other.

Now, take a trip down memory lane and exhume those days of courtship. Do you still remember your first date, first kiss, and the first time you held your partner’s hand? Do you still remember why you fell in love with your spouse? Determine to bring back such times you shared together in love and it will amaze you the level of closeness you will experience again

14. Lack of Respect

A famous German philosopher Johann Goethe said, treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. I want you to note that when you treat a man as he should be and he will become as he should be. 90 percent of people respond well when treated with respect elevating their thought and actions to the same level of respect they were given or even beyond. The most precious need of man can only be met by his mate. Irrespective of the class or background, there are needs only your spouse can meet better than anyone else can. This need when met brings out the best in your union. So, respecting your spouse being his or her biggest fan is the best gift you can give in your marriage.

15. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy can be seen as a state of having close personal knowledge of your spouse. It is not only sexual because you can be sexual with someone but not intimate. It is a process of knowing and being known. It is total and absolute openness on both sides. Any marriage that lacks adequate knowledge of each other is on the verge of collapse. They will always find it difficult to bond.

The completeness of marriage is anchored on closeness, love, communication, support, sharing, and fidelity. There is no other place the true meaning of intimacy can be realized than in a marriage. This is a place where one heart gives in exchange for another. So, when intimacy goes away, each partner may feel rejected. That can lead to divorce in a marriage.

16. Lack of Compatibility

One of the major factors that lead to divorce is the lack of compatibility between marriage partners. Compatibility is a state in which two people are able to exist or occur together without conflict or problem. No two people are the same. Every single person has different emotional and physical wants and needs. When married partners cannot make peace with their problems, whatever they may be, it often results in a divorce.

So, it is expedient for couples to relate to equality and respect. A marriage succeeds when two people are compatible. It is important for couples to have fun together and enjoy the time they spend together. I want you to note that being compatible increases the chance of having a lasting and blissful marriage in which both partners are happy and fulfilled.

17. You No Longer Love Each Other

God is love and as His image, it is expected of us to manifest this love to each other. Marriage is a revelation of God’s love. Love is not based on feelings or the attitude and behavior of the recipient. It is based on will, determination to love at all times. This is the kind of love that should be appropriated into our marriage. Love brings husband or wife to the level of preoccupation with each other that it becomes impossible to separate them except by death.

18. Unrealistic Expectations

A great number of couples have high expectations for their marriage. They come to marriage with the same euphoria of their courtship phase. Blinded by the strong feeling of love, they assume that it will be the same in marriage or even better. They believe that getting married will mean a greater level of joy and happiness but it is an illusion. I always tell couples that in marriage the feeling of love is never enough. You need something greater to remain married and that something is commitment. Misconception about marriage burdens every problematic marriage today.

I want you to note that marriage is sweet and enjoyable but it does not come on a platter of gold. One of the reasons couples find it difficult to settle down is because of their orientation about marriage.

19. Lack of Appreciation

In other to build a blissful marriage you have to appreciate your spouse. Your marriage should be filled with love and appreciation. Being appreciated brings out the best in any man or woman and when received from your spouse it strengthens the cord of unity among the couples which helps a marriage to grow. Any time you appreciate your spouse it moves him or her to do more. On the other hand lack of appreciation if not properly handled can lead to a failed marriage.

20. Value Your Spouse

In Nigeria culture, valuing your spouse is one of the best gifts you can offer to your spouse. It gives your spouse a sense of belonging. Your spouse should come first in whatever you do. Go the extra mile to ensure that your spouse is comfortable, this is one of the things that makes marriage blissful.

21. Getting Married Through Online Dating

In our society today online dating is one of the major factors that kill romance and the dinner date. So, it’s effects on marriage is deeper than you think. On the other hand, couples who meet online are going to divorce in the future.

Now, online dating is one of the ways in which people get married but, this type of marriage is full of flaws and woes. In Nigeria today, people don’t value it or see it as a means of meeting their spouses.

In our culture, people don’t value the idea of online dating because they do not believe in it. So, it as well promotes the avenue of infidelity between couples.

Now, fraudsters use it as a means of scamming people, not knowing they toy with the emotions of their online partner. I want to bring to your knowledge that there is a lot of fake web sites which aim is to extort money from their users, people as well pretend to be who they are not.

22. Lack Of Investment

I want to bring to your knowledge that lack of investment can be disastrous for your marriage and you need to avoid it at all costs. In Nigeria today, a lot of marriages fail because they did not invest properly.

Now, with the high rate of divorce in our country, a lot of couples are saving their money for material things such as a car, cloth, and house, etc.

As a married couple, it is expedient to sit down and plan for the future by investing in a business that will yield daily income.

23. Family And Social Pressure

Family and social pressure can be seen as a force or influence that a third party puts on couples. For instance, if the couples are married for a long time without a child, the parents of each couple will invite them for questioning.

In Nigeria today, family and social pressure come in different ways. So, it can come from friends, peer groups, and the in-laws.

In our culture family and social pressure are some of the major factors that can lead to marriage failure. On the other hand, if the social life of the spouse is not well spoken of by society, each of them will find it difficult to have a blissful marriage.

24. Addicted To The Internet

Now, like drug or alcohol addiction, being addicted to the internet can lead to conflicts between couples in a marriage. So, over the years, the use of the internet has increased.

I want to bring to your knowledge that as the internet improves a person’s social skills, it has disadvantages that can cause conflict in marriages.

the use of the internet has escalated all over the world to the point that people can not do without it. For instance, people who spend time playing games or chatting through social media platforms, and it can lead to divorce if not properly handled.

Now, a spouse who is addicted to the internet, staying online all the time makes your partner feel bad and lonely. So, part of the time you spent in catching fun through the net can be used to interact with your spouse in other to understand each other.

25. Lack Of Vision

Now, I want to bring to your knowledge that in other to have a blissful marriage you need vision. So, as a married couple, the foundation of your marriage depends on the plan you have for the future.

In our country today, some married couples have a plan for their wedding but lack a vision that can keep the family growing.


In conclusion, disagreement in a marriage is inevitable because it is a part of social interaction. Now, how partners are able to manage it determines how they will get along. On the other hand, learning to see your spouse as a teammate and not as an opponent is very important in a marriage. Couples that want their marriage to be blissful recognize each other’s contribution and effort.

10 Things About Dating Swedish Girls

10 Things About Dating Swedish Girls

Sweden is a beautiful and attractive country and is also known for its beautiful women. If you’re thinking about dating a Swedish girl then you must keep this info in mind. It may help you a lot.

First of all, learn that dating in Sweden is not called dating. It’s called pickup which suggests heading out for coffee and pastries. Dating in Sweden is a well-established process. Its first phase is called cecum wherein you meet the girl and go out for a walk or eating together. Heading out together for a dinner symbolizes that it’s becoming serious.

10 Things About Dating Swedish Girls

Here are 10 things to know about dating Swedish Girls

1. Swedish Girls are Beautiful 

Swedish young girls are beautiful and practically the best quality level about Scandinavian beauty. What’s more, as specialists of this specific sort of beauty, its high time I share this knowledge. A division exists between Swedish young ladies. At the top end, they are the most beautiful ladies on the planet. The subsequent gathering falls inside the normal scope of engaging quality. They will in general be somewhat overweight yet with charming countenances. There are not very many terrible girls in Sweden. Along these lines, one can contend that the normal Swedish young lady is genuinely alluring.

2. They Are Receptive

The fact is single Swedish young ladies are receptive that is the reality. They appreciate multicultural life because the ethnicity in Sweden has changed over the most recent 30 years, so they are prepared and don’t hesitate to acknowledge another culture, particularly American. These folks are so alluring to Swedish young ladies since they like to have a global relationship. They like to meet another culture or last build up a family and carry on with their life in marriage with adoring men from another nation.

Swedish young ladies are exceptionally open to dating men from assorted races. It is genuinely basic to see darker looking men with delightful blondies. Indian, Bedouin, and African men do well here; as do, African Americans. It can even be said that Swedish young ladies by and large feel weak at the knees over American men. Numerous Swedish young ladies work and study in the US during their college years. They will in general build up an affection for Americans. Notwithstanding adoring American’s inflections, they think American men are extremely cool.

3. They Drink a Lot

Every type of alcohol is consumed there. Champagne, vodka, beer, wine are among the common intake there. And women aren’t behind in this culture. They also consume alcohol regularly. So if the Swedish women you’re intrigued in inform you about her high rate of alcohol consumption then do not be shocked.

4. Swedish Girls Value Equality

Swedish girls value equality so much because there are equally polite and qualified as men. Feminism is celebrated there so if you try to put down the woman you’re dating or make her seem inferior in front of you then it’s not going to end well. In case you would like to date casually and aren’t looking for something serious then you can tell them that they’re open-minded, friendly, and easy to connect. Sweden being a developed country extremely promotes gender equality.

Women, there are modern and hold the ability to pay their very own bills. Swedish females are incredibly independent. At times she may take charge of monetary control in your life like paying bills, investment. Bear in mind that their liberty doesn’t become a problem for you. Often you can be asked out from the girl directly. If you get any such situation, then do not be taken aback because Swedish women aren’t shy and due to equality don’t hesitate in asking someone out. If you’re dating a Swedish woman and it is going well, but there isn’t any declaration from the lady yet then do not get panicked.

5. They Pay Their Own Bills

Swedish girls don’t consequently think of you as the provider since you’re a man. She esteems money related freedom and has no issue of once in a while paying the bills. Even though having said this, sending her gifts or opening up the entryway for her is as yet valued.

6. Swedish Girls are Reserved

If you meet a Swedish young lady. It can appear mission impossible from the start. This is because Swedish girls are reserved, they will in general stick with their gathering of companions and they practice equality and feminism so some may take day game as an offense.

Additionally, with the standard winter temperatures in Sweden, you can’t truly endure day game in the city for a long time.

7. They Speak English Fluently

Swedish girls speak great English however communicating in another language additionally becomes a barrier. Because of this, you ought to be ready to do the majority of the talking.

Swedish ladies appreciate great discussion and real association as most people do. Try not to stress over her relative quietness. Even though she may not be the best conversationalist, on the off chance that she decides to spend time with you, you can be certain she’s at any rate somewhat intrigued.

8. Swedish Girls Are Straightforward

In certain countries, ladies simply don’t have the foggiest idea of how to say no. They would go out with individuals they don’t have the smallest interest in but because they asked. It’s unusual, it sits around, and eventually, it brings dissatisfaction.

With Swedish ladies, this is no issue. On the off chance that she’s despite everything conversing with you, it implies that she’s interested. If she said yes to a date, she is interested in you. A few young ladies may even ask you out themselves. That is why dating Swedish girls are lovely. The typical acting hard to get is non-existent there.

9. They Want To Be Valued And Respected

There are some countries where kisses, embraces, and huge amounts of signals are normal. If you originate from a place like that, Swedish ladies may strike you as horrendously cold. They are not. They just want to be valued and respected at first.

10. Swedish Girls Value Personal Quality

Swedish girls value personal qualities like trustworthiness, devotion, and commitment to the network a lot higher than your salary or your capacity to give an extravagant way of life to her. This is because everybody in Sweden is living a comfortable life as of now. They don’t esteem riches close to as much as different countries do.


Swedish girls are infamous for taking things moderate with regards to connections. You don’t naturally get restrictive when you begin to sleep with one another.

Easy going indulgences and hookups are acknowledged, if not supported in Swedish society. Connections, then again, are viewed as a genuine duty which they are and young ladies will in general be careful about them.

The extraordinary thing about this is it doesn’t mean she’s not into you. It doesn’t imply that she doesn’t need a relationship. Swedish ladies are just shrewd enough to become acquainted with you before they hop into a relationship.

Top 10 Tips On Building A Sustainable Business In Nigeria

Top 10 Tips On Building A Sustainable Business In Nigeria

Have you ever ask yourself why most business enterprises in Nigeria hardly survive beyond the first year in business? Running a business in Nigeria is no stroll in the park. From challenges with infrastructure to getting access to needed finance to finding the right staff, there is so much to contend with. This article is focused on the top 10 tips on building a sustainable business in Nigeria which will facilitate the success of your business.

For a business to be successful, it depends greatly on the ability of the enterprise to accomplish its key performance indicator in a sustainable manner. It is expedient that the Government should create a friendly and enabling environment that would be conducive for both business organizations in Nigeria and investors for sustainability and growth of the economy.

Top 10 Tips On Building a Sustainable Business In Nigeria

Here are the Top 10 Tips On Building a Sustainable Business In Nigeria:

  1. Create a business-friendly and enabling environment

A business doesn’t function in a vacuum. Regularly, the business functions in a multidimensional environment. The environment itself is dependent upon a huge level of progress. The alliance among business and its surroundings is certainly one of mutuality that is, the environment brings difficulty to the business while the business, thus, influences some aspect of its environment.

The business environment can be seen as the combination of every single environmental condition and impact that is capable of influencing or affecting business exercises. The business environment involves cultural, social-political, and financial factors or situations that are capable of influencing the life, development, and growth of business outfits or enterprise.

       2. People are the doorway to success

People are the doorway that leads to a sustainable business. Any business that is not people considerate, does not have a lasting future. Whatever business you are doing that is not first driven by a passion for delivering satisfaction to people can not last. One of the largest and fast-growing businesses in Nigeria today is the multilevel marketing or networking business. This business thrives on giving value to people through the creation of a reward system and cycle.

For instance, having the right keys does not guarantee automatic entry into a house, the right key must be deployed on the right door before access can be truly granted. The world has changed drastically from the industrial economy which relies so much on individual production ability. It doesn’t matter the number of skills you possess, without the possession of people relationship skills, the capacity for your business to grow remains very slim. People as the doorway to success remained sacrosanct in other to sustain your business. Therefore, what you do with people determines if your business will succeed or not.

     3. Have a good Management policy

The ability of the business to gain sustainability successfully depends on a good management policy that should be based on solid and sound principles. It represents a commitment demonstrated by top management that moves beyond compliance and efficiency to avoid risks and minimize costs. First of all, for a business enterprise to be sustained it needs to mature and shift up a level from the narrow ego-centric pursuits of market domination. Therefore, a good management policy needs to be adopted to be able to manage both short and long-term perspectives concurrently.

Good management policy is hard to maintain but if it works successfully the benefits are numerous and significant. It enhances the decision-making capacity, the adaptability of your business, supplies a wealth of insight and knowledge. It creates opportunities and an avenue for innovation.

      4. Differentiate Your Business Through  Innovation

Innovation is vital to your business being able to improve its processes, bring new and improved quality products and services to market, increase its efficiency and, most importantly, improve its profitability. However, it adds value to existing products, services, or markets so as to differentiate the business from its competitors and increase the perceived value to the customers and markets. In a level playing field where everyone has access to the same resources and your competitors can do the same thing you do, innovation is an important way to differentiate your business.

Innovation brings increase turnover and improves profitability, reduce costs, build the value of your brand, establish new partnerships and relationships, improve productivity, and be more competitive. You can innovate by introducing new techniques, technology, or working practices by using better processes to give a more consistent quality of the product. Therefore, in other to grow and move your business forward, study your marketplace, and understand how innovation will add value to your customers.

          5. Have a Good Business Plan

In other to build a sustainable business in Nigeria you need to have a well-written business plan. It attracts big investors and provides direction for your business to succeed. A good business plan is vital for the growth and success of your business. It integrates the changes you need to make in your business to maintain and increase your capacity. Writing an outstanding business plan helps you pay attention to the extensive operational and financial plan of your new business and the details, like market planning and budgeting. The procedure will eventually make for an easy startup period and fewer unexpected problems as your business get up and running.

A business plan is paramount if you are thinking of starting a business, it is an essential tool for established businesses. Workable businesses are many; they change and grow. Your original business plan needs to be improved as you set new goals. A quality business plan will also help you see which goals you’ve been able to accomplish, the changes that need to be made, or new directions your business growth should take.

         6. Have a Good Customer Service Relationship

Maintaining a good customer service relationship and customer satisfaction are significant measures in building a sustainable business in Nigeria. Satisfaction, confidence, and willingness to recommend have a strong connection. To grow and sustain your business, you need to understand the drivers for your customers and how they see you are performing against these drivers. You need to understand how to behave as your business expands in other to help your customers achieve their goals. Taking customers for granted is a major killer of businesses in Nigeria. Many business owners in Nigeria forget that people are interconnected, one satisfied customer is a hit and link to several other potential customers.

        7. Have a Long Term Goal

If you are starting a business enterprise you presumably plan to remain in business for a long time. So as to achieve this goal, you must have an idea of what you want your business to achieve. You set up long term goals and endeavor to make them work out as intended. When you’ve met your unique goals, you make new ones. Most of these new goals may be ones you need to meet quickly, while others will take longer. Those are your business long term goals, and they’re significant.

       8. Insist On Quality Product

Quality products help to build your business reputation, increase customer satisfaction, lower risk, and cost of replacing damaged goods. Your business can build a reputation for quality products by picking up accreditation with a renowned quality standard.

A quality product is not just about introducing a product or service that exceeds the standard, but on the other hand, it’s also about the reputation you gain for always delivering a customer experience that is well beyond. Notwithstanding in any business you’re involved in, your customers will not choose you solely based on price, however, based on the quality of your product. Actually, customers will pay more for a product or service that they believe is well-packaged or surpasses the standard. Your customers anticipate that you should deliver quality products.

     9. Welcome Valuable Criticism

To welcome valuable criticism in business can be difficult. However, building a sustainable business depends on your ability to welcome people’s reviews and opinions, you may encounter a customer who wants to show you an improved way of doing business. It may be difficult to manage; all things being equal, no one gets a kick out of the chance to be told they’re wrong. However, valuable criticism gives you an edge over your competitors.

Constructive criticism can direct you away from bad practices and towards great ones. Try to be objective and look at what you’re selling as though it’s not yours. There will be occasions when you feel the criticism is personal and, from time to time, you’ll be correct. People are questionable and it’s important to remember to not be offended by customer’s comments. However, in other to excel in business you must be able to take criticism on board and not respond as though it’s a personal attack. You must be able to make it work to your advantage because it puts you ahead of everyone in your sector and can be used again in the future to get things right, even faster, and keep your reputation intact.

        10. Good Teamwork

Building a successful business enterprise is about more than finding a group of people with a good combination of professional skills. If you have good teamwork it will help you lay the groundwork for a highly effective team that can innovate, cooperate, and communicates in an atmosphere of common trust and respect.


Building a sustainable business enterprise is considered as being central to economic activities and growth worldwide. A sustainable business enterprise is important to the success or failure of your business in Nigeria. Business does not operate in isolation but within a given environment which can shape their performance, survival, and profitability. In order for your business to grow, there is a need for you to be able to adapt as external challenges arise.