Why You Will Not Lack Anything

Why You Will Not Lack Anything

Joel 2:21-27

We are in the last days, the time of the latter glory and the days of the heavier glory. We are in the days were God will be operating with divine speed in lifting His people. So God is saying that as He multiplies you, He will glorify you. Lack therefore, is not godliness. To be in lack does not make you look like a child of God at all. Because God wants you big. Not all winners in life sweat to win. Covenant abundance means you do not sweat to succeed. There is a difference, between hard work and hard life. Now, why you will not lack anything; is that the Almighty God, is your Provider.

For instance Adam never lived in lack until he fell. Jesus, the second Adam, never knew any lack all through His life here on earth. In times of challenges and lack, He knew what to do as He did in the incident of the feeding of the 5,000 people. Therefore what Adam lost to Satan, Jesus recovered to us. However, enjoying is conditional. Because the Bible reveals that righteous living; is another secret to a life of not being in want. In other words, if you do not want to lack anything in life, live a holy life. The reason why I don’t need to be persuaded to live holy, is because having tasted poverty in the real sense of it and also tasting a little life of abundance, I know that the latter is far better than the former; and I have traced the life of abundance I enjoy to the time I gave my life to Christ. So, I have made up my mind that I will be obedient to God’s word in its entirety; which is what holiness is all about. Therefore you don’t have to pray about your needs, because they already automatically have been registered into God’s supply system.

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However, you may be thinking, i have needs at the moment, and I don’t know where the funds to take care of them would come from. What do I do? I want you to know that, the Good Shepherd makes you to lie down in green pastures, and as if that is not enough, this same Jehovah Rapha leads you besides the still waters. So if you know what to do in the midst of any hardship, you will come out on top. You can disappoint disappointments with knowledge. That is, when you know what to do, you can walk out of every disappointment. Therefore why you will not lack anything; is that God has positioned you to enjoy life of abundance.

You Have To Desire A Higher Level

You Have To Desire A Higher Level

Daniel 1:8

It is important to recognise that you are an offspring of God, and the epitome of success. This is because at redemption, we were ordained men and women of outstanding and unusual feats. So, be true to who you are and the dream inside your heart. Build the dream within you; and avoid copying other people in whatever they do. Because it is natural for every human being to desire to attain a higher position, output or level of productivity in every sphere of endeavour. So you have to desire a higher level, because God rejoices over His outstanding children like a natural father will do.

Now i want you to start by knowing the very thing that you truly desire in your heart, like the type of car, house, family or life and style. Do not allow the circumstances of life; dictate to you what you should want because of the way life is. However, it is sad that not everyone is ready to pay the price needed to attain this higher level. Do you desire to go higher in your pursuits in life? If you desire advancement in your career, ministry, business or academics you must acknowledge that in God’s created order; you cannot expect an output where there is not input. In other words, there is a price to pay to obtain anything good in life. From our anchor scripture, Daniel is a good example of who desired to make excellent stride in his pursuits. When he and his friends were enrolled in the University of Babylon, they immediately determined in their hearts that they would graduate with first class honors and distinctions, even though they were in a strange land. To Daniel and his colleagues, it was necessary for them to defer the delicacies; and luxurious lifestyle of a minister in making. So, Daniel and three of his colleagues paid a heavy price; before they were promoted to higher levels of their profession. The king they served had decreed that all his subjects must worship his graven image, but Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego declined to do so; because they served a God who alone is worthy of worship.

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However, you need to Live out what you believe; because when you succeed people will begin to use you as a model to live by. Because the world only punishes people that are not bold, but once you show that courage by making a demand on life it will surely respond to you positively. Therefore you have to desire a higher level; because that’s your positional advantage in Christ.

Be A Faithful Ambassador Of Christ

Be A Faithful Ambassador Of Christ

2 Corinthians 5:20

An ambassador is a legal representative of his country; in a foreign nation. He is an official or diplomatic agent accredited to a foreign government, but sovereign as the resident representative of his own government. Also, he provides a link between his host and the nation or organisation he represents. Apart from the wonderful privileges of being independent of host nation, as he relies solely on his home government, his major goal is carrying out all the tasks of his diplomatic assignment. This is why, you must be a faithful ambassador of Christ in this end time.

Furthermore, as Christ ambassador you must see yourself as a stranger; living in a foreign land called earth. Unless you live your life as a pilgrim with temporary stay on earth, you cannot be Christ’s ambassador indeed. Because the government you represent, ensures an exceeding supply of all your needs; and requirements to function in the host nation. So no matter what happens around you, you are unperturbed because you are fully catered for by your home government. So beloved, to be Christ’s ambassador indeed requires learning of Him. Therefore as an ambassador you must represent the message of your leader, who is not present directly. Also you must be an embodiment; of the character of your leader. For instance the early apostles are great examples, of how to live your life as Christ’s ambassador. Although most of them were ignorant and illiterate men, they were also something else, which supersede every other thing, they were clones of the Lord Jesus Christ; reflecting His life and principles. It is therefore not surprising that they did the same feats the Lord did while in the flesh, thus fulfilling the prophecy Jesus made that we would do the works He did; and even greater works than He did. Even the Jewish leaders who persecuted the disciples; admitted that they resembled their Master. Do you see yourself as Christ’s ambassador in all that you do?

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The disciples of old lived their lives as Christ’s ambassadors; and did not regret it. In fact, Jesus promised them a hundredfold return on their commitment, and this promise is yours also. This means you have been officially appointed, as God’s legal representative on earth today. Therefore, as a heavenly ambassador of Christ, you are open to enjoy all the wonderful privileges; of your heavenly kingdom here on earth. What you need to function effectively on earth are no longer your responsibility, but Christ’s; and He had made them abundantly available to you. Therefore, be a faithful ambassador of Christ today.

The Principles Of Christian Dressing

The Principles Of Christian Dressing

Genesis 3:21

Your dressing and appearance, are an important index of Christian character. Clothes and appearance are most powerful nonverbal communicators not only of your socioeconomic status, but also of your moral values. Because God was the first tailor who clothed Adam and Eve with a singular purpose of covering their nakedness, moderately and completely. So the principles of Christian dressing, is for you not to loss your social status; and personal identity.

Now, style has always been an important part of self expression. It gives meaning to your ethnicity, social status, and personal identity. It can also be based on your professional ethics, weather or climate change, or personal preference. In all, it should be modest and reflect your Christian values. However, your dressing should make you and to a great extent, others who see you, comfortable. As a believer you are no more living for yourself, therefore, your mode of dressing must glorify God openly and in the secret. So Christian dressing should, therefore, not encourage pride and lust but inward adorning only. It must not cause fellow believers to stumble. Also careless dressing can misrepresent you; and what you stand for as a child of God. Because, people tend to either accord you with respect or disdain; by the way you are dressed. In other words the way you dress; is the way you will be addressed. Even though you are created to be morally independent, with the ability to make personal decisions, you  have to make use of your creative mind to filter your dressing; in a way that will be pleasing to God. But in our society today, many of our youths and adults dress in several ways; that defy the original purpose of God in cloth wearing. Nowadays, it is hard to distinguish Christians from non Christians; in their dressing. In some pentecostal churches, their young ladies dress like prostitutes and young men dress like area boys. Males and females parade themselves with anti scriptural types of dressing and life styles such as mini skirts, sagging, armless blouses and all kinds of horrible dresses; that are not Christ like or Godly.

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So, through ungodly dressing, many people have opened doorways for demons; and provided ladders for evil spirits to invade their lives. Therefore as singles determined to make a difference, what you wear should reflect your mission and prove that you are heading to a glorious future. Be modest, decent, and moderate. So the principles of Christian dressing, is that you are the light of the world.

Don’t Allow Fear To Limit You

Don't Allow Fear To Limit You

Isaiah 41:10

Now, the Lord has ordained for your life to be full of His glory through Christ Jesus. There is no limit to how glorious; and blissful your life should be. There is no end to your prosperity, victory, success and advancement. Christ in you takes away the limits. Because the glory of God, came into your life the day you were born again. Therefore, your life ought to move from one realm of glory to another and from faith to faith. So don’t allow fear to limit you, because God is able to perform what He had said concerning you.

Again many people have defined fear, as false evidence appearing real. This definition is very correct. A lot of people have missed their time to shine; because of fear. Some people are not living fulfilled lives now, because when they were young, they were afraid to do certain things. If you want to achieve greatness in life, now is the best time to tackle fear; go for the things you want. Because in the supernatural, there is no limit to what God has given to you. So, fear is not permitted to limit you. God is speaking to you now, all things are yours. So the moment you believe the word of God, which is supernatural; you step into the arena were fear is not possible to limit you.  Therefore when God speaks, He does not speak at your level; He speaks at His level. God does not talk to us based on circumstances; He talks to us based on His abilities. He does not speak based on situations; He speaks based on what He can do. Have you always wished you were on the relay team? Go ahead and register, practice hard and you will soon be on the team. When you say no, the team is only for the best, not people like me, you are allowing fear to limit you. You need to drop that mentality now, if not, you will grow old with it; and it can really limit you.

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Now if you are a student don’t be afraid to go for competitions, raise your hands to answer questions in class, represent your group for that class presentation. Just make the move, God will support you. For example Moses was first afraid to lead the people of Israel to the Promised Land, he gave excuses, but he eventually made the move and God was with him all the way. Imagine what great achievement he could have missed; if he let fear take the best part of him. Therefore don’t allow fear to limit you, because God does the impossible.

Being Industrious Has It’s Rewards

Being Industrious Has It's Rewards

Proverbs 22:29

Being industrious is the ability to exercise carefulness, persistence, and determination; in ensuring excellence in any endeavour. It means, giving the degree of care required in a given situation. You are said to be industrious, when you exude commitment and perseverance in transforming your vision into reality. So being industrious has it’s rewards; both in life and eternity. Industrious means, putting your very best into your work by paying attention to detail. It’s a common factor among highly successful people in the world, irrespective of their professions.

Now God expects you to be industrious, if you’re going to be successful in carrying out His assignment for your life. It’s a virtue you must practise daily. Because, God longs to pour out His favor and blessing on you. He longs to show you His goodness and provision. He promises to do His part, but you have to do your part. So, you have to be industrious. For instance, Abraham did not step out and fold his hands for God to start doing wonders; rather he was industrious. Abraham reared cattle and was the first man; to have a cattle ranch. He was very industrious and intelligent worker, who was never idle and believed in hard work. So God will only prosper what you do; not what you just confess. You have to do something to prosper otherwise nothing will work, except you work. So, whoever tells you that there is no longer a reward; for being industrious in this world is a liar. Now from our anchor scripture, even if an industrious person would not want to come before kings, his or her works will drag him or her to the presence of kings; for due reward. Because, the power in God’s word is a compelling force; that attracts blessings to industrious person. So, the story of Mordecai in the book of Esther is a great example in this regard. Mordecai was a Jewish captive in Shushan during the reign of Ahasuerus, the Persian emperor. He was made a security guard to the king, and in the course of diligently carrying out his duty, he saved the king from being assassinated.

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So this good deed was recorded in the archives of the empire, even though he was not rewarded at that time. However, the night before Haman was to execute his evil plans, the righteousness of God woke the king up and reminded him of the reward; still pending for being industrious. Therefore remember that being industrious has it’s rewards both in this life and in eternity.

You Must Not Sleep On Duty

You Must Not Sleep On Duty

Mathew 13:25

One of the ways to improve your health is making sure you have good enough rest for your physical body, and good sleep has a role to play in this. Because it is recommended, to sleep for a certain number of hours every day. Therefore sleep is a sweet and desirous exercise for every human, especially after the daily activities. But when a person sleeps in the wrong place, in spite of his need for rest; there is more danger than peace. This is why, you must not sleep on duty.

Now the enemy cannot creep in; until he first makes you to sleep. This is why sleep is dangerous. It allows room for spiritual slumber which is the environment, in which Satan’s activities thrive. Because Sleep invites; and permits Satan to work. However, we are soldiers of Christ called to be alert and be watchful. It is nothing but spiritual indiscipline and imminent danger, when a soldier of Christ who is supposed to be battle ready; is found sleeping at his duty post, instead of praying, watching, preaching, evangelizing or doing any kind of service for the Master. Because in prayer you stay awake to keep Him away; just as bon fire keeps away the wild beasts. So, the wildest beast will stay off; when it sees fire burning from afar. Therefore Sleeping at such moment implies many things ranging from spiritual lukewarmness, nonchalance, compromise or carelessness. So to sow tares means to pollute a life, sow evil seeds that could bring misfortune, hardship, affliction and all such negative things into a person’s life. It implies a life whose very fabric, has been tampered with and stained. It takes more efforts to uproot these tares than to plant good seeds. Because If you are a lazy believer, it doesn’t matter how many days you spend in church and how many prayer meetings you attend, nobody will commit great things into your hand.

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There are some people who are always sleeping on duty; some even spend the whole day moving from one office to the other; talking away the day. By the time such people come to their senses, the year is almost ending; and they have nothing substantial to show for the time gone. Therefore, staying awake in your prayer responsibility is the only way to keep the fire burning. Because, in prayer you set the boundaries that the enemy must not cross. Therefore you must not sleep on duty; because the devil is never on vacation.

You Must Be A Good Example Of Follower

Be A Good Example Of Follower

Mark 1:8

Now, a brief look at many contemporary Christian leadership books seem to be confusing the followers of Jesus, with a perceived strategy to shape future leaders of the church; as though Church leaders are in a special category. It should be noted that all followers of Jesus; are called to a life of discipleship. It is not exactly correct to interpret the relationship of Jesus with His disciples, as an effort to develop a leadership training school for the future movement. This is why, you must be a good example of follower in this generation.

For instance apostle Paul was so sure, that his walk with the Lord had no blemish or reproach that he confidently; told believers in his days to follow him as he followed Christ. So, his principle was not do as I say but don’t do as I do. Again, he urged believers to be imitators of God. He was an exemplary spiritual leader. He paid a huge price to attain his enviable spiritual stature; and the status of an apostle. He deserved being a role model to believers in his days, as well as Christians of today. Timothy, his spiritual son and protege, turned out very well in life and ministry for following in his steps. Barnabas, Silas and John Mark will attest to the power of God at work in Paul’s life and the deluge of Grace he carried. In this dispensation, many people blame those in leadership position for the problems in families, organisations, churches and nations. Therefore, people follow leaders who are going Somewhere. So you can’t be going somewhere worthwhile; if you are not a follower yourself. It is obvious that the function of the disciples, within the gospel narratives is not their exemplary leadership, but their role as models who braved the struggles that all followers of Jesus; are destined to face. The disciples humanity, world view, character, and lifestyle, were openly displayed as an example; for future disciples to follow.

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However, you must realize that a follower cannot be above his master; as a servant cannot be above his Lord. To be a Christian, is to imbibe the discipline and humility of a servant. In addition to this important prerequisite for followership, you might add the attributes of humility, gentleness, justice, and love. Beloved, are you a good follower? Only good followers have the right to aspire to be leaders. Only good followers will make good leaders. Therefore you must be a good example of follower in this generation.

The Wonderful Blessings Of Marriage

The Wonderful Blessings Of Marriage

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Marriage leads to a better family relationships, less economic dependence, better physical health and longevity, improved mental health and emotional well being and reduced crime and domestic violence. So there are certain blessings attached to marriage; which you may be ignorant of except the Holy Spirit reveals them to you. Now one of the wonderful blessings in marriage, is that two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

From our anchor scripture, it is clear that divorce is not the correct solution for marriages that are challenged, because divorce robs couples of maximum victory and rewards. Another wonderful blessings attached to marriage, is helping each other out in times of need. This was part of God’s design when He established marriage as an institution. Because, man needed a companion in the form of a kind minded person; who could help him fulfil his God given assignment. For this reason, couples should do everything possible to stay together; because God honours their unity by fighting their battles for them. However, this unity must be of a godly sort, and not like that which existed between Ananias and Sapphira. So, God knows the end from the beginning, and He makes everything beautiful in His own time. Couples should fear God and not offend Him. He is the author of marriage, who created it for couples to receive maximum blessings from Him. Beloved, whatever it may cost you, keep your marriage intact, because there are wonderful blessings attached to holy matrimony. So marriage are highly valued objects, which when profitably traded with, take one off the realm of the ordinary to that of the supernatural. They also raise one from the realm of poverty to riches. In the same way, when the blessings in marriage are properly harnessed, one is bound to enjoy success. You must believe that those blessings are there; and then consciously dig them out before you can profit by them.

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Now you will observe that i said digging, not wishing. That means, you cannot get the blessings in marriage by wishing. Haven’t you heard, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride?Well, wishes are not horses. So, you cannot stay in your house and say, how i wish i can enjoy the blessings in the family. You must work for it. There can be no achievement without demand. Many people don’t want to dig, but they want to enjoy the blessings. Most blessing are buried deep inside the earth, and you have to diligently dig to find it. Therefore, the wonderful blessings of marriage; is that it open doors for unlimited breakthroughs in life.

Your Family Happiness Starts With You

Your Family Happiness Starts With You

Mathew 18:19

Challenges come to every home; what makes the difference between one home and the other is wisdom. Every time you see crisis in the home, wisdom is missing. What you are not committed to, will not produce result. Successful marriages and families did not just come from heaven neither are they lucky; they are built on the Word of God. This is why, your family happiness starts with you.

Most times, the joy, fulfilment and blessings you desire is dependent on you. You are the key factor to what, becomes of your home. The devil has no right to torment or afflict you; without your permission. However, you permit some happenings unknowingly through ignorance. For you to have a stable home, you need to understand your husband or wife. Understanding your spouse, is very important in becoming a good spouse. You must get to know, that everything about your spouse is unique. There are no two people on planet earth; that are exactly the same. Everyone God has made is unique. Thus, you, your spouse and your children are peculiar. You are not a carbon copy of anyone, you are an original and so is your spouse. You and your spouse are wonderfully and fearfully made. You must understand your spouse, if you must enjoy a stable family. You need to study his or her background, likes, dislikes, what makes him or her happy and what affects his or her mood. Again husbands and wives should never disclose their family challenges, to people who are incapable of solving them; it will increase the problem. The knowledge level of a person determines, the kind of answer he or she will give. If you do not want to commit crime, be committed to your family. The Almighty God believes in a relationship; that has commitment as one of its vital qualities. Every problem in the family is a wisdom problem, so be committed to make it work.

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Now for those who are yet to be married, before you say, yes I do to any man or lady on the altar, ask yourself, how much of him or her do I really know? So you must be sensitive. Never walk around with your eyes closed. Your mind is a sound mind, be sensitive. Also learn to communicate effectively with your spouse, and when you know how to do this, it will help you understand who your spouse is. Therefore your family happiness starts with you; by showing appreciation for both small and great acts of kindness. You can also show appreciation, by giving little gifts to your husband or wife and your relationship; will be a heaven on earth.

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