Faith Is God’s Instrument For Answered Prayers

Faith God's Instrument For Answered Prayers

Hebrews 11:1-2

Faith is a spiritual force that commits God’s integrity to make good His promise. In other words, if God has said anything to you and you have faith, you therefore have committed His integrity; because faith is God’s instrument for answered prayers.

Bible in John 11:43 says, And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. When Jesus got to the tomb of Lazarus, the first thing He did was to give thanks to His Father for two reasons; that the Father had heard Him, even before praying, and that the Father always hears Him. Moreover, Jesus Christ did not pray the gentleman’s prayer that is common in many so called elitist Christians organisations today. Also, in the prayer of our Lord at the tomb of Lazarus, we can see Him expressing His faith in what His Father is capable of doing. We can also, perceive the cordial relationship between the Son and the Father in this prayer. This relationship gave the Son the confidence, to ask the Father what He knew would glorify the Father. Jesus would not, ask for anything that did not bring glory to His Father. Many times, we pray and receive no answer because we did not ask with faith. So faith is a guaranteed access to all your inheritance in life; it is a bridge that connects you to your destination. As a child of God, you are supposed to have faith and believe in your prayers and also the word of God.

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As a believer, you should learn to understand the need to develop and strengthen your faith. The prayer of faith, is making decrees based on His words with deep conviction and settled assurance. There is a prayer called prayer of faith; not just prayer alone. In the kingdom of God, it is not just prayer that works; it is prayer wrapped in faith that produces good and desired results. The prayer of faith is not seeing the physical before believing; it is believing before seeing physical manifestations. Therefore faith is God’s instrument for answered prayers. As you begin to pray with faith, so shall all your expectation that are in accordance with God’s word come to pass in your life in the name of Jesus Amen.

The Power Of Restoration

The Power Of Restoration

Joel 2:25

When the earth was in shambles in the beginning, the wonder working God restored it by His word. So anything that the spirit of loss has snatched, can be recovered by our God. He can restore lost years, through the power of restoration.

Now it is interesting to note that the Almighty does not only create, He also restores. I command the restoration power of the Almighty to come upon you today in Jesus name. Restoration is a desire of life, but it can only be accessed through revelation. You need to understand, that revelation is the gateway to your inheritance. That means what you considered lost over the years; can be given to you presently. Have you lost any valuable thing at some point? This year, the Lord will restore it to you in Jesus name. Similarly, God can reverse the natural ageing process and restore youthfulness and vigour to you, hence Psalm 103:5 says God renews your youth like the eagles. If you know how to tap into this grace of God, you will live like a youth in spite of your age throughout your life. Because your restoration heritage is guaranteed in Christ, but it is your insight that defines the limit of access to your inheritance. For God’s end time prophetic agenda; confers on you restoration rights. Therefore, restoration is a vital aspect of God’s end time agenda and we are the end time saints.

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For instance, Job was an addicted lover of God in spite of all his challenges. His three friends mocked him; yet, love moved him to pray for them. So your genuine love for God will flow to all men, including those who hurt you. It was after Job’s demonstration of love that God restored him. Job was a lover of God with proofs to show. You cannot turn your back on the God of restoration, and experience restoration. God can restore the years you wasted as an unbeliever. He can restore wasted efforts. In Luke 5:1-7, Peter toiled all night without a fish. Yet, when the Lord came into his emptiness, a harvest of several fishing trips was his at a go. Friends, the grace to enjoy divine restoration is available, because the power of restoration is still at work today.

You Must Not Die Hopeless

You Must Not Die Hopeless

Zechariah 9:12

When God wants to visit you, He makes a dry place, that is wilderness to become a fruitful ground. Our God specializes in doing new things. Forget what you have passed through before now; God will do a new thing. He will open up a new chapter in your life, that is why you must not die hopeless.

Prison is a confinement that renders; people helpless and hopeless because they cannot express themselves freely. There is no freedom, to achieve the full capacity of your potential as a prisoner, no matter how intelligent or creative you are. It restricts, even the most brilliant person from being the best until he rots away. So it is a place of captivity that confines. Now our anchor scripture, describes the mind of God, concerning all on earth that are imprisoned by the devil. Though imprisoned by the devil in the confinement of immorality, fear, restlessness, pride, anger, hatred, jealousy, witchcraft, torment, drunkenness and confusion etc. The good news is that, you are seen by the Lord as a prisoner of hope. You are not hopeless and must not die hopeless. The lords heart is still longing for you. The Bible says in Isaiah 14:17 That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners? Position, wealth, property or fame does not give a man hope. They constitute vanity and false hood. No matter how battered and shattered your life was before now, God said He will do a new thing beginning from now. In the same area where men and women have completely written you off, God will visit you if you believe it in the name of Jesus.

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In case situations of life brought you down the way you never expected; even if your challenge looks like an age long one and by human standards, it has become a closed matter, there is still hope for you. That dead situation will spring back to life again. That you are still alive means that the devil has lost the battle. As satan cannot kill you, it means there is hope for a better tomorrow. Your path will shine brighter; you will keep making continuous progress in life. As long as you refuse to give up, it is not over. God will bring a testimony out of that hopeless situation. Just like every natural plant needs water to survive, so also, you must not die hopeless.

You Are Destined For Dominion

You Are Destined For Dominion

Psalm 110:1-2

When you give your life to Christ, you are automatically connected to divine life where God dwells. You are no longer subject to human life, but you are destined for dominion. You are designed by God, to dominate and rule over circumstances and situations.

This is so because according to the order of creation, every seed is expected to bring forth after its own kind. Since new birth enlists into the family of God where God reigns eternally, it means you now carry the same eternal life of God which can no longer be corrupted by natural elements. The eternal God who lives by His eternal life, has transmitted eternal life to you through the mystery of redemption. According to Ephesians 1:21; As a member of the body of Christ, you rule on His behalf. Even if you thought you were the smallest toe in the feet, you are still above all things, because you are seated with Christ, far above all principality and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come. What this means is that in these last days, as a child of God, you are expected to arise and take your place of dominion, and reign in the Name of Jesus over circumstances. So by professing Jesus as Lord of your life, you have now been imparted with God’s eternal life. This eternal life is superior to satanic harassments of sickness, failure, poverty, demonic bondages and other forms of oppressions of the devil. You have been set at liberty from every opposition, because whosoever the son shall set free is free indeed.

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This life is also called everlasting life. That is, unending life that cannot be stopped. It is a kind of life that guarantees, rest even in adverse circumstances. It can never be stranded nor get involved in car crash. Jesus demonstrated eternal life in full measure during His ministry. At age twelve, doctors of law were all amazed at the wisdom with which He spoke. He displayed, mental soundness everywhere He went just as was found in Adam before the fall. The world and the fullness thereof has been given to you; so, be bold to take possession because you are destined for dominion.

God Has Chosen You For Laughter

God Has Chosen You For Laughter

John 5:1-9

Sadness, sorrow and regret are inconsistent with the life that God has given to you in Christ. You were born into a life of unending joy, victory and advantage, this is why God has chosen you for laughter.

You see, we serve a God that fills the mouth of his chosen with laughter. People who don’t laugh, are usually weighed down by the cares of this world. They believe life is serious business and as such, they hardly find any reason to smile, let alone laugh. But laughter is therapeutic as well as spiritual. For instance, when the Lord visited Abraham and Sarah and ate in their tent, He promised them that they would have a son in nine months time; but Sarah laughed because her husband was over 99 years old and she herself was 90 years old. She thought that this promise was a joke, borne out of how much the three august visitors enjoyed the meal, that she and Abraham had prepared. God asked why she laughed, but she denied that she laughed. Nine months later, she gave birth to laughter, and she laughed for the rest of her life. Why wouldn’t you laugh when you know that you are more than a conqueror? Why shouldn’t you laugh when you know that all things work together for your good? So God makes you laugh, when you receive an unexpected divine visitation. It is a beautiful experience when God visits a congregation or group of people, but it is even lovelier when God picks out an individual in a large congregation for divine visitation. The Lord will single you out for a divine visitation this season in Jesus name.

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In our anchor scripture, there was a multitude of sick folks at the pool called Bethesda, but when Jesus visited there, He went straight for the man who had been sick for 38years, healed him and left the place. In like manner, in Mark 10:46-52, Jesus entered Jericho and passed through it looking for whom to visit. He saw none in Jericho, but as He was leaving, in the midst of a crowd, he saw a blind beggar outside the city gate, healed him and continued with His journey. As Jesus healed these people, He introduced laughter into their lives. It doesn’t matter what comes against you in life, know that God has chosen you for laughter in this season.

The Word Of God Ends Struggle

The Word Of God Ends Struggle

Luke 5:5-6

According to scriptures, all that God is, is all that His Word is. That is, anything that cannot stop God, can’t stop His Word from having its way. For instance, God is the Creator and His Word creates solutions; likewise the word of God ends struggle in our lives.

Therefore, When God’s word comes, toiling stops. When His word comes, frustration stops; when His word comes, sickness stops. When His word comes, situations change. God will turn around that ugly situation in your life in the name of Jesus. I announce to you that after today, all your frustrations will turn to testimonies in Jesus name. From the above scriptures, Peter could not catch fish all night which is the easiest time to catch fish. How come Peter had such harvest of fishes in the day when fishes could see the net and escape? It is because the Word of God had gone forth and it has power to create. When Jesus spoke, there was a creative force that went into action to create fishes for Peter. The word can create, heal, deliver, restore and bless. Everything is by the word of God. By the spoken word of God, fishes began to find their way into Peter’s net. By this same word, that crawling and struggling business gained speed. For instance bible says, in John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

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This is why, when Bartimaeus cried for the recovery of his sight, all Jesus did was speak, and his sight was restored. So you see that, the  Word of God can transform darkness to light. Moreover, the spoken Word of God can bring orderliness to a confused situation. We see this in the story of the storm that rocked the boat of Jesus and His disciples. All Jesus did was to speak peace to the confusion on the sea, and there was calm. God’s word has the ability to give life; it has the power to make a way where there is no way. I decree your story is changing right now; because the word of God ends struggle.

God’s Favour Brings Divine Attention

God's Favour Brings Divine Attention

John 9:1-7

The favour of God, can be described as tangible evidence that a person has the approval of the Lord. It is the special affection of God towards you that releases an influence on you, so God’s favour brings divine attention that compels people to like you, or to cooperate with you.

God’s favour is what determines, the limits of every man’s destiny. Once you are favoured, you are made. Favour is the mother of destiny. Favour is what converts labour into fortune. It enhances the value of your labour. The limit of your destiny is defined by the level of favour operating in your life. Our anchor scripture, talks about a man who was born blind. He had been blind for over 40 years, but when his day of favour came, Jesus saw him. This was not an accidental glance; rather, God directed the attention He gives to the whole universe to this blind man. The favour of God brought this blind man under divine attention. Through this same favour, Esther also came under special attention. King Ahasuerus did not just see Esther; he focused his attention on her. This was no ordinary king; he was a very busy king overseeing 120 nations. As busy as he was, when he looked at Esther, it was not just a passing glance but a life changing glance of favour. When God’s favour is at work in your life, it makes you prosper wherever you are; even in strange lands. Favour made Daniel to prosper in Babylon, it distinguished Isaac in Philistine and made Joseph to prosper in Potiphar’s house. Even pharaoh handed the whole Egypt to Joseph just by the favour of God. That is why I know that the favour of God will distinguish you today in the name of Jesus.

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For instance in John 5:2-6, in the midst of a multitude of sick but expectant folks, there was a man who had been there for 38 years without help. Jesus saw him and singled him out of the crowd. Among all the multitude of people having your particular type of problem, favour will locate you today, and you will be singled out for a miracle in Jesus name. When supernatural comes, natural laws are suspended. Remember that God’s favour brings divine attention.

Don’t Be Cut Off From The Branch

Don't Be Cut Off From The Branch

John 15:1-5

The Almighty God specialises in bringing the hopeless out of a horrible pit. For those who put their absolute trust in God, He is always ready to set their feet upon the rock; the devil on the other hand, is all out to disconnect man from his source of relevance, i encourage you don’t be cut off from the branch.

There are many people who started very well in life but ended very badly. If only you can look around you, you will see the giants of yesterday who have become the weaklings of today. This is not the design of God, but that of the devil. God calls the weak and foolish, so that He can demonstrate His power and ability through them. According to John 10:10; the devil is still busy today doing what he knows how to do best. The more you relate to God as weak and foolish, the more He puts in you the strength and wisdom required to live victoriously on earth. The more you yield yourself to Him, the more He is committed to seeing you bear fruits. The moment there is a disconnection between you and God, you will begin to struggle and experience fruitlessness. The Lord Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. That means we are of the same stalk. The same life that’s in the Vine flows through the branches and as a result, we are ordained to a fruitful and productive life. Not only is the Lord interested in you bearing fruits, He also wants you to bear lasting fruits.

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God has programmed you, consecrated and anointed you to bring forth fruits, which means there is no room for failure in your life. Everything you do prospers; anything you are involved in grows; you are productive in all seasons. So Anytime you get disconnected from the source of your strength, you get exposed to danger and become victim in the hands of those who should not be able to stand before you. Obedience to the Word of God always generates the required strength for your assignment. Sustained obedience is a basic requirement for sustaining your connection with the source of your strength. Connection to our Father is necessary to maintain open doors. If you continue to obey God and refuse to give in to any disconnection ploy, the Lord will constantly supply all you need to be fruitful in this life. Remember don’t be cut off from the branch.

The Love Of God Is So Real

The Love Of God Is So Real

Luke 15:11-32

Our anchor scripture, reveals the Father’s unconditional and unfailing love for us is so strong; meaning that the love of God is so real, so intense, and so sublime.

In that story, after living a riotous and profligate life, the prodigal son suddenly came to himself and decided to go back to his father. As soon as his father saw him from afar, he ran to him and embraced him. The first thing he told his father was, forgive me, and his father did! This describes the love nature of our heavenly Father towards us. Once you repent, He is quick to forgive you because He is gracious, loving, and kind. The Bible says in 1 John 3:1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. When a believer who has strayed from the truth returns to God, He receives him gladly and establishes him in the right path. He’s never mad at His kids. He loves us unconditionally. He’s lavished His love on us. So, you need to see that this is grace at work. Unearned and undeserved favour and acceptance. And there is only one place you can find it, in the heart of God Himself. Now, there is no better picture of God’s grace in action than in this story of the prodigal son.

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Few of us today can really feel the impact of this story; like those first Jewish listeners Jesus told it to. You see, by their standards the prodigal son had committed some of the most despicable acts possible. He had not only taken advantage of his father and spent his inheritance in riotous living, he had left the nation of Israel and made covenant with a foreigner a pig farmer. That was as low as you could get. In their eyes, that boy’s rebellion was so serious his father’s only recourse was to disown him. But that’s not what his father did. He welcomed his repentant son home with open arms. Next time you catch yourself struggling to make up to God for something you’ve done wrong, working to win His approval, let the story of the prodigal son set you free. Let it remind you that, the love of God is so real today, in spite of your sins.

God Rewards Your Labour Of Love

God Rewards Your Labour Of Love

Luke 5:1-7

From the above scripture, Peter as a fisherman, was so frustrated when he went fishing until Jesus used his boat. He was a confused business man who did not know what next to do. Jesus met him and said, Give me your boat. He needed the platform to stand and preach. In my study, I discovered that you attract more blessings when you are a giver than a receiver. This is because, God rewards your labour of love.

After using it to preach, He turned Peter’s captivity. God cannot use you and you end up being useless. God used his boat and the same business man who did not have any breakthrough had a net breaking encounter. The moment Peter gave Jesus his boat, He used the boat to change Peter’s life. You cannot give God your life and your story remain the same. For instance, Bible says in John 14:21 (KJV) He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. Now you see that; Commitment born out of love is the secret for all time manifestation. Love plus commitment equals manifestations. If you love God and you are committed to that love, then you manifest His glory. Love is not in singing it; it is not in writing it but in doing it. It should show that you love God in your lifestyle, then no devil can stop you. Make sure that you are holy in your lifestyle and also be involved in the expansion of the kingdom of God, kingdom prayers, soul winning, and so on.

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So, everything you do or sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel isn’t only recorded, the Lord also rewards you for it. Remember, he had toiled all night and caught nothing. But suddenly, he had so much, just because of what He did for the Master. What sacrifices have you made for the sake of the Gospel? It could be your time, money, family, friends and relationships you gave up, whatever it is, God hasn’t forgotten. Your blessing isn’t deferred until you get to heaven. It begins here on earth. Peter didn’t receive his harvest of fishes in heaven; he got it on earth. Therefore, be assured that God rewards your labour of love.